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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Antonio Of the Black Rage   Antonio Of the Black Rage I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 2:06 am

Antonio Ralphael Valdez-Taylor

(First Middle Last)



(What race are you?)

"I don't fear death or pain, I welcome them.  A thousand battles and deaths would be better than the wrath of those who I could not save..."

Hair color:

Eye color:
Brown Normally, red when angered or excited.

Height: and weight:  6'5''

Appearance over all:
 Tony is a 6'5'' tall man with darkly colored hair, that becomes lighter near the root until it is platinum blonde.  His hair is short enough that he doesn't have to worry about it, and long enough so that is hard to tell exactly what color it is.  His skin is darkly tanned and covered in scars, giving him a rugged battle weathered look.  He has a muscular athletic build of a man who lived in the wild, chasing his food and fighting off other predators for territory.  Tony dresses well but simply and efficiently, tending to leave behind anything that could potentially get in his way.  His normal expression is apathetic and unfazed and his nails while looking normal at first appear to be more like claws at closer inspection.  His eyes while mostly normal hold a steely gaze that unless he is observing the area as he often does or something has caught his attention stare straight forwards without moving.  How ever when observing things his eye's move fast taking in everything drawn to movement and dashing about similar to the way a person's eyes look when they are dreaming.  He tends to keep himself well shaven as his facial hair tends to annoy him.

The Scars that adorn Tony's's body span across his entirety, his arms, legs, torso, and even his face have the scars of old battle wounds from his time on earth.  The scars that are most noticeable being the ones on his face and hands, two horizontal cuts on his cheeks long healed the skin has paled there a bit.  He has multiple cuts and stab wounds on his hands from blades like knives and the sort, there are large mostly healed scars where his left hand was stabbed through.  Under his clothing and therefore unseen are the many stab and slash wounds on the rest of his body.  On his torso there are several stab, slash, and a bullet wound or two.  Most of the wounds on his torso are centered around his heart where obviously many people tried to kill him.  He has no tattoos or any thing resembling war paint but instead has arcane symbols that adorn his skin.  He can not remove them as they are not made of paint rather they are simply how his skin is colored in those parts of his body.  His facial features are a bit sharper than the average persons giving him a very predatory look that only compliments his mask remnant.  His teeth look a bit Feral seeming to mimic the fangs of a wolf, completing his rather bestial appearance.

Tony wears simple clothing regardless of his situation, his normal clothing being a set of Cargo pants, a short sleeve shirt worn under a thin long sleeve button up shirt that he wears open or a plain jacket as well as normal shoes and black finger less gloves and a black belt.  The only oddity in his clothing being a brown poncho like cloak that he wears over his upper body, that he will occasionally use to cover the lower part of his face so spirits he is dealing with can't tell he is an Lycan by sight alone.  He has a thing for efficiency meaning he has plenty of pockets for keeping things on him, both his pants and his over shirt have several deep pockets as well as a few secret pockets located inside of the articles.  He feels no need to change his clothing at all but will not reject a change if it's presented to him.  He will often take both his shirt and over shirt/jacket off if he becomes serious in a fight, he can move about easier without them so he can move better.  He favors his gloves rarely ever taking them off, he doesn't actually need his belt and so in battle situation he may go ahead and use it as a an improvised weapon.  His clothes are not flashy in any sense of the word as Tony does not care about his appearance why should he?  He is a large man who looks capable of picking up a car that would normally take five people.  When you look like a bear of a man people and even animals tend to not mess with you, well unless they want you gone then they try many different ways to kill you as his many scars can attest to.

tony has the stride of a warrior standing tall and proud, every step is deliberate and meaningful as he moves about.  While being very laid back in his posture around his people around others he does not know he acts more like a wolf cautious and aggressive.  Around those stronger than him he is quite and soft stepped, moving more like a wolf in the presence of a bear, cautious but respectful.  As his body is in it's rime these movements are smooth, almost as if he had never died in the first place.  He looks about 21 of age which was how old he was when he finally turned, he tends to be clean shaven disliking the feel of facial hair on his face.  While his hair grows he often cuts it short again not wanting to take care of it, seeing it as getting in the way.  He does however tend to leave his side burns alone.

