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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Mooch Towers Japan. Home of the Recreation project.

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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper

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PostSubject: Mooch Towers Japan. Home of the Recreation project.    Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:25 pm

Gaesyn sat at his desk. He fit into the bussiness life well. Purple suit with orange pinstripes, matching tophat and cane as well. Benjamen still being his butler. Ophelia his secretary. Eve his mother being all at home and stuff.
Gaesyn turned his crazy spectrum aura essentually off. As too not doom Japan, and thus what he saw as the surviving part of the world.
Gaesyn looked at Benjamen, "How is mooch doing?" He asked.
"I dont know sir, Its not my job to watch him." Benjamen replied rolling his eyes, he hated his job.
"WELL it is now, go find Moochy, Hes got important supplys on him we need to get the reconstruction underway, thats his part of the project" Gaesyn said with a wave of his hand.
Benjamen grumbled as he walked too the elevator, and hit the down button.
He hated his job.

At ground floor Benjamen walked up to Ophelias desk.
"Morning honey" he said to her.
She just stared at him.
"....Love you too" He said with a smile walking off.

Why did Gaesyn make the mute the secretary?
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper

Posts : 227
Political Power : 1133
Join date : 2011-11-30
Location : Everywhere and Nowhere.

PostSubject: Re: Mooch Towers Japan. Home of the Recreation project.    Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:23 pm

Gaesyn wondered how long it took Benjamen to find a settlement of people.
Hopefully they knew where Mooch was.

The recent MBOW project was a Major success, but was more of a 50/50, some of the projects needing to be released due to a lack of proper programming and set up.
He lost ALOT of people with that one move.

Gaesyn sighed, Everything was being a bit slower then he expected.
About a month ago, the S.T.A.R.S. team had showed up reporting in, He currently had them out over the bridge trying to hold back the recent push from the infected.
It was time for a call out to see if they were fine.

The tunnel project for the bridge was going smoothly, in a few more days the bridge would be surrounded by a tunnel to prevent airborne enemies from taking advantage of the open air'd bridge.

Gaesyn was currently working on resources, His resources were low because Mooch hadn't come back from his recent "Go catch up with Fraide Be right back brotato" Trip.

Hopefully Mooch could acquire the Canadian supplies he said he was also going for and get to Japan with them.
Recently Gaesyn had approved one of Mooch's newer projects, he called it a "Mass Producer model "T". What it did was absorbed the oxygen around that, and using the oxygen as fuel vibrated the atoms in the air inside of it, then the accelerated atoms would bond to the machine in a way that resembled condensation, the atoms would drip to the bottom of the machine into a type of filter like contraption that makes them assemble in a certain chemical way, providing an infinite amount of whatever you wanted.
It used little power because it was an attempt at self sustaining power, however production of enough of the desired resource took a long time.

Because of this Gaesyn had ordered thousands built underground, each one activated about a month after the other one, so that the supplies would be ready to harvest at separate times of being needed.

So far, over half of them were up and running, the remaining 213 are currently in construction.
The tunnel project has used most of the metal's he had left over from when the world was alive, and from his first few Mass Producers.

Currently, he was debating on whether or not to approve a new defense project, He looked back at the clipboard on his desk, and flipped a few papers.
"Approved, get this one running as soon as possible, get as many candidates you can, Id prefer if we prioritized the neutral types rather then the actual Manipulators. I want them on a leash as much as possible to avoid possible....Retaliations.." Gaesyn told Ophelia handing her the clipboard. Ever sense Gaesyn sent Benjamen off he made sure to have his 3rd in command to take the 2nd in command spot.

He sighed, This was going to be a pain.
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Mooch Towers Japan. Home of the Recreation project.
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