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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP

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Nikolas Krossley
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The Quantum Reaper
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PostSubject: Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP   Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 11:31 am


For the Record

Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP 38482710
"Just because something is Invincible, doesn't mean it’s unbeatable"

Name: Weiss Fukubashi
Age: Weiss is 350 years old, yet looks like hes in his mid twenties or his early thirties. However his platinum blonde hair being so close to white makes it hard for people to actually be able to gauge whether hes older or younger then he looks. Mentally Weiss is closer to someone older and wiser then he appears, but can be quick to act on his emotions at times when planning would make a situation work, and action is needed now.

Birthday:1st of May.

Gender: Male

Voice sample:Orlando Bloom. (Sat there for three hours trying to find something similar to his voice, closest I got)

Loyalties: Weiss' loyalties were originally with the Thirteen court Guard squads. However shortly after the disappearance of his two sisters, he went against orders to go find them and bring them back to the one place he considered safest for his only family, breaking his loyalties to the Soul Society. He traveled to the human world, and is currently loyal only to himself; He plans on returning to the Soul Society when he finds his sisters and dealing with the consequences to his actions when it is required. However if something happens to change his mind into staying and protecting the world of the living, he does not mind living as a rogue Shinigami.

Character Parameters

Height & Weight Weiss is six foot two, and weighs easily 170 pounds.

Hair & Eye Color Weiss has Sea Green eyes, this is highly unusual as neither of his sisters have eye colors close to that. They tend to go from ruthlessly cold, to energetic and happy quite rapidly. Sometimes he doesn't open his eyes when he is in conversation with people as he wouldn't want to stare at his guest, he finds that rude. Weiss however when talking to people who require eye contact, will make sure to give it to them, as its the polite thing to do.

Weiss' hair is platinum blonde, almost to the point of stark white, somewhat common in his family. He wears his hair combed neatly and professionally. His hair style is natural and he doesn't need to put anything in it. Occasionally he will get bangs when he lowers his head, but he simply pushes them out of his vision if they do get into the way.

Noticeable Difference:

Introvert Sensing Thinking Judging
Personality: Weiss has more than one thing in common with a brick wall. He’s large, he’s quiet, he’s strong, and he’s stubborn as all hells. Personality wise Weiss is an honorable noble knight, willing to give his life to protect the weak, but not above them, he will actually help them till the fields if he has the time. Weiss is the kind of person who prefers to work for what he’s given, he dislikes when people give him things out of charity, without him working it off as a debt.
Weiss is very order bound, and most the time nothing will get him to break rank or ignore orders from a superior officer. The only reason he would actually disobey a direct order is if he felt it was absolutely wrong to obey it. Weiss feels as he is a protector of the weak he is there to serve them, giving him more of a servants traits then a soldiers, he likes to help the people in need if they ask for it, and sometimes they don’t.
Positive Traits

  • Noble: Weiss is a noble person, and always does what he believes is right. He’s the kind of person who would happily die saving a child from a fire. He’s quick to save people when they’re in need, but calm enough to think about a situation first if there’s time.

  • Honorable: Weiss believes in being an honorable person. He displays this by never going against his word, and never betraying those who trust him. He’s a very straight forward man and would prefer to have people love him than fear and hate him. He would rather die than betray those who trust him, or the people he feels are his friends.

  • Honest: Weiss is crushingly honest, and will never lie to you. Whether this is for a personal question and you want to hear something specific and he tells you the truth or if he needs to lie to save his friends pain, he would rather tell the truth. However Weiss would rather die before he betrayed his friends, so he would never tell an enemy anything and honestly demand death.

  • Loyal: Weiss is heartbreakingly loyal, and will normally follow through with his loyalties till it kills him. He’s loyal to his friends and family, and to the people he’s promised something too. He never breaks a promise even if it could get him killed, and he’ll never betray those that he trusts, and trust him. He’s the kind of person who asks if you really want to jump into the pits of hell, then if you say yes he’ll jump first saying something jokingly.