Tony's hair has a habit of changing...a lot.  Originally he was blonde his hair grew in surprisingly blonde, so blonde that it was almost invisible.  His hair started out blonde and depending on the amount of sun he got the more sun he got the more blonde he became at least while he was young by the time he reached his prime his hair was almost black in color.  It still changes often especially if he is constantly out in the daylight but normally his hair remains the dark combination of black and brown.  Normally he would not care about his hair but as he gained a bit of infamy because of it he took to taking care of it even a bit while he does not style it or anything unnecessary.

Tony has a few mannerisms that set him apart from others, while they are not always noticeable or that important they are defining of him allowing one to pick him out of a group.  tony has a habit of moving his hands when he explain things not overtly but to help get his point across he emphasizes then with hand gestures, however because of his weapons training he often holds something in his hands like they are the weapons he trained with.   While he often moves his hands the rest of him tends to be rather motionless with the exception of his feet with will often tap if he's not trying to be stealthy.  He'll often slam his fists together to show he is excited or serious, similarly he will punch his palm to show anger he uses both clear body language and verbal exchange to get his points across clearly.  Normally tony is very good at keeping still however his hands and feet are prone to moving a lot in order for him to keep himself under control it is a sort of regulator so he can be still when he needs to be.  He'll move a lot when he is comfortable.

Antonio Of the Black Rage Be413e8814ac505d19750141e92cf059  His Lycan form.  The fur is red and black and the flames around him often make him appear like a wolf made out from shadows.  His main color is red though the fur pattern makes that indiscernible in the dark.  Occasionally he is Red tinged with White fur the contrast is actually startling to him, as it is an unnatural change that occurs when he is stressed.


Positive Traits

Compassionate - Tony was always a rather kind hearted person but for him compassion is not just kindness it's understanding and relating something that anyone can do but few understand fully. Tony may be a hollow but he does not see the point in being cruel, show one compassion and they will be more amiable towards you or others. In fact being a cruel monster only complicates things, Tony was raised to show kindness to strangers be they friend or foe. It is after all only polite, and while he had thrown this away at a point in his life the return of his reason ushered the return of his compassion. If he can avoid unnecessary cruelty he is much more comfortable with his situation. This compassion extends to battle, he does not kill enemies he respects unless they are dying anyways.

Realistic thought - Tony views the world as something with that you can understand if one is willing to try, people will react certain ways and certain actions will have certain effects. He knows the way things tend to work and while most would call this probability, Tony however doesn't subscribe to pure chance. In this way Tony tends to be able to follow a series of events to their natural conclusion with ease. There are patterns and unexplainable events that occur in the world, Tony's mind takes in all that it's experienced and understands it on a subconscious level. Sometimes it seems as if he connects random events or connect dots that others do not see.

Loyal - Tony is loyal to the end, there is but a single thing that will make him rescind his loyalty and that is betrayal. While Tony would rather die than betray his people if one of his people betray him they are an enemy and a threat to the rest of his people. Tony is perfectly willing to take a fatal blow for one of his own, but would rather simply keep them from getting hurt so he can continue fighting. The enemies of his friends are his enemies, he treats his allies and friends as his family, his pack and absolutely refuses to give up on them. There is no way one abandon the packs well being, to betray the ones you've have bonds with is to betray yourself. You can always trust Tony to defend his allies even if it kills him.

