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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Rules for combat

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PostSubject: Rules for combat   Rules for combat I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 26, 2012 9:48 pm

Okay So let's get down to it. Combat rules are simple you have a dice option you can use whenever you're not making a topic here are a few.

Ranged weapon rules.

How ranged combat works.
First you fire your shot, this requires a Aim check vs the enemys dodge check. (see below) so lets say Mooch shoots at Fraide, Mooch rolls for aim, and gets a 50 for his 1d100, then he adds his dex modifier which is + 16, for a total of 66. Fraide rolls to dodge gets a 10 he adds his agility modifier which is +20 and gets a total of 30. Mooch has hit Fraide with 4 degrees of success. (nearest 10, rounded up)
This means he has hit with 4 bullets.
Roll for each bullets hit location sepretly.
1st bullet: Head, + 10 damage
2nd bullet: Right arm. + 2 damage
3rd bullet: left arm. + 2 damage
4th bullet: Body. + 5 damage
His weapon is a six shooter. So He has successfully fired off four shots out of six, and hit four times.
I need to roll for bullet damage.
1st bullet: 6
2nd bullet: 8
3rd Bullet: 10 Roll to check for crit: 5 Crit successful, roll for added damage: 3 total: 13
4th bullet: 1
So adding the entire thing together, Mooch shot Fraide with four bullets, The 3rd being in a vital location on his left arm, for a total of 47 damage.

When using a ranged weapon you need to make a Aim check.
This requires 1d100, and you get a bonus according to your Dex modifier.
The enemy makes an opposed Dodge check using a 1d100 and bonus is according to their Agility modifier.
If tie, defender wins.
For hit location roll 1d12
1, 12 = Head + 10 damage
2, 11 = Body + 5 damage
3, 10 = Left leg + 3 damage
4, 9 = right arm + 2 damage
5, 8 = right leg + 3 damage
6,7 = left arm + 2 damage

1d8 damage + str modifier + hit location bonus damage = total damage to target.
1d4 damage + str modifier + hit damage bonus damage + Knife type bonus = Total damage.
AK – 47 (Most common Due to Russia) 1d10 per round + Dex modifier + Hit location + ammo bonus = Total damage.
16 rounds per clip, clip reload speed 1 turn.
6 Shooter: 1d10 per round + Ammo type + dex bonus + Hit location = Total damage.
6 rounds per clip, Reload speed half round.
9MM: 1d8 per round + ammo type + dex bonus + hit location = total damage.
9 rounds per clip, clip reload speed half round.

Fist to fist combat

roll d20 to his vs their dodge(d20), which is strength vs agility.
Damage according to species:
Humans: d6
Vampiri/Vampire: d10
Werepyre/Lypyres: d10
Dragon Kin/Dragon Blights: d12
Lycans/Loup-Garou: d12

Blades: Fuck them for now. refer to hand to hnd until i can find them.
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Rules for combat
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