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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Human Koori

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Nikolas Krossley
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The Quantum Reaper
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PostSubject: Human Koori   Human Koori I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 am


Human Koori 666fe910
Birth Certificate

Name: Koori Yousei Hayasa.

Nick Names: Bao-Bao

Age: Koori is 28 years old, spent 14 of her years training her Quincy powers with her family.

Gender: Female

Loyalties: Koori has no loyalties to the human organizations. However all of her loyalties are to her close friends, most importantly her friend she refers to as Arashi, Atrum.

Character Parameters

Height & Weight Koori is 5 foot, and she weighs a total of 109 pounds.

Hair & Eye Colour Koori has black hair, her hair is longer on the sides and the back then the bangs. Her bangs go to her eyebrows and fall a few inches into her sight. The sides and back of her hair go to her shoulders, its straight and is well kept.
Koori’s eyes are an icy blue, and usually filled with a tricksters shine in them. She is a happy person, and her face and eyes reflect this emotion.

Noticable Difference
Koori always wears a red ribbon in her hair, it’s  got no practicality for this, but it’s just there. Koori enjoys wearing boy’s clothes. Normally her outfits tend to be black in color; she also likes hats that give her a tomboyish like appearance besides the ribbon. She always wears fingerless gloves. Shoe’s wise she prefers combat boots outside of her house, and when she’s relaxing and in a peaceful area, she doesn’t wear shoes.

Koori has a lean body, one that is made more for running then for straight up physical combat. She’s made easily for speed rather than power, and she uses that physical build of hers as a sword fighter and a user of the bow rather than punching people. This doesn’t mean her physical combat skills are lacking, she may not be a master of martial arts, but she isn’t a slouch in fist to fist combat either. She’s just more likely to break then her opponent is if her opponent is made for it. She’s more lithe and flexible then bulky.

Positive Traits

  • Koori is a happy person personality wise, which makes befriending her easy.

  • She’s quick to support the people she cares about, making her a good friend.

  • Koori will help a friend do just about anything, even if it doesn’t provide her with anything.

  • She cares deeply for her loved ones, to the point of risking her life for them even if the situation calls for leaving them behind

  • She’s quick to try and make people smile when they are depressed.

Negative Traits

  • Koori is a trickster, and enjoys playing pranks on others. This can make people mad at her.

  • Koori doesn’t talk much, which makes it hard to figure out what is going on inside of her head.

  • Koori is very stubborn, this can get people into fights with her fast.

  • Acts a lot like a child for her age personality wise, this can annoy her friends.

  • Is too caring, she would much rather risk her life to make sure a friend is safe, rather than leave them behind if the situation calls for it.

TMI?:She loves ice, whether it be ice cream, Hail, Ice cubes, snow, or just the word itself, she loves ice.

Sleeping Spirit

Koori’s Mekkakyu's name is Kaldichwolg, it is a ring with a bright ruby red gemstone in it on the back of her palm, it is held there by not only being embedded to the glove but also a chain that on one side of the ring is tied around her middle finger, and on the other side is further embedded into her glove on her right hand which runs all the way to her elbow.

Quincy Bow:
The Bow:
More Bow:
Koori’s Quincy bow is a long bow in design, which does not appear to be one part but actually many parts of the same shape. It has gaps in its appearance as if it was only partially made, however this doesn’t affect the actual effect of the bow at all, as it’s still able to shoot reishi arrows. The cause for this is because she uses tiny reishi bridges to hold the final shape together, the concept of this is it allows her to “Extend” and “Bridge the bow together. She made it like this so that she could fire from long range and if her enemies get too close engage in close combat faster, and re-engage in long range combat faster. She made this design for her own fighting style by modifying what her parents taught her a reishi bow should look and act like.

Bow Abilities:
Koori can pull back the bow string and summon a reishi arrow using her left hand as the draw hand. Upon releasing the arrow she can grab it with her right hand, the bow hand, at the bottom of the arrow the bow will actually close around the reishi arrow by drawing in the reishi bridges to connect both sides of the bow together. This creates a blade of reishi in her hand, which acts exactly like a Seele Schneider in melee combat. However this Seele Schneider cannot be reused as an arrow, nor does it give her any bonus’ to her spirit like a normal Seele would, if she was to let go of the blade the bow would snap back into place and the arrow’s reishi dissipates back into the air. This allows her to transition from ranged combat to melee combat effortlessly, without the use of items. Yet does not diminish the use, or want of actual Seele Schneiders.
Grabbing the arrow:

Koori at a young age was a happy girl. Her parents loved her, and she had a brother. She grew up living well in japan with her happy family of four. When she reached the age of 14 her parents taught her how to use the family Mekkakyu, Her father’s was a long bow which he taught her how to use. Her brother who was 2 years older than her taught her how to fight with a blade, and she was much better at it then Reishi manipulation, she was lean and she was fast, very fast.