Stead Fast - Upon making a choice, taking a job or otherwise faced with some obstacle simply does not give up. Tony does not give up or retreat especially after he's decided that it's not an option. It takes a lot of effort to move him from his path, but he is not stubborn if given a proper reason he can easily disengage from his choice even if he doesn't like it. Unlike a stubborn person who refuses to give up Tony simply doesn't view it as an option until a better alternative for everyone is presented. He labels any attempts to give up quit or otherwise surrender as a retreat and he hates the idea of retreating. Often times Retreat doesn't even come to mind as an option, or maybe he'd rather find an alternate way to fight. Unless others are depending on him he's perfectly willing to fight to the end, even if it kills him.

Battle thought - Tony's mind is abnormally clear, even more so when it involves battle. He tends to be very Analytical and clever in a fight, he doesn't actively think as much as he does subconsciously. Without the fore frontal thinking his plans and realizations are mostly instinctual, making his attack patterns difficult to predict accurately. It's similar to not thinking at all, the entire thought process for battle happens in the back of his mind with only a few thoughts happening in his conscious mind mostly his opinions and similar thoughts. His subconscious mind puts things together during the fight, and allows him to understand things without having to think to hard on them. His mind is specifically attuned to fighting difficult battles with difficult opponents, giving him better insight into battles in general.

Reliable - When it counts Tony is reliable always doing his best to make sure what needs to be done gets done. When something absolutely needs to be done Tony can be counted on to make sure that it gets done regardless of the cost. Give Tony a mission and he will almost always see it through, of course he can be made to fail a mission but then no one's perfect. He will do his best for his people you can rely on that, no matter how difficult the situation or the amount of danger. His desire to see things through the end can border on foolish and even suicidal, as he is willing to ignore his own well being to accomplish the mission. Especially if the mission benefits his people, in that case he'll go to even insane lengths to get the job done no matter what it takes.

Empathetic - Tony after regaining his reason can once again understand others and while he still has trouble fully understanding humans he knows when to lie and when to be honest. He can understand others positions and be able to respond to them making him a generally reasonable person as long as he remains calm. As long as he is calm he can see other points of view, and even adopt them making him surprisingly reasonable. Because of this he can even get a glimpse into other's motivations by talking to them and observing them. This insight with others allows him to be able to tell truth from lies better than the average person as well. His empathy is his best tool for dealing with others in a social manner. Of course there are limits to this he can not instantly understand others, but he tends to have a good read on the type of person they are when he meets them.

Negative Traits

"Knowing is half the battle. The other half is violence!"

Wrathful - Tony is a very angry person often falling to anger and rage, seeing His rage has many settings from blind rage to cold hatred, in most of his stages he loses a large chuck of his reasoning ability and even some of his intelligence in his anger. The angrier he gets the more difficult it is to get him to stop attacking or to even think. His Anger warps into his good qualities turning them against him, when angered he will almost never give up. He will almost never stop his assault he loses his sense of compassion if angered enough. He normally is very good at controlling his rage but he can not remain in control all the time, something eventually sets him off and when he blows he goes berserk becoming as much of a monster as a Hollow could be. Which leads me to my next point...

Beastial - Tony's departure from being human left it's mark on him, his behavior becoming more beast like. He has his own territory which he protects ferociously from dangerous intruders. He treats his own people as members of his pack and prefers to hunt along side them, his mind is very wolf like in that way. Because of this beast like way of thinking he has difficulty understanding people with more, 'Evolved' ways of thinking, often butting heads with people who may disagree with his line of thinking. Those who try and assert dominance over him earn his ire and he is not above attack the offender, especially if they act like they own him. He shows a few animalistic qualities in his day to day, and tends to use his nose and ears more than his eyes. You can only suppress so much of the beast within.

Vindictive - Different than being wrathful Tony does not let go of insult and injuries to himself and his people easily, and while he is reasonable and will say he dropped it the grudges he holds never fully die out. It may be years later but eventually he will to something to get vengeance ranging anywhere from a hurtful snide comment to a full on attack. Tony certainly has problems letting go, it is a bit childish actually. As such a simply apology would be enough to clear most grudges though the more severe the transgression the more weight the repentance must be. It has gotten to the point where he's been called crazy by those he had let close to him, the closer the individual the more about this particular fault they know about. Man can he hold a grudge.

