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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Tesslamyllae NiQoolean (For Bending..)

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PostSubject: Tesslamyllae NiQoolean (For Bending..)   Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:09 pm

(And Just incase i need to go back in time and slap someones shit together)

Tesslamyllae NiQoolaen
(Tessla-Mill-A) (Ni-Kuu-Lin)
Gender: Female

Age: An old Childhood friend of Ookami's

Race: Currently Unkown.

Fear: Im not sure she fears anything.

Hair color: Auburn

Eye color: Dazzling Emerald.

Height:Varies, tends to be 5' 4"

Appearance over all:

Personality: Tessy can be a bit extreme at times, but her intentions are all good. She was created from the "Inner Woman" Within Matthew, to be the greatest super Hero ever. She always strives to accomplish this goal, but currently shes been rather busy with work. Personality wise, think Mad Genius without the Crazy being out for everyone to know. However she has been known to say she wishes to conquer Phantaisme and to protect all of her subordinates from then on.


Twin revolvers known as
"Dues Rex"
"Pudica Rex"

The revolving part always spins, unless she purposfully opens it to put in a specific type of bullet.
They never run out of ammo, and they shoot the targets purest weakness, in pure form.

Equipment: Time-Gauntlet: An item consisting of what appears to be hundreds if not possibly thousands of watches wrapped around a pure white Armored gauntlet of a knights armor from one of Mooch's past selves, Originally used by Mooch during need to live, she retrieved it from him to avoid the risk of him abusing it. Allows the wearer to cross Time and Space at will, to a designated time, and location punched in via Alinu coordinates and dates.

An infinitismal amount of Devices and Gadgets.

Interestingly enough Tessy has somthing like 6 powers.

1st: The ability to use people who are emotionally close to herself abilities.
She gains one ability from each person she gets a close personal freindship with.

2nd: The ability to always know how to hit the target, an example of this is normally she cannot miss, if they put somthing in the way she knows how to make the bullet ricochet to hit the target still.
+ 10 to shoot things with bullets.

3rd: The ability to warp the universe to her whims, This is the ability that Mooch's color control seemingly came from, because she can change the rules of the universe.
This one is a bit harder to put rules on. It couldnt be anything like, Space doesnt exist. it would have to be within a certain amount of ability. Like say someone shoots at her, and she says Bullets Move to the left. the bullet flys wide, and everyone gets penalties to aim. Till her next turn. then it goes back to normal. It also uses one of her actions, Out of her, Simple and Move actions.

4th: The abilities of enhanced motor skills, Enhanced senses, Enhanced reflexes, and Enhanced durability and strength. Its easily assumed she could take Ffraide on equal footing, However this has yet to happen as the two are close friends.
+10 to all base stats, and checks involving Reflexes.

5th: trait: Perfect genius: Tessy cant fuck up anything scientific, Knowledge related, or Mechanics related Roll wise She gets natural successes in dealing with those areas.

6th: trait: Extreme Mechanic: She can build almost any type of tech in the blink of an eye, Most the time shes already prepared for the event and just opens up hammer space and retrives the object she needs though.

History: Prolly gonna be revealed in story..I wont bother with this right now. Its a bit long.
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Tesslamyllae NiQoolean (For Bending..)
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