A few years later when she was eighteen her family started taking her on trips to eliminate hollows, and helped her train her powers even more. She excelled at Hirenkyaku, and combat with a Seele Schneider. Her parents realizing her potential as a sword fighter helped her hone her body to be fast, agile, and flexible. This training was much of her life, up until about a year ago.

When she was 20, the Hayasa house was attacked viciously by hollows. Koori had no idea what happened to her family, as she was trained in fighting but told to hide. She heard the noises of combat but stayed quiet. Soon everything got quiet again, and she decided she was gonna leave her house and head for her uncle’s. She made it to the courtyard of the house she lived before she ran into two Hollows; they taunted her, and then attacked her. She tried to defend herself but they were too strong for her to take by herself, she wasn’t trained in fighting against more than one enemy. In the fight one of the hollows hit her upside the head with one of his attacks, knocking her to the ground, her consciousness fading she heard a roar of anger and hunger from something nearby, and saw something the size of a bear with the ferocity of two tigers attack the two hollows.

When she woke up, there was no trace of the two hollows, and she was alive. That was also when she met her friend Atrum. She always believed all hollows were evil; however that’s not truly the case. She learned that day that Hollows can be good, it’s just a lot harder for them to survive if they are. Atrum refused to harm people or lost souls, no Atrum lived off hollows. Strict Hollow diet, and he sensed some hollows over here and feasted, after that he made sure Koori was okay and then left.

Atrum has been visiting periodically over the last eight years while Koori trained her abilities. The two have sparked an odd friendship between Hollow and Quincy. Atrum at times was hard to control, with his anger towards the unjust, and the evil being his problem. However together they hunted Hollows, which calmed the large Hollow down. She currently tries to live a life working a job and living off of the money her parents saved to preserve her house and home.

Quote :
RP example:
Koori curled up, her mother just told her to hide. Her brother was the first to charge the hollows, and her father was after him.  Koori curled up in her cubby in the wall; it was made to hold her clothes, and she was hiding there right now in the back, with the clothes against the door, and she was curled up in a ball. She could hear the sounds of the fighting, she understood why her mom said hide, and they were outnumbered. Koori was told Hollows could hunt in packs, but she had never experienced it personally before, and now she was experiencing it in the worst way possible; through a wall, and as the prey.  

Koori listened, and listened, and she waited for the noise to stop, the god awful noise of fighting. Eventually in her stress, and her tears, she fell asleep. It was surprising actually, with death monsters around her, that she could fall asleep. When she woke up, there was no noise, only the sounds of her taking small breaths. She waited listening for something, anything abnormal. When still no sound came she slid the small door to the side and climbed out from behind it. She walked down the hall, she wasn’t wearing shoes when things happened so her feet were bare, she slowly crept towards the front door, she wanted to leave this place, it wasn’t completely safe anymore.

She stepped across the thresh hold of the front door and stopped dead in her tracks. She looked to her right to see two hollows, looking right at her. One roared and charged her; she summoned her bow Kaldichwolg and drew an arrow back on the bow, and fired it at the charging Hollow. The hollow was faster, and dodged the arrow by flinging itself to the right. Koori fired three more arrows at the hollow, that’s when the other one hit her across the body, sending her flying at a tree. Crap, I can’t take two on. Koori thought as she flew, she wasn’t trained for this, she was only trained for one on one encounters. Her head hit the tree hard, then it hit the ground hard, she stood up and stared at the charging hollow, her vision dimming. She was going to die before it even got to her; she stumbled and fell, watching the hollow charge.

Everything was black, as she heard a roar, which would be the hollow about to attack her. However the pain never came, instead there was a sound like a tackle, and a struggle. Koori wasn’t able to see what was happening, nor did she hear it for very long, because she blacked out. When she woke up, she was still on the ground, but covered with a blanket. The two hollows were gone, and there was a man sitting with his back to her, with a fire. When she moved, he turned his head away from her. “Good, your awake, I can leave now” The man said, his voice was odd, gravely and dark. “Wait who are you?” Koori asked this man had just saved her life; she wanted to at least learn his name. “It’s best we don’t get acquainted, I was only here for food, the fact you were saved was just pure coincidence.“ He stated bluntly, as he stood up and started to leave. She got up and ran after him grabbing his hand and turning him.