Detatched - Maybe its a bit contradictory to a few of his good traits but Tony doesn't really feel for others in the same way normal people do. In fact unless given a reason he doesn't even register that others may or may not exist, to him unless they are a member of his pack they don't matter unless they cross him. Random people do not concern him unless they somehow grab his attention, the suffering of others is one of the few exceptions of this. Otherwise he doesn't care much about the situation of people he doesn't know. He can be empathetic and even understanding of the people he doesn't know but he has no bonds with them and as such can distance himself from them easily. He can do that bloody calculus that is in every war, with little feeling behind it nothing but logic filling his mind. This does not mean he can easily sacrifice innocents just that if he must to save others he can without regret.

Selfish - Tony is quite simply a bit selfish he can be gracious and all but when is comes to small matters he can't seem to help himself. He'll take more food than he gives out drink more work less, he'll demand to fight the strongest opponents available and refuse to ask for back up until he is sure he needs it. He is especially selfish in battle only offering to share if he particularly like someone, even then he may try and steal as many opponents as he can, he has a bit of battle lust and it is often the best time to see how selfish he can be. Except for the closest of his pack he simply care more for himself than others, he can do more than many others so by that logic he is worth more than the average person. This is a dangerous line of thought he holds that is only kept in line by his compassion for others

Prideful - You even been proven wrong or were beaten, you know that feeling when you feel like a fool? Yeah Tony HATES that being beaten by any means while he acknowledges that losing gives one better knowledge than winning the feeling of losing downright infuriates him. He immediately tells himself that he wasn't strong or clever enough his pride hurt he will often seek to challenge the one who had defeated him what he was defeated at, fighting, cooking, chess, does not matter Tony hates to lose. He hates admitting it as well and will deny it unless he can see himself winning, refusing to accept even that possibility since for him there is no such thing as a no win scenario. Even when there is no way to win, there should be a way to break through the impossible and grasp victory.

Sadistic - Well not sadistic per say, Tony does have a rather large battle lust and a tendency to enjoy infuriating and teasing others. It's hard for him to disengage from a battle that got his blood boiling, and teasing people is guilty pleasure especially if his target makes it easy for him. The harder the battle the more he wants to fight, similarly if a person is an easy target but resists it is hard for him to not tease them. It's not something he fully understands himself but it's a piece of his personality that has been prevalent his entire life and death. Another more childish part of his personality, the more his target squirms the more he tends to enjoy it, though only in short bursts he hates torture and will not torment his people for long. Though this trait becomes more akin to it's namesake when he's fighting someone he hates, as he does take pleasure in their suffering, he was a monster for a time after all.

Likes: Tony has always enjoyed Music his people spend many hours dancing and single and enjoying music, and modern music can be just as if not even more beautiful now. Well if it weren't for the apocalypse at least. One can find him at his most reasonable when there is music playing around him, he can even seem a bit human. He'll often be found enjoying music wherever he finds it, tapping his foot to the beat. He loves music deeply and even used to be a percussionist playing a set of different types of drum to be the heart of the melodies he helped create. A talk about music will definitely engage him as long as reading notes aren't involved, a pure expression of ones self that is to be enjoyed and shared. A form of communication that is to be understood at a deeper level than most know.

There is no getting around it Tony loves to eat, there is just something about taste that just gets to him. Although venturing too close while he is eating is a very bad idea as he tends to assume anyone too close is trying to steal his meal, and he's more than willing to take a bite out of someone he thinks is trying to take his food. While his stomach isn't bottomless and he can over eat, the amount of food he can put away is definitely surprising. Tony is content to eat food after a good fight taste is a godsend, and it has a calming effect on him as a whole. Even if it doesn't actually rejuvenate him he feels much better after eating, and will happily jump back into a fight after a good meal. People need to appreciate food more.

