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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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Lev's temp app O6csci10

"Food or Fixing things... either way I'm the girl who'll solve your problems!"
For the Record

"Who'm I? Well, that's easy!"

Name: Leviana Fukubashi
Age:  347, 21 as a human, 326 as a spirit.
Gender: Female
Loyalties: Leviana always had issues being loyal to people she couldn't hold dear as family. So as a rogue shinigami, she sticks to people whom are like family to her. Though it is difficult to fully get such acceptance she is fiercely loyal and quick to the defense of anyone she feels this strongly for. In her mind... their lives are more important than anything else.

Character Parameters

"So ya wanna know what I look like huh? Guess it wouldn't hurt!"

Height & Weight Leviana is a petite woman with a slender body. She only stands 5'2” and weighs in at 135 lbs, but somehow manages to not look completely fragile in the process.
Hair & Eye Colour Leviana's hair is naturally Umbrae, starting silver at the scalp, and eventually turning a deeper shade of red at the tips of her hair. The hair is always kept shoulder length at most, and is almost always left straight and free of any bows, ties, or bands. Her eyes are a reddish shade of amber that somehow manage to stick out, even through her bangs which are always cut so as to never be in the eyes.

Noticable Difference

Lev's temp app Pascal10

As mentioned before the umbrae hair, along with the unnatural colors, are definitely a defining feature. But moving on from that, there are a number of scars across both lower arms. Some of them are more jagged than others, and some criss cross over each other. There's also a noticeable scar across her back that starts at the top of her left shoulder and runs all the way down to slightly right of the bottom of her spine.

Her skin skin is a pale color, contrasting with the pink of her scars. Combined with her slender build, her skin looks rather soft. However, despite her soft appearance, her hands and arms are quite rough to the touch. Not as rough as a man's touch, but still rough none the less. Her bust and rump don't really give her much of a womanly figure, though it's there if you look closely enough.

Leviana's choice of dress can be considered odd. Primarily her top is covered by a long sleeved shirt. The sleeves are green on top, and white on bottom. These sleeves are rather loose fitting, and come down over the tops of her hands with a black fur that is soft to the touch. Over the front a lighter blue cloth is stitched on so as to allow a modest amount of cleavage  while adding extra padding to the front where vital damage can be done. For her amusement she made straps of cloth that have little metal snaps to make it look like it's not stitched on, but rather held on by these straps.

Her lower half is covered by red thigh high boots, that have small black straps that attach them to her shorts. Her thighs are slightly exposed but the majority of her legs are covered. Over the shorts is a loose purple skirt that is cut up the middle to provide free range of movement. If she's not running or jumping around the cut in the skirt is barely noticeable, and covers her exposed thighs are covered. This gives her a rather modest appearance, while leaving her fully mobile for combat should the need arises and looks fashionable in her opinion.

Positive Traits

  • Conniseur: Leviana enjoys food... not only the tasting of food but also the creation of it. Above all else, she tries to vary the food she eats, cooks, and tries.  Offering a hungry Leviana food is almost like making a life companion and getting rid of her may prove difficult.

  • Hard Working: She doesn't know how to be Lazy. Once she sets her mind to finishing a task, it can take a lot of effort to change her mind. Even if it takes her awhile, or she has to go out of her way to get something done, she usually finds a way to eventually finish what she sets out to do.

  • Mechanics: Leviana, like her father grew up working on mechanical devices... from cars to basic electronics basic detailed mechanical work is one of her favorite hobbies in the world. If she isn't able to get into a shop and work on something she'll settle for drooling over magazines too.

  • Focused: Leviana, despite her more bubbly and energetic tendencies  is a very focused person when she has something she wants to do. Because of this she seldom needs motivation to keep at it and can often be somewhat inspiring to follow.

  • Hindsight: She is the kind of person to make a lot of mistakes... but she's also the kind of person who will find time to review her mistakes after she's realized she's made them. Once she feels she knows what caused the mistake, she tries to avoid making it again. Try being the key word.

  • Cheerful: To say that Leviana is a bright ball of sunshine might be an exaggeration but she has an easy going attitude that allows her to get along with a lot of people regardless of the differences in them. Some might see this as annoying, but others might see this endearing.

  • Creative: "Creativity drives life!" Her father constantly told her. She was raised to always try to see something from every angle possible, and this is reflected in both her hobby work and her swordsmanship. If something blocks her way, she simply goes around.

