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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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For the Record

Name: Adalia Fukubashi
Age: 196
Gender: Female
Loyalties: To nobody except herself, her sister as well as her brother. Adalia has a rather different or peculiar mindset with a policy of not being tied down to anything or anyone. She wants to be able to trust and depend on her own decisions and believe in her own judgments till they are proved wrong to her.

Character Parameters

Height & Weight Adalia is about 5’5 and weighs about 46kg

Hair & Eye Colour
Adalia has dark blue hair, the type of color that makes you think it's black, long and straight, reaching down to her waist. She has always hated or just disliked her hair seeing as how it would always hinder most of her actions. Having  long hair that got in the way of your job has always been seen as a nuisance, mostly because she was a very active person who took part in small competitions and other activities that required her to be physically fit, like getting into fights with others. The only reason she kept her hair like that without cutting it or even hiding it was because her mother has always seemed to love it. Adalia always pretended like she didn't notice, but it was quite clear to her that her mother saw herself in Adalia which she has always considered as irritating.

Adalia’s eyes, two crimson pools that seems to be looking deeper into one’s soul was one of the features about herself that she admired. They held deep emotions and meanings to them, the wisdom far beyond her age as well. Those red orbs have always attracted members of the opposite gender to her, sometimes scaring them away as well. The red pools shine a light purple color when she gets angry or is ready to fight seriously.
Noticable Difference
Adalia, in one glance spells out one single word. “Dangerous.”  Despite having a petite figure and looking horribly weak, Adalia will come off as a person that you shouldn’t mess with mostly because of her piercing red eyes. Dark and long eyelashes encloses these crimson orbs which fits perfectly for the distant and cold eyes that seem as if they are hiding something very deep within them, piercing eyes that could make one feel like they are being taken apart, as if they are slowly getting solved.

Her dark blue hair, framing her heart shaped face and reaching down to her waist is something that people stares at her for, both in awe and jealousy. This shade of blue is one color that can be mistaken for black unless the sun is shining down brightly at her, giving her hair a blue, glowing outline. Her thin and rosy lips adds more to her features, fitting all of her characteristics perfectly, drawing more eyes towards her much to her dismay.

She would stand proudly, with her head held high, not bowing down to anyone, emitting an aura of defiance, giving away one important feature in her personality… that she will not listen to anyone or anything.  These features, though attracts many eyes towards her, is also what drives them away. She would come off as dangerous, a loner, silent and extremely calculating.
Even with a figure that most people would say is weak, Adalia is a pretty strong person, her small frame letting her run faster than most, making her more flexible as well. Thanks to the kendo classes that she took as a kid much to her mother’s dismay and opposition, Adalia managed to make herself a vigorous and athletic individual. Like how they say about not to judge a book by its cover, judging Adalia by her body features will either get you under the blade of her sword or a sharp glare that can make your knees go weak.

Adalia is almost never seen wearing her reaper uniform, those black robs that she hates very much. The rare times that she is seen in them are when she is out on a job. Despite being a shinigami and not being bothered about her work, Adalia hates the black uniform very much because it’s hard to move in those things and the long, wide sleeves can easily get stuck, pulling her back and restricting her movements. With that as a reason, Adalia is seen wearing clothes that are of her own design.

She wears white clothes that display an air of pedigree and nobility, once again fitting her personality very well. A white long coat with a scarf, the long coat has golden trim befitting of someone with status. The sleeves go to her wrists, and end with gold trim; the front of the coat is buttoned all the way up and only opens under the belt, allowing her free range of motion with her legs. Under her coat is a black combative outfit, consisting of black shorts, knee thigh high black combat boots with golden laces, a black undershirt that covers her midsection but not her shoulders giving her more movement ability if her coat is removed.

The appealing pearl white color of the over jacket contrasts greatly to her under clothes, her belt, and her hair. This contrast is what allows you to notice the golden trim on the jackets front buckles which close it, the high collar covered in gold frills that are hard to notice under the scarf she wears around her neck sticking out the front of her over coats color. The coat itself goes to her shins, as to keep it from getting dirty from touching the ground, as no one in their right mind would want such a beautiful pearl white jacket to get dirty.

