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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: amoroth c. ispah   amoroth c. ispah I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 11:12 am

Name: amoroth c. ispah

Gender: male

Age: 17

Race: dragonkin

scale color: platinum

Fear: clowns, selina, and alexia's wrath when he fails

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Height: 5'8"

Appearance over all: mainly in a tux when he's a butler for alexia. (usually torn or shreadded by selina and or huntress/rose when he slacks off) when on missions/ battle, he wears platinum alloy armour, carries an ancient great-sword
amoroth c. ispah HalfDragon

Personality: funny, sarcastic, serious, fear of clowns (zombie clowns make me go on psychotic zombie killing spree), has an attraction to flat chested women, he also loves to sing when he gets the chance. though when he sings some women near by treat him like a rock star due to his voice. he's also very easy to get along with.

Weapon: an ancient ledgendary sword called "Ageless" known by all dragonkin, is a extreamly powerful blade is capable of commanding the loyalty of dragonkin. it is so sharp, that i could slice through adamntite metal like butter. no one other than amoroth can weild nor touch this artifact for it is bound to his bloodline as he is also the last of it. after giving up starfang at the draconic shrine, amoroth gotten permission from the shrine maiden to search for any artifact to replace the fucked up sword.
amoroth c. ispah 500x_untitled-3_01

Equipment: bandages, trophies (parts of fallen enemies) and several Molotov's

Abilities/Power: blood rage, flight, can see life and magical auras, sees perfectly in the dark as if it were day, enhanced sences, immunity to all diseases, shadowmancy (learned inside the grimmor of destruction.

RP Example:
"death has come to most of the human race. the infection is killing more and more each day. and turning them into fucking zombies...." said amoroth turning off recorder "ugh, i need a drink" said amoroth getting up. as he walked out his tent, he was hint in the face with a snowball that one of the lycan children threw to surprise the dragonkin. "heh, you got me kid." amoroth said with a smile. seconds later he wes pelted with more snowballs from the child's friends "Okay! Okay! you win!" he laughed "hows about you and your friends come with me to the dinning hall, and i'll get ya'll some hot chocolate?" he asked. as soon as the words hot chocolate was heared, the children cheered, and ran straight to the hall. "kids..." he said smiling as he walked into the dining hall after the children. "hey davidson, five hot chocolates for the squirts, and a usual for me."
davidson gave a thumbs up and began making their drinks smiling to himself...

History:Amoroth's parents were the leaders of a small human refuge the village was big enough for a small community but unfortunately when Amoroth was 11 the infected broke through the barriers and and began killing everything they could reach when Amoroth's parents activated a defense system that allowed them enough time to get into a safe house with a few others. There was a newcommer inside that was freaking out he kept mumbling to himself then when the infected began slamming against the doors he lost it and ran into Amoroths mother The newcommer was a carrier and had begun infecting others Amoroth's father grabbed him and hid him in a nearby vent allowing Amoroth to escape during the attack. for five years he's been fighting to survive. he has been forced to kill several lycans in self defense and was deciededly an enemy of the lycans for a while. after about the first two years on his own, he found an ancient great-sword known as starfang. Unbenownst to him he had another watching over him making sure he survived the harder he fought the less he was helpped not that he ever knew he was being helpped, The man in the dark had helped many before and this simply became a hobby for him. after about twenty violent encounters with the lycans, they grudginly came to accept him being offered to stay by a Lycan who had come to veiw him as a friend. After about four years, he finally was invited to live among one of the packs. Throughout this time He had certain times where he would black out in a training match and became a torrent of pist and fury the Lycans with whom he lived with haven't told him anything dispite the fact they know he has a dragon ancestor they figured it didn't matter since he appeared to only be a 10th generation so his powers were unlikely to ever appear if they did it wasn't likely they would produce a problemas his newfound powers would most likely be pitiful. now he's is currently staying in a lycan community in Fairbanks Alaska, by chena hot-springs.
he now serves alexia without hesetation, and because of her blessing and his servitude allowed him to marry sarah greycross; a vampiri girl he saved durring children of the corn campaign that decided to stick around. though he is still a buttler for alexia and selina, he awaits his promotion to knighthood.


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PostSubject: Re: amoroth c. ispah   amoroth c. ispah I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 07, 2012 10:01 am

Forgot to approve.
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