Negative Traits

Drinking: Leviana is a rather huge fan of alcohol. Alone she won't drink much. Just enough to relax and take the edge off or get a slight buzz going. But... If you get her drinking with friends then she will drink herself under the table. Thankfully... she's not a violent drunk.
Immature:   She has bouts of selfish childishness or fits on occasion. This mainly pops up when something she's working on goes south, or someone drags her away from her current project. Being drunk can also bring out this rather glaring flaw as well.
Fighting: Leviana grew up without a motherly figure... and quickly took after her father's rough and tumble style of living. Not only does she enjoy being competitive, but if given a chance she thrives in a good brawl. That's not to say she's always looking for a fight, but she's not going to go out of her way to avoid it.
Stubborn: Once an idea's made it into her head, she'll stubbornly stick to it. If Leviana feels she's right or justified in what she's doing she'll keep going with it until undeniable proof appears. And even then... she might not be willing to accept it. This can lead to constant confrontations or even full blown fights with her. This also leads to her getting beat up far more than she should... as she won't go down or back down easily.
Burdens: Leviana spent her human years taking care of herself. This planted the idea in her head that if there's a problem she alone can deal with it. If something troubles her she'll seldom show it, and she's even less likely to speak about it. She tends to avoid fighting with others if she thinks she alone can win the fight.
Emotional:  There are some who control their emotions in the heat of the moment, and there are some that get led around by the nose with their emotions at the front. Leviana is the latter... relying on her emotions and feelings for all things in life. This often leads her to act first and think later, getting her and others around her into trouble, or causing her to say/do things that slight others.
Over-protectiveness:  The fear that she'll lose those close to her drives Leviana to be fiercely defensive of anyone that close and dear. She'll be quick to tell them to stay back, and quicker to jump forward and fight for these people. The urge to step in is very difficult for her to control, especially if someone she likes is in a fight and is losing at that particular moment.


Food: One of her favorite things in the world is food or rather the act of eating said food. She's always up for trying new foods and flavors if offered, and often makes mental notes of flavors for future recipes.  And it's better to not get her started on what she knows about flavors... you might be stuck for hours listening to her ramble.
Creativity: While mechanical things are the most fun for her... she simply likes being creative in general. She might not be great at writing or drawing... but it won't stop her from dabbling now and again for the fun of it.
Family: Having been in a family that divorced, and rarely getting to see her sister and mother, Leviana grew up to truly treasure any kind of family bond. It's a bond that takes her time to fully accept, and one she will do her best not to break.
Drinking: Leviana learned the joys of drinking shortly before she died. This is something that she's carried with her both as a spirit in soul society, and as a Shinigami. It's not a huge priority in her life, but she definitely won't say no to some time with good friends and alcohol.


Water: Since Leviana drowned she doesn't feel comfortable around large bodies of water deeper than she is tall. She can swim just fine, but she can't help but think back to what happened then. So if she can help it... no beach trips for her!
Liars: Family is built on trust. This was something Leviana learned the hard way when her parents divorced back as a child. People who betray that trust through lying, or other forms of deception, don't get the nicest of words or actions from her.
Giving up: This is a particularly bad thing to do around Leviana. She's so driven in life, or death if you want to look at it that way, that seeing someone else give up near her is unacceptable. Doing this will not only earn you her scorn, but get her nosing about and trying to help get you back on track.
Family Attackers: Anyone who messes with people Leviana considers family. Verbal abuse can be ignored... blood, even a small cut, begets blood. And Unless there's a damn good reason why she shouldn't, she'll try to settle the score.


Losing people: Her biggest fear is watching someone dear to her get struck down by something she feels she could prevent. Even a close call is enough to rattle Leviana and she will make sure you know just how worried she is/was. It also leaves her feeling guilty, thinking that she could have done something to prevent it. These thoughts will nag at her for a long time in those situations.
Dogs: She's always had a mild fear of canines, and because of it she tends to avoid the four legged beasts. The fear stems from when she was nearly attacked shortly after the divorce... and even though she can get along well enough with them, she can't help but to avoid them.
Failure: This fear is a bit of a complex one for Leviana. She enjoys that she can learn from failing... but the act of failing and not reaching her goal is one that mildly terrifies her on a deeper level.

Family: It might be beaten like a dead horse, but Leviana cares for those around her. That caring drives her to always get up and get going. To pick herself back up when fails and go back home when everything said and done... That's what Leviana strives for.
Home: Good food and a warm place is said to be restful for the soul. Leviana strives to make a place for herself no matter how bad life seems to be. Of course, she wouldn't do it without others, but it's a goal of hers to just find a place to simply be.
Strength: If there was anything she took away from the Soul Society and Seireitei during her time there it was this: You're never strong enough to win every fight. But, instead of let that saying put her down or just keep her from trying... She does the opposite. She's constantly striving to better her fighting, have some gadget handy to turn the tide, have some new tactic to surprise her enemies.