Positive Traits

  • Self dependent: The first and most important trait of Adalia is that she is self dependent, never bothering others or even leaving the decision making to others. She would like to make her own choices and carry them out till she is strongly proven that she is wrong. It’s also this nature that made her leave soul society and go rogue. She doesn’t want anyone at her back telling her to do this and that just cause it’s her duty or responsibility to do so. It’s also one nature of hers to never include others in her problems. She is someone who strongly believes that your problems are yours to solve and not something to be said out loud.

  • Hard working: Despite appearing to be a lazy character that doesn’t care about anything, Adalia is actually a very hard working person whom would carry out her duty to perfection before anything. She is very punctual in her work and would not leave it out for another day but rather will carry it out with a plan in her head. She is meticulous, giving attention to any small detail to finish her mission flawlessly.

  • Caring: In spite of having a serious and vacant face, Adalia is actually a very caring person inside although this side of her only extends to her sister and some people that she is fond of. She hates seeing her sister or a select few people in sadness and would do anything for them. She can be kind, gentle, considerate, and compassionate only if she wants to where at other times, she wouldn’t show that she cares.

  • Protective: Another positive trait of Adalia is that she is protective of the people she cares about. Hurting her friends or sister can move the other source of it to her blacklist instantly, earning Adalia’s abhorrence. She would defend her friend even if it means to give her own life in exchange for her friend’s, putting her life on the line without getting scared.

  • Calm: “Calmness is the cradle of power”. Adalia’s main positive character is her ability to stay composed even under extreme pressure. Adalia doesn’t depend on her emotions; in fact, she never acts upon her feelings but would think before she leaps. She would not jump into a fight immediately, but would watch her opponent, give attention to every single detail before planning a plan and proceeding with it. Provoking her won’t get her working sincerely but would only strengthen her will to put her opponent in his/her place. The one and only reason that might disrupt this character of hers is when her friend or sister is in great danger. But even then, she is rarely seen acting without a plan.

  • Determined: Adalia is a very determined person whom would not waver from her decisions or belief unless she is proven wrong. She is firm and resolute in her decisions to carry out a task, never leaving her work incomplete or curtailed. Her determination never extends to stubbornness but it can be the driving force that makes her want to achieve something.

Negative Traits

  • Rebellious: Adalia is certainly not someone whom would abide by the rules and listen to others. She is rebellious, not paying attention to what others say unless she finds something interesting in it. She will not let anyone rule her life, believing that she is the master of her own being and that nobody could control her. She detests the people that try to control her, telling her to do this and that, trying to bend her to his or her convenience. She would come up with her own ideas and opinions, holding on to it strongly. She is also the type of person that listens with one ear and gives out with another ear, never holding onto it unless it’s valuable information. She is defiant, disobeying anyone if she feels that injustice is being done. This is one reason she left soul society, not wanting to be controlled by others or having people tell her what to do, not letting her decide on her own.

  • Anger issues: Another negative trait that often gets her in trouble is her anger issues. Sure she is a calm person most of the time and would never act on her feelings. But that doesn’t mean that she never gets angry. Her anger is one that could scare most people off and away from her. She would never raise her voice nor will she shout, but it would become quite obvious to anyone that she is furious when her eyes glow a light purple and her voice drops to a dangerously low tone. Getting Adalia really angry is not a very easy task but when the impossible does happen; she will bring hell to where she is.

  • Antisocial: A very bad character of hers. She hates to talk to others, often finding others either too noisy or annoying. Adalia is the type of person who likes to keep her to herself, often found sitting at the most deserted place, reading a book or day dreaming. She doesn’t talk to others except if she finds the person interesting or less annoying. She could be seen standing at the far corner of a room, watching everyone while she is in a party or something of that sort. Rather than going around being social, she would rather observe. This nature of hers is what makes it hard for her to approach people for information in missions and jobs.

  • Blunt: While this nature can work in two ways, this character of hers is generally negative since this one attribute about her can anger the people around her. Adalia is naturally the type of person who wouldn’t care if the person standing in front of her can kill her or not and blurting out what she thinks about that person could either earn her some points or make the other want to kill her. This nature of hers is irritating for some while some find it a positive trait. She is extremely straight forward, never hesitating to speak her mind.

  • Ruthless: Despite being a caring person, Adalia can also be ruthless when she wants to be. Her mercy is limited to the people that she knows deserve a second chance. She will not pity anyone and let them off the hook and she believes that one should atone for their sins, that it is not her place to forgive them when they have not shown mercy to others.