Tony is rather fond of most animals and regrets that what he is tends to make them flee in his wake, when he was still alive he was taught to love and respect all living creatures. As it stands a bit of his old life carried through, though not without a struggle while he likes animals people are viewed as a threat first and a person second. After his departure from humanity he has a better grasp on how most animals think and it's easier for him to understand them than a lot of people. Animals are more honest than people on certain levels, as such Tony tends to admire the good qualities they have.

As stated before Tony has a battle lust that is not easily stated, for him battle is a form of expression a way of communication. To him fighting is as important as breathing eating and sleeping is to any life form, fighting is living and one should respect and indulge in it often. With that mentality Tony will often throw himself into the most difficult battles available, if it was easy the battle wouldn't be worth fighting. Tony has trouble tearing himself away from a battle that has started the boiling of his blood, the challenge that excites is a fruit that easily tempts him. Like many of the things he enjoys fighting is a form of expression that most people simply do not fully understand, in a fight you get a pure sense of your opponent even if it doesn't make complete sense at the time.

Weapons are an extension of oneself and while Tony no longer has the ability to use them as well as he once did, he still has a fondness for weapons of all types. There is something about a tool made to do it's job so efficiently but is neither good nor evil simply a part of it's wielders will, a part of their soul. This appeals to him for reasons he does not fully understand, not that he feels the need to understand he likes weapons why should he need a reason? Weapons are not simply a tool in his opinion sure they are a tool but to refer to a weapon as such is a disservce. weapons are akin to music as they are pure expression of ones self.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being challenged, having your mettle tested and your abilities pushed to their limits... glorious! Tony doesn't do thing if he feels their are not worth the effort, that said he will often put forth unneeded effort to test himself to see how strong or fast he has become, the idea that something difficult could increase his own power? Definitely appealing the short cut is the route that always drops off in the end, strength inner or outer does not come cheap. One must work hard in order to grow to evolve, to become more than what they were yesterday it takes effort. Effort that Tony will gladly put out.

Efficiency is truly a godsend, making things that normally would be incredibly difficult or otherwise impossible achievable. While he does believe in good hard work he abhors wasted effort. Efficiency is the antithesis of waste and Tony despises waste, when things work like they should so you can get the most out of what you put in it puts a smile on his face. Tony was raised to be efficient regardless of what he was doing, hunting, fighting, killing, gathering, training, all was done to maximize the most return from whatever was being done. That stuck with him, and will continue to stick with him as long as he is.

"You know, that Really ticks me off."

Dislikes: Cowards will run and flee leaving their friends behind, they are not filled with fear but simply do not care about others regardless of how close they may be with them. Tony despises those who would retreat and leave their kin behind, they are not worth the effort to remove but keeping them around is more damaging than leaving them be. There is a special place in hell for cowards, and life in general has a habit of punishing them. If Tony had his way people like this would be dragged out into the street and shot, there is no place in the world for cowards and traitors. Tony truly despises people that have no room in their hearts for anyone but themselves.

Pride is fine in moderation but true arrogance is an annoyance. Tony utterly despises the arrogant those who hold themselves upon a pedestal are a horror to deal with Tony would much rather leave them to their own devices but can be 'motivated' to attempt to knock them off their pedestal. Even if their arrogance is somehow warranted Tony still has a hard time treating such people with respect or even giving them the time of day. Arrogance has no good points to it, no saving graces. The entire thing is ultimately worth of nothing more than the ire of people with a bit of sense in their heads. That said Tony has another reason for despising arrogant people, his own pride refuses to let them lord themselves about.

Like cowards there is a special place in hell for those who expect something from everyone and believes they owe everyone nothing. Those that do nothing and yet expect the food and water of those who have worked hard. They disgust Tony and he will not sit idly by while they live in their delusional world, the self-entitled are the self absorbed parasites of the world and should be straightened out wherever they appear. Tony will go out of his way to serve people like this a slice of reality, maybe with enough effort he can make a decent person out of them and they can contribute to their species instead of feeding off of it.