TMI?: Small details someone might notice about Leviana starts with her body language. She almost never slouches. Like many Shinigami, the training she recieved was strict, and posture was important for basic sword training. She expresses herself not just with words and tones of voices, but also with body movements, usually just the arms, to describe and give a clearer picture of what she means. She generally tries to make eye contact with the person whomever is speaking, or whom she is speaking to at that specific moment in time. When agitated, her hand rests on the hilt of her Zanpakuto subconsciously. However, due to her playful nature, it can be hard to tell what she's thinking until she speaks it if you're just focused on her eyes alone. She almost never wears makeup or perfume unless it's some special occasion. She has a strong sense of self worth and tends to avoid things that make her feel superficial.

And, as a fun fact, she favors sweeter foods over savory foods ever so slightly. It's not a good idea to force her to pick though...

Bond Undeniable
Zanpakuto Spirit:

Lev's temp app Mooch10

Mooch (Real name is Mattalanenwhail) is a quiet, but slightly mischievous spirit. He has fun speaking in riddles forcing Leviana to think... always giving her the answer in a way that she can't quite get right away. He takes a certain satisfaction in watching her squirm over his lessons.

When his wielder messes up and they get a chance to talk he isn't condemning, but he makes sure she knows she screwed up. And as stubborn as she is, he is steadfast, unwavering until she breaks and admits she was wrong. And just as unwavering he faces the brunt of her emotional outbursts when she's upset over something.

Mooch is infuriatingly calm even when they argue. His points are concise, blunt, and straight to the point. And no matter how Leviana tries to angle things, he keeps focused on the points he makes. In the end though, like most Zanpakuto, he's trying to get his wielder as a person and a fighter.

He is very inventive, just like Leviana, and will collaberate with her on projects she is working on. He'll offer her advice, angles on the project she isn't seeing, or flat out thoughts of it not working as intended.

Inner World: Leviana's inner world is a rather... strange place. It looks as though you've entered the lab of a mad scientist. There are scientific devices scattered all throughout the lab. Some of them are inventions she's had ideas for, others are scientific tools or chemicals. The floors and walls are all gray steel with black and yellow stripes. There's lights on the ceiling lighting the area a bright white, that slightly reflects off the stainless steel and other objects. But this is but one part of her spirit.

There are twisting, winding paths leading to different areas. Each room is another idea she's conceived. Naturally some are more complete than others. Some house vehicles she's worked on... Others are smaller, and have small ideas in them.

The one thing every room has in common is that it's messy. Papers are everywhere, scattered and piled every which way. Empty cups litter the random desks and computers. If one was to look closely, these papers and computer screens would actually contain details on the various ideas housed in her soul.

However, there is one room that is different... It's a wide open testing room devoid of anything save for small obstacles. The room is easily five city blocks squared, and unlike the dull gray floors of the rest of her soul... this room's floor looks like someone painted something abstract on the floor. However, it's constantly shifting in shape, form, and color making it impossible to fully comprehend what the picture truly is.

Sealed Zanpakuto: What does your zanpakuto look like in it's sealed form?

Shikai Appearance : "Yohkay! It's showtime, Mooch!" What does your shikai look like?

Shikai Abilities: While Shikai is active Leviana gains an explosive boost to her raw physical power. Her gauntlets have weighted pistons in that accelerate her punches by simple momentum. As she winds up for a punch, the pistons slide back, and as she throws the punch the piston's slide forward, adding additional acceleration and force to the punch. This works for any punch, and there are pistons designed for curving punches as well, such as uppercuts and backhands.

The pistons are located all around her forearm and slide all the way to the knuckles. The smaller side pistons across the top of her hands, around the wrists, and along the sides of her hands as well, affect which way her fist swings, or how her attacks curve. This gives her attacks some slight unpredictability, as her attacks can shift up, down, left, or right slightly as they come in. Each time a punch is fired, regardless of if the blow connects, the gauntlet will let off a little steam.

The Shikai doesn't boost defense at all as it is a purely offensive style Shikai that focuses mainly on fast, heavy hitting physical damage. And while it doesn't boost speed either, because the gauntlets are attached to her arms, it allows for a nearly unparralleled range of mobility, easily letting Leviana shift her weight to dodge or block attacks. And while it doesn't bolster defense, she may be able to counter some attacks with her sheer force if they happen to collide with her fist.
What history does your Shinigami have? Minimum of 3 paragraphs!

Quote :

Roleplaying Sample: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill. This should include the character you are applying for!
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