  • Silence: Adalia would rather not be in an area filled with noise, distracting her or taking her attention away from what she is doing. In addition to this, she hates talking to people who can’t shut up about anything or everything. She finds it annoying and a waste of her time to be talking to others about matters that doesn’t concern her.

  • Nature: Adalia has a love for nature. Being in a place with lots of flowers, trees or anything like that will calm her down very well. She loves to sit by herself and observe the nature around her, the birds, the animals, the running water, the dancing flowers and the singing trees as well.

  • Reading: Another factor that calms her down or keeps her in a good mood is books. A good book is a man’s best friend and likewise for her, a good book is what keeps her company in her solitude. She likes to occupy herself with the plot and characters, sometimes twisting up the story on her own.


  • Noise/Talkative people: Adalia, as established many times, loves it when her surrounding is quiet and peaceful. It irritates her pretty easily when it gets filled up by people who talks too much or unnecessary noises. People that bother her would earn a glare first before being told off.

  • Being told what to do: One thing Adalia hates the most, more than noise, is being controlled by others and having them give her orders, expecting her to carry it out without thinking. Even her reason for leaving soul society was so hat she wouldn’t have others telling her what to do.

  • People who pick on the weak just cause they can: Something that Adalia can’t stand watching is weak people getting picked on by others, the reason being the fact that Adalia has been bullied before as a kid. This makes her want to stand up and give those people a hand, give them courage to stand up and fight like how she was given once.

Natural Ability: Photographic memory. Adalia is able to recollect anything from anywhere as if she has been looking at a picture. It’s an ability that she was born with and was carried through even after her death which helps her to remember anything easily.  

Bond Undeniable

Zanpakuto Spirit

Name: Escaflowne
Age: 344
Gender: Female

Escaflown has long, silky silver hair, reaching past her waist, ending right below her knees and unlike Adalia, she doesn’t mind her long tresses, usually seen running a hand through it. She possesses kind and shining red eyes, two warm pools that holds affection and kindness to almost everything and everyone. She is taller than an ordinary human, reaching about 7ft and weighs about 48kg.Escaflowne has a slender physique, looking even weaker than Adalia. Escaflowne certainly doesn’t give the impression of being a zanpakuto spirit, nor does she have a dangerous air around her. But just as the saying goes “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” judging Escaflowne by what she looks like might end up pretty badly for whomever. As weak, harmless and amicable as she looks like, Escaflowne does have a volatile nature deep within her.
As for her attire, she has giant, bluish white sleeves that cover her whole arms but leaves her shoulders exposed, coming down to her ankles and at the end of those sleeves are some floral prints in lavender color. She has a beautiful form fitting top that is covered by a large blue sash right below her chest which holds up a white skirt with blue frills which flows elegantly with the wind, making Escaflown look almost like an angel. Two piece of white cloth comes off the sash and is decorated with blue ribbons, reaching down to her shins. The collar completely covers up her neck and is held close by two blue ribbons as well. Finally, she has black stockings with knee high socks that are again decorated with three blue ribbons at the top of it. She wears blue Japanese sandals, fitting the overall blue shade of her outfit.



  • Bubbly: Escaflowne is a cheerful character who is never seen without a smile on her face. She believes that everything and anything happens for a reason and that it’s always for good. She is optimistic and cheerful, constantly telling Adalia that everything is going to be alright, which Adalia usually ignores or retaliates by saying this world isn’t made of rainbows and sunshine. Escaflowne is lively and energetic unlike Adalia who is languid in most situations.

  • Soft spoken: Escaflowne is soft spoken, her voice never taking a tone that lashes out at people but rather, she has a tone that would make a person stop and think. It’s soft and modest, assuring someone that everything is going to be alright. She will always think before she speak and thus is not as blunt as Adalia.

  • Social: Another character that contradicts Adalia’s is Escaflown’s nature to be social and talkative. She cannot keep quiet for more than a minute and bothers Adalia regularly by babbling on and on. She likes to be around the crowd and making friends is her forte as she has a personality that is very pleasant.  

  • Merciful: Once again, unlike Adalia, Escaflowne is merciful. She is kind enough to become the voice of reason inside Adalia’s head. She will not judge with her feelings but she will judge by what is right and what is wrong and these opinions are usually agreed with by Adalia.

