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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Thomas Encarna

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PostSubject: Thomas Encarna   Thomas Encarna I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 4:51 pm

Thomas Encarna.

Gender: Male.

Age: Limitless.

Race: Perfect Example of a Humani-Dalenof. Reincarnation of a Previous Hellion.

Fear: Thomas has a rare mental condition, he cant fear. The same applies to his body, He cant feel pain.

Hair color: The Purest White.

Eye color: The Purest Blue.

Height: 6' 3"

Appearance over all:

Personality: Thomas, is polite, and caring for his freinds and allies. However if your an enemy, He is rude, Annoying, stuck up, arragant, and did I mention Annoying?

Weapon: Thomas can use any weapon, But he refuses too, He says using his fists would be considered a handicap if it was fair. Which its normally not. SoulSeeker, the tattoos all over his body, its supposedly sentient.

Equipment: Thomas Encarna fights using his mind and body, He likes to improvise weapons. So consider everything around him a weapon, Even people. He has 50 feet of Rope tied around his left arm.

Abilities/Power: Passive Abilitys Due to his experiences is life: Thomas is the perfect balance of Damage and Speed. Not to mention his strange upbringing. Thomas is capable of Instantanious movement, Hes also capable of faster then light travel. His strength is unnatural, having fought some of the strongest beings while on Orcicious. His body is covered in Tattoos that he can use for diffrent purposes, He has perfect vision and Hearing, due to living his life as a hunter in the woods for a long time.

Born powers: Gravitational, Spacial, and Time manipulation. He can manipulate Gravity in two ways, Allowing him to not be affected by normal gravity, or Creating a Null Gravitational zone around him. His limits on Time manipulation is pausing it perfectly, Only two people have been known so far to move so fast to be immune to this, Fraide Adraste, and Mooch Evercross. His spacial Manipulation, is limited to being able to manipulate the things around him to go to where he wants them too due to effects of his other powers or combat. Perfect Genetic Regeneration. Cutting off a limb doesnt effect him, He can regenerate that. Even his head.

Dalenof Powers: They're gone, because he knows what he is, and he belives it.

RP Example:
(just to see how you rp)

History:Thomas Encarna came here with his best freind, Kristoph Inferna, They came here to say farewell to Mooch. Little did they know that the resulting "Fall" of the planet activated its defense systems, trapping the Fortuna Glory on the planet. Unfortunatly Thomas Encarna was in america at the time of shit hitting the fan, and the fortuna Glory was at Australia, It is now trapped there. Thomas sees it as his job to get a group together to go and retrieve the ship of the Party Pirates. During this he met the non Orcician version of Fraide Andraste, and is proud to have made him a freind. Thomas is continuing his quest to get a group to help him retreive the Fortuna Glory, and his home Australia.
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PostSubject: Re: Thomas Encarna   Thomas Encarna I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 3:34 am

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Thomas Encarna
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