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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 The Story so far

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PostSubject: The Story so far   The Story so far I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 6:48 pm

June 6th, 2017 the world was shocked by the Outbreak of the Dark. Three races appeared seemingly from nowhere causing confusion and fear across the world. Each nation tried to regain order but for some it was too late.

America at the time of the initial outbreak

America wasn't ever really overly disturbed by this there were riots and fear normal panic but the incidents were minor compared to the rest of the world. It's government took a firm handle on the situation the issue overided political dissent and they pushed through laws and regulations it was enough to regain order for the time being. The races sucked it up and tried to follow the laws but...

"Reports of Vampire infecting young school girls- Reports of a Lycan rampaging trhough the streets- Werepyres have been rioting outside city hall-A young girl has turned in the hospital and was beaten as she fled the area by men in white hoods-Has the KKK really surfaced back into activity reports of young arch children being dragged off by men in hoods no one seems to try to stop these abductions and those who do dissapear-"

Europe at the time of the outbreak

Europe was thrown into a pivitol ttime period while some country had relativly few problems everywhere else went to hell attacks riots pilligages and other things Erupoe was a mass of chaos.

"Warning What you are seeing is happening now i'm in the residential area- explosions has ripped half the town apart-monsters in the streets-bl-bl-blood everywhere we gotta-SOMEONE ANYONE HELP!-.... we advise everyone to evacuate mass scale 3 repeat evacuate all cities and towns and move towards the country side and other nations..." considering the situation it's amazing anyparts of Europe survived at all.

Russia at the time of the outbreak

The russians took a no bullshit additude about the situation and cracked down hard Bringing order with an iron fist they were in the process of assisting the rest of the world when all hell broke loose.

Asia at the time of the outbreak

The real joke is that nothing really changed a few riots and bloodbaths other than the huge amount of chaos things kinda operated the same way.

Australia at the time of the outbreak

same situation choas riots and murders the wolrd going three steps back for every half-step forward.

South America at the time of the outbreak

North american situation.

Africa at the time of the outbreak

Co-existance achieved easily.

The Infection 2025

In the year 2025 no one is sure what happened exactly but the infection of a disease that causes the dead to rise and attack the living broke out. It started in China spreading quickly in it's high population to the area around it including Russia who took a hard backhanded blow by the infected it spread quickly by air transportation and boats Australia was never warned in fact few nations got the warning of the comming Infection. Australia become Dark no communications from it it is presumed that Australia has completely fallen. The Infected mutated and actualy even with the Arch Races fighting with us against them the people of the world have been pushed back into refuges, hideouts, territories, and Strongholds.

The Present

It's been over 100 years since all this has happened and in this time technology has been replaced with Magic The current year is 2136 and the human race as well as the Arch races are on the defensive. The lucky ones out of the population are holed up in barracaded area's Though in order to get food and supplies to keep the refuges running you need to leave sometime...The world was thrown backwards to where it runs in a sort of midevil fashion (with the exception of Japan who managed to keep it tech from being lost)

Technology after the infection

In most cases it has moved backwards of course there are still major technological wonders around but no way to effectivly duplicate them as such magic which arrived with the Outbreak of the Dark took technology's place Guns have been found to be effective against base infected but against anything else a good sword and some magic is the armorment of choice.

Relations between the Races

The humans got the short end of the stick as it seems as the other races rely on them for food and resources. But in the darker side the humans aren't exactly the weakest race either many people banded together creating badland groups and there have been reports of KKK capturing people on anyrace infected or not and dragging them off people dissapearing and the humans being the only to blame.

The lycans are also mistrusted by the other races considered dangerous raging monsters they are dispised so. They are very territorial and appear very hostile when their land is intruded on. The Hellion is a very open leader who tries to appeal to everyone especially the people unfortunately the people of all races don't seem to want to listen.

The vampires are simply hated needing the humans for feeding and breeding reasons they are in constant conflict with the other races both who believe the humans should be protected the humans protest anything from any of the other races. In actuality the vampires leader agrees that human should be protected but still stands that the vampires survival depends on the humans as most other species tend to be toxic to them.

The Werepyres are the combination of all the speicies nightmares and as such are mistrusted feared and hated. They feel betrayed by this understanding and as such as a whole don't trust others Orion on the other hand is will to speak to the others.

Demons are of course dispised possibly as much as the infected and as such even their young are brutalize by the entire community when they appear Demon seem to be born to all of the races making them out to be a curse in the eye's of the general public.

The infected are hated so sevearly that their exstinction is the only good looking option to all of the races.

December 5th, 2136: Recently many forms of monsters have shown up. The Dark ones, The Carnates the Badlanders. These monsters have only complicated the situation on earth survival damn near impossible outside of a sanctuary of some sort. With the war between these monsters going on getting caught up in the middle is extremely easy. The Carnates expessially are tearing everyone apart.
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The Story so far
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