Inner World:
Adalia’s inner world is surprisingly a calm and peaceful place with very little or no noise. Her inner world resembles her rime character and is what earth must have looked like before the human race came into existence. This world is beautiful and serene, having green grassy meadows everywhere with quiet forests, having trees that dance with the wind, bearing fruits and seeds. It’s probably because of Adalia’s love for nature that made her inner world look like a big ball of greens and blues. This world is endless, having only trees, plants, flowers and water bodies like lakes, rivers, sea and the ocean. There is always a soft and gentle wind blowing across this world, making the vast fields of flowers and grass sway gently with it. The only noise that can be found or heard in this world would be the sound of the rustling leaves and the pretty song of the birds. The soft blue water bodies of this world are clear, free of pollution and are home to many small fishes living happily. The limitless sky is magnificent, showing many planets and stars in the distance. The sky is a field of stars and planets, the white fluffy clouds floating under it makes it more breath taking.

It’s a place that Adalia likes to call as her inner heaven, being the most ideal type of place for her. The peacefulness and beauty of this world mirrors Adalia’s nature to stay calm in almost all situations and the endless or infinite world resembles Adalia’s wandering and questioning mind that seems to know no end. The ocean and water bodies of this world are bottomless, showing how deep Adalia’s thoughts are. The forest is a maze, a puzzle that can almost never be solved. In ways more than one, this world depicts Adalia and her characters, her behavior, her thoughts and her mind.

Sealed Zanpakuto:
Adalia’s zanpakuto appears as simple as her without much ornate decorations and designs. The sheath’s length is about 3 feet, made to fit the katana in perfectly. The sheath of the sword is pure white, simple and clean but yet showing outstanding majesty. The only design on it is that of a white and silvery dragon carving made out of platinum which has a deep blue outline around it. This design is only shown in one side of the sheath, leaving the other area purely white. Running along the two edges of the sheath is a silver floral design. The cord of the sheath is in solid black color, adding to the simplistic beauty of the sword’s sheath.

The sword looks like any normal katana having a length of 3 feet, and a hilt length of one foot. The handle of the sword is pretty plain and ordinary with black braids around it. The guard of the sword is made out of sterling silver plating, having carvings of a long dragon and some floral designs as well. This sword in every way fits Adalia’s nature of being simple and dignified. The edge of the blade is of silver platinum color and running along the center of the blade is a long silver carving of a dragon, ending 3cm above the blade point. On the long winding dragon is carved in small Japanese letters the word “Ishi 意志”or “Will”

Shikai Appearance :
“Kaze ga anata no kōru ni kotaete mimashou, Escaflowne!” (Let the wind answer your call)

Adalia draws her katana from its sheath and a small light covers the mouth of the sheath, a magic seal in the shape of a pair of white, pure wings is revealed before it breaks into small glitters, covering the blade of the sword, transforming it to what Adalia calls her “Henka no tsubasa”(Wings of change).

Her Katana is no more a simple katana but a sword. The hilt of the sword is one foot long with a very sharp, pointy pummel, designed to cause some damage to an enemy standing behind her. The guard of the sword is adorned with a fairly good sized jewel. A small star shape is carved inside of the jewel which shines a light blue when Adalia uses its abilities. On either sides of the guard are two wing shaped decorations made out of ivory. This double edged sword has a blade of 4feet long and running along the middle of the sword is that what Adalia likes to call this sword. “ 変化の翼”(Wings of change). This new form of her katana is stronger with more cutting ability, having a hard and durable blade.

Shikai Abilities:
As her release phrase says, her shikai ability is something like letting the wind answer your call. This ability lets her control the wind around her, creating small gusts to increase her speed as well as strength or even making small cyclones with razor sharp wind.

Her enhance mode has two forms. One of her ability is to increase her speed, creating a small circling stream of wind around her ankles, letting her run or even glide in some occasions. As for increasing her strength, Adalia would have a simple, light blue glow around her. It would boost her physical strength to a specific extent, adding more power to her blows.
She can also create small cyclones with razor sharp wind, about 5feet high and 4feet in width. These cyclones cannot be created while she has her enhance mode and is a long ranged attack. It can go up to a specific extend before breaking apart.


