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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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February 2019
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 Gaesyn - General Manager for all extensive purposes of the reconstruction program.

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Nikolas Krossley
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The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

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PostSubject: Gaesyn - General Manager for all extensive purposes of the reconstruction program.   Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:37 pm

Name: Gaesyn (Jason) Ashley Evercross

Assumed Species: Human Infected with them.


Hair color:Brownish red.

eye color: bright unnatural creepy Orange this is due to the large amount of them inside of his body, due to this change he can see into both spectrums crazy and normal at the same time all the time, meaning he is in a constant state of flux between The Diemension of the Crazy spectrum, and the diemension he is in.
Meaning he is harder to kill then any other Dalenof, by being in two places at once all the time.

Application: Fucker

Gender: Male

Age: ? Before Time Appearntly.

Place of Birth:

Appearance over all:

Personality: CRAZY BRIT!

Weapon: Anything and Everything, If he needs to he will beat you to death with his own carcass.


RP Example of Power:
(just to see how you rp)

Home universe :
The Crazy spectrum.

Special abilities:
He creates Crazy spectrum just by being.
Hes able to make Crazy spectrum wormholes at will.
Able to change his physical body at will due to them infecting him,This is alot like his twin Matthews power, but its restricted to metals not human shape.
Protected by a large amount of them, making it hard to get to him.

Capable of pulling whole worlds across Diemensions, allowing him to fuck with peoples minds.

The biggest wormhole he can make is roughly the size of the end. JUST a little bit smaller. Its actually confirmed he can gap ALL of phantaisme.

Also capapble of creating perfect illusions, with this I mean, you walk into a outhouse and somehow your in the biggest Libary you've ever seen, its real too. Theres many books. You open a book, theres actuall WORDS. ITS ACTUALLY THE BOOK HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.
Then you die.

to sum this up, let do it this way, what do you do when a cockroach attacks you? You hit it with somthing, now lets say that cockroach doesnt stop attacking you and the object you attack it with turns into another cockroach. What do you do then, you have two cockroaches attacking you. Weell naturally you scream and try to get away, but then you realise the Cockroach has turned everything on the table into cockroaches so theres this HUGE FUCKING SWARM of cockroaches coming afteryou in the house. Your running to the front door and pulling out your cell to call the exterminator when all of a sudden, you just sit up from your bed awake from that horrible knight mare and look around. Everything is Okay...theres no cockroaches. Your sweating profusely, but thats okay, normal of a nightmare. Then you see something out of the corner of your eye and you turn.
Then your ripped to shreds by somthing you cant describe as it feasts on your sadly human blood and flesh. YOu know which one was Gaesyns powers? all of it.

Gaesyn was born outside of the Crazy spectrum .4325 secounds before Mooch. Upon his birth, he was lost. Somebody dropped him and he was never found. ALTHOUGH He was in the Crazy spectrum, Because time travels slower there he is much older then Mooch then just .4325 secounds. He was raised by their mother, Eve, as one of them.
after awhile his powers emerged, and he was used to expand the land they owned.
During this time he went to earth, and Ran into Mooch his twin.
They had a couple of disputes, and stuff.

This entire thing could be considered a dispute between Gaesyn and Mooch in his mind.
He currently runs a large corporation in Japan, designed to help the world from the zombie problem.
by using the Crazy spectrum and The army of Them hes built to eradicate the zombies.

Yes....this is one of the times he was actually a "good guy"
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PostSubject: Re: Gaesyn - General Manager for all extensive purposes of the reconstruction program.   Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:48 pm

Mooch please keep an eye on this guy. Approved.
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Gaesyn - General Manager for all extensive purposes of the reconstruction program.
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