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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Alexia Queen of the Vampiri   Alexia Queen of the Vampiri I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 1:11 am

Alexia Ellen Martin

(First Middle Last)




Her younger sister in sorrow

Hair color:

Eye color:

6 foot two

Appearance over all:
Alexia Queen of the Vampiri Gl-6603-1317175346

She has six bat like wings. Four below and above her two larger ones.

The Internet.

Her claws, Fangs and Energy.


Abilities/Power: Power over Destiny: A common misconception that Destiny is a complete track over everything Destiny is really the truth of a single person. Alexia can manipulate the truths of objects, and can veiw the truth of living beings. She can use this to her advantage in battle and while watching over the underground.

Perfect Transformation: She can become a perfect copy of things she has fed on. Having all their powers and abilities and knowledge. She essentually becomes them.

RP Example:
(just to see how you rp)

Alexia's first life began in the Earths first formation where she lived as a young Vampiri she was seperated from her twin sister who became known as Little Red. Alexia herself became known as the blue hooded girl. Alexia wandered the Earth learning things about the world and eventually she heard the story of Little red. She knew this was her sister but she refused to join her...she refused to ruin her happiness. Alexia walked this earth learning about the creature residing her and eventually discovering her powers. This is when all her problems started all her pain. This is where everything went wrong.

Alexia could see everyone's truths and she discoverd that Destiny held a special affinity with her first obscuring her own truth from her...Alexia guessed that it ws either something she would not want to see...or just the concepts way of doing things... Despite this omen Alexia decieded to move forward she manipulated destiny to always bring Ffraide and Selina together first off. She could already see their relation growing and she knew that Ffraide would alway keep her happy. With this ensured she tried making others happy. Unfortunately she wasn't able to help all. This tore at her viciously her inability to help everyone.

Alexia's attempt to help everyone she could often ended in tears and because of this. The Blue hooded Girl became known as The bearing of pain. She was often a great source of sadness although the people usually ended up happier she ended up hated. She became the source of hate for many so she dissapeared. She saw her sisters and her lovers fate and intetwined theirs with her own so she could watch over them. And so she became a reincarnator, watching over those two ensuring there was no danger in their cycle. Then she died...

Alexia is a natural born Vampiri, her mother was one of the few who was able to give birth and she passed on the trait to her daughters both of them. Alexia was born before the Vampires regulated themselves and her parents were two nobles who taught her all she needed to know about high class not surprisingly she hated it. She loved the prospect of war anything she could take over or destroy caught her fancy. In her small circle of friends she her younger sister and her "knights" practiced battle and and ruling over others almost without end and during this she managed to convince her parents (and everyone else) she was a complete angel. She continued this into her teenaged years When one day her parents bursted into her "Club house" gathered her, her sister and her Knights together and hid them nearby. A rival family sold out hers and lead a mob of angry villagers to their mansion. Her parents admitted to being vampiri and told the mob to leave them in peace saying bloodshed could be avoided if they were allowed to leave. At first the mob seemed to approve of this idea even the rival vampiri family thought it was a good idea but a man cloaked in black struck down this idea saying it would put innocent people at risk that they needed to end the threat here. The mob was thrown into a feeding frenzy by the man's words, he soon had everyone even Alexia's parents believing they were monsters. Alexia wasn't sure how the fight broke out but she knew how it ended the mob was utterly powerless against her parents a few demonstrations showed everyone that, but her mother was then cut down by the man who had called for their extermination he held a large spear.

Alexia was 21 when she began her original conquest for the world Her knights increasing their powers. They at first simply went under the table taking control and building a force of vampires to use as an army for the eventual take over of everything in reach. It was around this time she Met Mei (You Tang) Feng and welcomed her into her new family. Mei Sered Alexia faithfully since then actually having the same age as her being born as her soul twin. Not long after words Alexia's army began spreading it's influence and the Lycans under control of agred started attacking her army. This is when Abbigail joined Her army together Alexia Abbigail and Feng Mei caused destruction to the attacking Lycans forces. That's when the Young Rose joined their family. With their family together Alexia spread her infuence across Europe through both diplomatic rule and actual takeover.

However when she was about 1,467 She was discovered by Hellion Arged who almost succeeded in killing Alexia until Her little sister Selina stepped in and brought the former Lycan king to his knees she was about to finish him when Alexia ordered a retreat grabbed Mei(second Knight, Gate keeper to the Mansion) who grabbed Selina and ran. Alexia grinned during the flight away from her base. Sure this was a major step back but her sister had shown she wasn't just cute and crazy she was also a practical force of nature.

Over 1,000 yeaqrs later Alexia, Selina, Abigail "knowledge" Philosyphen (1st knight and Librarian to the Martin Mansion), Feng Mei (2nd knight and Gate and ground keeper of the manor) and Rose Midnight (3rd knight and maid to the Martin manor) All gathered together and remade their old base inside a deep forest in Colorado the and gree tree's thickly around it so no one could get to it without announcing their presence. While constructing a young lycan ran into them and offered his help. Eventually the Lycan was helping the work procede quickly and the Manor was finished long befor it was suspose to. They raised defenses and made traps preparing their new home for even the most devastating seiges this took a large part of her and her sisters lives they became a family more than room mates and in their time together they had raised a massive army.

Alexia looked over her species and well, was disgusted it had no order no law system. She then used her army to capture The building where her species gathered in celebration and declared herself the queen of vampiri and challenged anyone who wanted to rule the vampiri to battle. After a few quick fights and a small display of power no one stepped forward anymore and so she became the queen and her strength as a conqueror was almost complete and things were falling into place. They were at the peak of their strength almost as powerful as they could get, then it happened.

The infection hit like a tornado It wiped out their army and they really couldn't do much about it Alexia the queen of the vampires could only sit and watch as her armies fought the infection and lost. In the Manor they were safe at least. the outbreak of the dark hadn't affected her plans it was the infection that ruined everything she'd have to make a new army but the current situation of the world made things difficult. Her hand was force and she ruined her public image in order to gain a foothold in the future state of the world. The vampire queen image became that of a woman bent on taking everything she could dispite Alexia's efforts to remain a generally inoocent image umong the other races. She hadn't seen the Hellion, Fraide since he had last come to help repair their manor maybe she'd pay him a visit while her people dispied his entire race she enjoyed his company and his wisdom.


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PostSubject: Re: Alexia Queen of the Vampiri   Alexia Queen of the Vampiri I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 2:38 am

Actually her wings are more dragon like in appearance rather than bat like.
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