This boring world

The sky was masked in grey clouds, the only color or light seen being the golden streaks from the thunder as it roared. Heavy rain fell over the area, dampening the ground below the vast and glorious sky. The harsh and violent rain storm caused everyone stay inside their shelter, daring them to just try and go out to never return. The rivers and streams were overflowing and it was in that night of disaster a small child was born into the Fukubashi household. Year 1797, May 4th, the silent day after the tragic rain storm, Fraide Fukubashi named the small child Adalia, meaning noble child, exclaiming to everyone that she will make them proud.

Adalia was born into a family of four excluding her. Other than her parents she had an older brother and a sister that she very much adored. Born as the youngest child of the family, Adalia was as spoiled as a girl child could get much to Adalia’s annoyance. She hated how her family treated her, tending to all of her worries, never letting her take a decision of her own, making her do what they wanted her to do. The result of this was Leviana getting less attention as the middle child of the family, causing Weiss to take more care of her which Adalia didn’t mind. She liked the peace and silence she received when she was with her siblings. When she got to the age of 12, Weiss and her father were required to move to a rural area as their business dropped and they took Leviana with her, leaving Adalia with her mother.

The two years that Adalia spent with her mother was what changed her. She was fed up with her mother forcing things on to her even if the excuse for it was love. What Adalia felt was suffocation and a sense of being powerless while she was with her mother. She knew very well that Weiss and her father has taken up a job of protecting a village. It was something that she wanted to do as well. She wanted to wield a sword and prove to the world of what she can do. That she can fight and stand on her own rather than depend on others for support every time. This is what made her sneak out of her home to a nearby dojo to train using wooden swords. Her mother disagreed the day she found out about it and almost screamed at Adalia to stop it, saying that the job of a girl is to become a good wife, not a fighter. Those words are what broke Adalia’s restrains. She told her mother calmly that she refuse to become a beautiful decoration to some man’s house. She firmly told her mother that she will not let her control her life.

As the two years passed, Adalia and her mother was called to join her father and her siblings. The 14 year old girl and her mother were accepted warmly into the village and Adalia was happy to have been reunited with her siblings and father even though she didn’t show it. Her father noticed the change in Adalia, her nature to be distant and silent. She rarely spoke to others around her, even to her brother and sister. She had a world of her own where she kept all of her thoughts to herself; she had many innovative ideas but never bothered to share. She used to watch her brother and father train from a far, mimicking the actions so that she could learn as well.

At the age of 16, tragedy struck the village. The strong shield of the town (Weiss) was down after being struck down by four bandits. Adalia and Leviana were in their home that day, Adalia sitting off to one side with her book while Leviana was off to the other side. The next thing Adalia knew was her train of peaceful thoughts being broken by the door breaking into two. She jumped up as did Leviana to see what the commotion was and found a man standing in front of them with a knife. Before either of them could react, Leviana was stabbed in the chest and Adalia felt the cold metal of the blade run across her neck. As her vision started to fade away, maybe her stubborn nature to not give up made her grab the armed hand of the man and twist it backwards, making the man drop the sword with an ear piercing scream. Grabbing one of her father’s spare sword that was lying around, Adalia stabbed the man in his chest while Leviana stabbed him from behind with his own knife.
1813, March 8th was the day that Adalia fell into the void world of death along with her siblings.

The world of the dead: New boundaries

“LEVIANA! ADALIA!” a hoarse and broken voice was heard as Adalia’s eyes slowly closed and from the corner, she could see her father running towards her with a……sword? As the world dyed itself black around her, Adalia’s mind mirrored it. Emptiness filled herself and she felt as if there was nothing to her anymore, as if she had left a part of her behind. The only voice that echoed around her was her father’s and soon that too died down as if she was pushed down a cliff. 

She didn’t know how long she was trapped in the darkness, but when she woke up, she was almost ready to believe that everything was a dream. But the surroundings surely didn’t help her as it was an unknown place and the only being she found to her knowledge was her sister lying right beside her. As she woke her up as well, she found a strange being next to her holding up a ticket to her as well as her sister. Adalia took it to see a time engraved in it and they were sent to a certain part of what was called as Rukon district of the Soul society. 

Apparently they both really were dead and they were now in a place where the souls of the dead would go, something that people of the living world would call as heaven. But from what Adalia gathered, the place was far from heaven or paradise. Only the central part and what is called to be district one seemed to be pleasant. The other parts and the farther districts were filled with many poor people and crime was also very high in those areas. She also learned that souls lived independently there, not having any families or blood ties as humans did other than the small groups they formed with people they meet after their death.