Tony hates to be bored, things stay the same and while he often enjoys relaxing and not being bothered. However if he stays alone and nothing happens for too long he gets bored and immediately strikes out to find entertainment. Stagnating and doing nothing bothers Atrum a lot and so if he's feeling bored he will definitely stir something up, he'd rather be angry or in trouble than bored out of his mind. Instead of nothing happening it feels as if progress is being undone anything that he did rendered pointless in moments of boredom so he strives to be doing stuff and to avoid boredom when he can. Why sit still when you can have fun anyways?

Those who wallow in sadness anger Tony, one should never be so self absorbed and filled with sorrow that all they can do is feel sorry for themselves. It's pathetic, people who've been through worse managed to get back up on their feet so why can't you? As far as Tony is concerned no one has an excuse to do nothing but feel bad for themselves, depression already angers him he doesn't need someone acting pathetic on top of it. People who act pathetic are a waste of space and useless to their fellows why have them around? Useless and self pitying there isn't much of a point to these kind of people, Tony wishes there was a way for them to get over themselves but in his experience there isn't much you can do with words of sense alone.

Tony does not like letting people down for instance losing sucks and many people agree, Tony subscribes to a different belief there is nothing wrong with losing specifically, but being defeated when people are counting on you is a blazing sin. Tony while he dislikes being beaten admits freely that it's better to lose to learn but refuses to be defeated when others are counting on him. Letting people down if they are a member of your pack is one of the worse things one can do and it honestly frightens tony. If he lets his pack down, what will happen to them? Can they survive without him? If he can help it he won't let those who depend on him down if it kills him.

Depression is depressing and Tony hates to feel depressed, hates it so much that he sort of skips depression and smashes into anger. His own moments of depression are short lived and only come once in a blue moon. It ticks him off that people are depressed, it ticks him off that he can also be depressed but normally it ticks him off that just about nothing he can say will cheer up the person. He can't take crying, crying whether it's his or others its almost physically painful to watch a person cry. Seeing others especially those close to him crying isn't something that he can deal with properly the most he can really do is "Punch whoever made them cry."

"Let's fight, drink, eat and fight some more! Life's not worth living if you don't live so live!"

Battle mind: Tony is a hunter through and through not so much engaging in battle against his opponent as hunting his prey down. If he can he prefers to end fights in one move not giving his opponent much time to learn his fighting style or abilities going for the throat as soon as the opening is there. Failing that he attempts to wear them down going on the defensive letting them attack or run until they are too tired to continue properly. If he is denied a short fight and must attack his opponent he mock different styles of enemies he has fought and defeated before relying on his own abilities and style as a last resort. Though if drawn out into the open stealth, abilities and patience failing him, he becomes a completely different animal.

When backed into a corner tony loses any sense of holding back or playing fair, no longer is he fighting to win his entire personality switching to fighting not to lose. Acting like a beast he will bite claw and use any cheap shot available, while under control he at least had some sense of fighting fair even if his love for efficiency made him take the best route to victory regardless of it's fairness, but now he simply is trying to crush his opponent. The method is secondary bringing his opponent down is all that matters. This berserk state of his is something he does not have much control over and is usually trigger through angering him. While like this he will outright ignore that he is receiving injuries, while they still affect him and he will avoid or attempt to avoid any attack that might take him out of the fight other wounds are mere inconveniences in his mind. There is yet another beast that dwells within completely different than the other two.

Tony Loves battle and if he's drawn out of stealth but not berserking he is no less of a combat monster, however he holds himself to a higher standard. He will fight fair avoiding dirty tricks, giving his opponents time to rest or the chance to gain their footing. He is ever polite and obviously enjoying himself almost like a dog playing with a friend, not holding back but playing relatively nice. When fighting like this he often enjoys more playful banter with his opponent, and will even critique them on their fighting style even if he's losing. It's not a game to him but from the way he behaves when like this it'd be hard to tell, he'll give you 100% of his power directed into a fair fight. No tricks no cheap shots no attempts at a one move finish, a duel is to be respected and fought honorably. Normally he only acts like this when fighting people close to him, but occasionally he'll find someone strong that he can respect and he will adopt this style. If one claims that he is not taking them seriously while he is fighting like this and demands that he not hold back he will often honor their wish and give them 100% of his fighting potential.