What she saw surprised her, the man had a hollow mask on, a hollow had not only saved her but it hadn’t attacked her afterwards. “Why?” She asked the hollow, “Why did you save me” She asked. “I said it was a coincidence didn’t I? I sensed food and I attacked, it’s how I work” The Hollow replied, he was rather calm for a hollow, if not blunt. “Food?” Koori asked, “Hollows, I feed off them” he stated. “You eat other hollows?” Koori tilted her head, this was new for her, she was curious. “Yeah, not all of us are completely evil, or completely lost in the head.” The man hollow replied, “Anyway, I should be going.” He turned to leave again. She watched him walking away, before he got out of site however, she called back to him. “Wait!” She said running after him. “What little one?” The hollow man asked. “What’s your name?” She asked kindly bowing to her savior. “My name, I haven’t had one of those in a long time. My name is Atrum” He replied, she could have sworn under the mask he smiled a little bit.
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
Political Power : 1133
Join date : 2011-11-30
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PostSubject: Re: Human Koori   Human Koori I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 10:13 pm

Reiatsu: 114
Stamina: 57

Strength: 20
Defense: 14
Speed: 60
Spirit: 20

(GP 640 - 640 = SP + 114)
(SP 114 - 44  for base 11's = 70)
(70 - 39 = 31, Speed 11 + 39 = 50)
(31 - 9 = 22, Strength + 9 = 20)
(22 -  9 = 13, Spirit + 9 = 20)
(13 - 10 = 3, Speed + 10 = 60)
(Defense + 3 = 0 SP)
Unspent GP / Total GP: 0 / 1500
Character Class: Character Class: Low | 1500


  • Reishi Manipulation: [Basic]You may now manifest your Quincy Spirit Weapon and use the associated ability. The use of this weapon is governed by Weapon Proficiency. Manifestation of your Quincy Spirit Weapon is now instant (1500 - 60 = 1440)

  • Gintō:[Basic] Can carry 8 silver tubes. Can refill 1 tube in one action. (1440- 60 = 1380)

  • Seele Schneider:[Intermediate] Seele Schneider grants +30 Spirit when used as a projectile. (1380 - 200 = 1180)

  • Weapon Proficiency: Spirit Weapon [Basic:]  Gain a bonus weapon-based technique slot. Your weapon-based strike speed is increased by +5. (1180 - 60 = 1120)

  • Hirenkyaku:[ Intermediate:]
    -Basic Step | Costs 4 Stamina | +15 Speed.
    -Basic Step's price is reduced to 2 Stamina.
    -Intermediate Step | Costs 6 Stamina | +40 Speed (1120 - 200 = 920)

  • Hakuda: [Beginner:] Gain a bonus unarmed technique slot and a Hardened Area (Shins). ( 920 - 20 = 900)

  • Reiatsu Perception: [Intermediate:] Unlocks Sense. Specialize in defense. An extra +5 per instance is added to boosts of that type.
    -Unlocks Illusion Pierce and Empathy. (900 - 200 = 700)

    6–x Stamina, No Action
    Allows the user to locate spiritual entities in their immediate vicinity (Long Range). Can detect base race of entities whose Reiatsu Perception rank is is equal or lower than their own. Cannot detect entities whose Reiatsu Perception is three ranks higher than their own.
    Price is lowered by 1 Stamina per rank in Reiatsu Perception above Beginner.

    Illusion Pierce
    6 Stamina, Single Action
    When faced with illusions, Illusion Pierce will allow the user to identify the actual opponent but will not break the rest of the illusion.

    Passive, Melee Range
    When close enough to an opponent, the user will be able to discern the nature of their thoughts and feelings, providing an additional +5 per instance (for a total of +10 per instance) to their area of specialization.

  • Blut: [Basic:] Unlocks Blut Vene. Unlocks Blut Arterie. ( 700 - 60 = 640)

       Blut Vene
       15 Stamina
       Increases Defense by +30. Cannot be active concurrently with Blut Arterie.

       Blut Arterie
       15 Stamina
       Increases Strength or Spirit by +30. Cannot be active concurrently with Blut Vene.

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Human Koori
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