Wandering away from Leviana for a little bit, Adalia took her time in understanding the so called “paradise.”A few hours after that, Adalia found a child being beaten brutally by a man as the small child had stolen something from him.  She had to take slow but long strides towards the man before grabbing his arm and pushing him aside. “A man who beats the weak can never be called a man,” Adalia’s cold voice escaped her as she narrowed her eyes at the man. Putting a hand out for the kid to take, Adalia pulled him up as he grabbed on to it. “Kuroe” the child whispered and suddenly started to cling to Adalia’s dress. She shook him and tried to get him off of her but the boy seemed to have a death grip on her when Adalia finally gave up. 

She spent few hours with the boy and came to know of how he died from being beaten up by his father. His father was a drunkard who used to beat him and his mother up almost every day. One day, he arrived at their home with a knife in his hand and slaughtered him as well as his mother. As the boy cried on her lap, Adalia’s face didn’t show a sign of sorrow or grief, it was as plain and expressionless as ever although one hand was laid on top of the boys back. 

The next day, Adalia and Leviana were surprised and happy when they reunited with their brother. He was konso’d by another soul reaper and was sent to this world. This actually made Adalia wonder about whom had konso’d her and Leviana. The only image of the person next to them that day was her father and it couldn’t be that he was a soul reaper? The thought was left as a question in her mind but was never voiced out although she knew that Leviana might know about it as well. Adalia, Leviana and Weiss spend 25 years in the shinigami world happily without any troubles. In these 25 years, Adalia kept collecting books about the soul society, got to know about what a shinigami is and what a hollow is as well. She spoke little but handled things efficiently and kept a distance from Mooch and Weiss although she did care and love them.

On the 25th year, Weiss and Leviana and Adalia as well went out to gather food. It was one family event that Adalia participated in without any denial. But in between the whole thing, Leviana and Weiss went back home, letting Adalia explore around by herself. She was going to walk around the place while waiting for them when she felt someone grab onto the skirt of her dress. She didn’t have to look down to figure out what or who it was. Kuroe held onto Adalia’s skirt and she sighed before ruffling the little kid’s hair. It appeared that she had grown fond of the little child who called her mother occasionally. She never showed it though; she kept the same emotionless and cold attitude towards him save some very rare times where she would smile at him. Adalia decided to go back with Kuroe as her brother and sister never got back. The first thing she saw when she got back was the broken door and a sense of alertness passed by her before she rushed into the house to see Weiss holding a weird sword in his hands. It didn’t take Adalia longer to figure out that the sword Weiss was holding was not any normal sword but a zanpakuto, something possessed by shinigamis alone. After the entire incident, Weiss decided to join the academy for shinigamis like him and Adalia too wanted to know.

Your world is mine; Escaflowne.

As Weiss left for the academy, Adalia and Leviana were left with Weiss, hoping to get accepted into the academy as well.  After seeing Weiss with his zanpakuto, Adalia started to study more and more about it and about Shinigamis. As they got accepted into the academy, they were given a blank zanpakuto to train with. Shinigamis were an interesting race, the escorts that guide souls to the soul society. She had a strong desire to become a shinigami as well and that strong desire is what made her spent more times training with the sword like how she used to do.

Years went by and one day while training with her practice sword, Adalia felt someone grab onto her like usual and glared down to see Kuroe, who had followed her, holding onto her legs. She picked him up and dropped him on the ground before walking away. She wanted to train by herself without anyone bothering her and thus forgot to take Kuroe with her, leaving him all alone in the deepest part of the forest.  She thought that he could get back to the town by himself but when she got back to the academy, she saw someone whom she identified as Kuroe’s friend standing in front of the academy entrance, searching for Kuroe. Figuring out that Kuroe was still back in the forest, Adalia rushed back to where she was training to find nothing. Kuroe was not there although she saw a small cap on the ground, the same one that Kuroe used to wear.