Two Dao blades that with a press of a button turn into Guan Dao's

(This is more of a what he wears section for me) fingerless gloves and a jacket his friend gave him long ago.  A black combat vest and black cargo pants with Steel toed boots made for parkour ironically.  over this he may wear his leather jacket upgraded to be damn near indestructable.

His energy manifests itself in the form of his emotions, appearing as flames that are almost constantly surrounding him.  He can then focus it into his physical attributes; Strength, speed, endurance, ect.  Making him a Versitile fighter.

RP Example:
(just to see how you rp)

Born in Anchorage and living in Nome for the better part of his young life Tony was a trouble maker a lier and a thief.  Getting into fights stealing from the local stores and telling stories so that even he believed he actually had a great life.  As he grew older his adventures with his friends grew more dangerous and he began risking his life more often often taking fake weapons and wooden sticks to play war on the hill he called his home, or venturing out to spy on the Mustox that owned the hill.  He would even sneak out to howl with the wolves, he was an odd boy that didn't stand out in public unless you already knew him he stayed invisible a faceless part of the crowd.  He liked being an enigma those who didn't know him never saw him and those who did either hated him or became his friends.  He lived in Nome until her was aroubd 13 or 14 and moved to eagle river soon followed by a friend who had loved to break his bones.  Once in eagle river his life seemed to normal out, the dark he had fled from didn't seem to notice him here.  For a time, he lived happily.  He Quit fighting no longer practicing the craft that forged him into a combat monster.  He took up table top games and became a serious rper creating characters and sites and was even thinking about continuing writing his stories.  He broke his rule and got comfortable, made friends, ties with the people there.  Ties he had sworn to never make again.  He played at being normal and with his new friends...his new family he made light of his old life talking about it as if it were a stage he could tell jokes off something that wouldn't haunt him for the rest of his life.

When the outbreak of the dark happened inwardly he didn't change, outwardly he became his old self again.  He enjoyed the new challenge, he began working out again and started fight once more his thirst for battle had been reignited!  Then it happened, the infection broke out and he lost everything...The worst part was he was helpless to stop it this rage manafested as his energy, his power . Ha it was a mockery to give him something to fight back with after he no longer needed it.  His power became a weapon that he struck out blindly with until he found himself cornered and on the verge of death, fate however had other plans.  A lycan had been watching him rage across the ruined urban area and apparently got the idea he was a threat.  So it attacked, it only lasted a second he was bitten then everything was lost in flames blacker then any night he had ever took comfort in...  When he woke up he was stronger, taller and his hair had become...white?  He wandered around a lycan until he found his old home and rested in his old house.  That's when the hellion found him, took him in trained him and took his arrogance away.  Tony had believed he was better than the average fighter thought he knew so much more than anyone else, he was wrong.  Everything he stood on was removed and he had to build a new stage for himself new rules and facts.  He had to change, something he struggled to do for years.  something was holding him back.

Whatever he was wrong about he was right about one thing; he hated leading people.  being responsible for others was something he didn't like but forced to do because of his dislike of it.  He hated knowing that if he failed everyone payed for his mistakes.  It was why he rose in rank despite his age.  He had the traits of a leader even if he didn't want to be, man did he not want to be.  The Hellion made Tony the Beta of his pack, second in command it was like a direct slap in the face.  trying to shirk his responsibilities only annoyed one person, the person who happened to fill the female beta position and boy did she hate him for his antics.  

On a side Note Feng Mei Calls Him Wei Ai Nai


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