As different thoughts flew through her head, Adalia walked deeper into the forest, hoping to find any clue as to where Kuroe could be. A loud scream was heard from her right and Adalia rushed in the direction of the voice, finding Kuroe tied up with some plus’ right beside him. She knew about these pluses, they were the same ones that were robbing the nearby village. They must have traveled to this one after being chased from the other district. Knowing very well that they could try and hurt Kuroe, Adalia hid nearby, behind some bushes, watching them. What she needed was an opening to attack them. Just as she was about to make a move, she saw Kuroe’s friend arriving there, blindly lunging towards the robbers before getting hit by one of them and falling down to the hard ground. As one of the robbers approached the child with a knife, Adalia decided that it was time she made her presence known. Walking out of the bush, she stood in front f the kid while one of the robbers tried to attack her. Using her sword, she was able to stab one of them in the chest when the other one grabbed a sword as well and charged towards her. She was able to block the person with her sword and just as she was going to kick the person, she felt another sword clashing with her own, sending her flying onto a tree behind her.

Adalia felt truly useless that day. She knew that she wanted to protect those she loved, she knew that she had the will but not the power for it, she knew very well that if she failed here,, she would never be able to forgive herself ever again. As everything around her started to fade into black, she heard one single voice inside her head. One voice that sounded like that of an angel’s “Your desire to protect will drive you,” it said and she suddenly felt the wind pick up around her, circling around her and in between everything, she saw what appeared to be a sword appearing right in front of her. Adalia wasn’t an idiot. She realized that the sword in front of her was nothing but her own zanpakuto. Adalia used her zanpakuto for the first time in her life to take out all of the robbers. That was the day she discovered her true powers, the day the storm began.

Atarashī sutōrī(A new story)

Having trained with her zanpakuto for several years and befriending the spirit, Escaflowne, Adalia was starting to get tired of the shinigami world. The world seemed to be built in lies for her and even with what seemed to look like a proper system, Adalia was yet not satisfied with people ordering her around. She was made to do things she didn’t want to just because it was part of her duty. She wanted no duty or responsibility that she felt isn’t right but was forced into it either way. She has been planning to leave for a while now and something told her that it won’t be long till she would be free from this world built in lies.

The next day, she along with Adalia and some officials was supposed to visit the human world as part of their studies. As they reached the human world, Adalia stayed with the group for longer than midday before slowly slipping out of the group. She was aware of the fact that she was leaving her sister behind, without even telling her but she wanted to live on her own. This world that she was now standing on would be the beginning of her new story. 

Quote :

Roleplaying Sample: The world seemed to be made of glass for her, easily breakable and she felt bad for the people walking on top of it, unaware of the living dead walking among them, oblivious to the silent spirits that hung around them. She used to be one of them, the ordinary people that never knew about the extraordinary spirits near them. “Things sure have changed” a voice as smooth as silk yet dark echoed. Adalia stood on top of the highest tree on a hill top in the middle of a city in Japan, her hair waving in the soft blowing wind, one hand pushed against the tree trunk while the other hand softly moved some stray hair strands from her face. It was the day that she arrived at the human world after leaving soul society. It just wasn’t the place for her and living under those people who proclaimed themselves as righteous was just never going to be on her book. Those two faced people can do whatever they want for all she cares as she was a rogue Shinigami now. “Are you sure about this, Adalia?” a soft voice rung around her as Escaflowne expressed her concern over Adalia’s decision. “Yes, Escaflowne, I’m sure about this,” the only reply Adalia gave as she jumped down the giant tree, using the tree branches to get down safely.

It has been more than 150 years since she last walked on this land and in that short….no; it has been a long time. In that long time, this land has changed a lot. In place of small buildings were big skyscrapers, this land no more held the same environmental heritage as it used to, and the place seemed crowded. It was pretty much like soul society now, wasn’t it? Some parts were rich and prosperous while some others held the poorest. The only difference was that she had no annoying officials at her back telling her to do this and that. As she started down a busy street somewhere in the town, she managed to learn how far the human world had changed. The newer generation didn’t seem to hold the same superstitions as the older people did, they rarely believed in soul reapers or souls. She had to snort and look at them with pity. They truly were ignorant to the beings they walk along with. “Adalia,” a voice of concern was heard as Adalia sat on a bench in what the humans called a park.

“What is it, Escaflowne?” Adalia asked, slowly tilting her eyes upwards to look at the sky smeared in a mix of orange and gold. The sun was about to set and there wasn’t any more people around. “You do realize that you left your sister behind, right?” a soft yet scolding tone formed in Escaflowne’s voice. The answer to this question though was silence. She knew very well that she had left her sister as well as brother behind but it was necessary as she did not wish to stay in the soul society anymore. “I know, Escaflowne. I know.”

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