  • Caring: Weiss may seem like he’s cold and emotionless at times, however that’s not true. Weiss has a large caring heart; he just shows it in a weird way. He prefers to shoulder the burden and tell you straight up to man up and maintain an air of toughness, rather than get emotional over things that are important to him. When things go bad Weiss isn’t the type to cry tears over something, he’s the type of person who keeps going headstrong till the problem gets solved for the good of those he cares about.

  • Humble: Weiss is a very humble person, he won’t hesitate helping people and he never brags about himself. If Weiss see’s someone in need of help, he will act on it even if it’s in the opposite direction he himself wishes to go. He serves the people, and protects them, meaning he protects them and helps them rather than just protecting them as his lone job.

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn: Weiss is amazingly stubborn; He will normally voice his opinion on something he feels is wrong. His opinions are hard to change, if changing them is even possible. Getting him to back down from a person in need is almost impossible, he would much rather risk life and limb than letting an innocent die.

  • Apathetic: Weiss seems to be apathetic even when saving people. He was taught at a young age that displaying emotion or caring in a soft way was a weakness, and weakness’ can be exploited. Weiss refuses to be exploited for any reason and has faked being apathetic to things for so long that he doesn’t know if he’s faking it anymore.

  • Depressing: Weiss doesn’t normally display his emotions, or how he really feels on the inside. If he did you would find the man is quite sad and has a horrible view of reality. He sees the world for how it is, and how he knows he can’t change it to benefit everyone the way he wished it did. You can tell sometimes when he looks sadly at the weapon he uses to protect people, one shouldn’t stop violence with violence, it only creates more violence.

  • Pacifism: Weiss is arguably a pacifist. He refuses to go to violence as the first resort for a situation, and tends to attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. He views war and violence as wrong, however useful for the situations they are absolutely needed in. Weiss will not strike a person down if he can talk to them, however he will not hesitate to cut a man down if they do not comply or if they do something he feels is absolutely unarguably perfectly and completely wrong.

  • Obedient: Weiss is easily too obedient for his own good. He follows his orders, only questioning them when he does something he feels is absolutely wrong. He trusts the people giving him orders to not be taking advantage of him, and sometimes they will be. Weiss doesn’t like being taken advantage of, and normally won’t hesitate to confront the man who betrayed him by using him as a puppet if he finds out.


  • Swords: Weiss enjoys swords and the care and love they are given. A proper swordsman’s blade is their soul, and their companion for life. You can easily tell how much of a warrior a person is by how well they treat and keep their blade, as it’s as close to seeing someone interact with a wife on the battlefield as you’re going to get. This is why Weiss went to the human world when he was younger and learned how to make blades, and how to take care of them.

  • A good fight: Weiss may hate resorting to combat as an option in actual scenarios, but he enjoys sparring and training with others. What really gets him in a good mood is an intensely good fight between him and a friend. He enjoys when his friends can take him on in a straight up fight, and as such always offers to train with them when he has the time.

  • Tea: Weiss grew up off tea, and he enjoys the myriad of flavors tea can come in. He has taken the time and effort to learn how to brew tea on his own with the actual herbs, and he even has his own herb garden at the Soul Society that he uses for brews. He enjoys brewing tea for his friends, and the people he tends to work for.


  • Conquest: Weiss dislikes Conquest, his zanpakuto spirit; because he sees the games Conquest plays with powers and arguments and feels it’s a waste of time. Conquest is argumentative at times, and hard to deal with as a partner, as Conquest feels he’s the better of the two and should be making some of the decisions. However even though their personalities grate against each other and the two have their differences normally and admittedly more to Conquest than Weiss the two can easily come to terms when they need too. Relationship wise they are more a disliked father who see’s everything as a business man and a misunderstood son who feels the world should be a lot brighter then it is.

  • Arguments: Even if Weiss is intelligent and at times clever, an argument is easily his weakness. He has a hard time coming up with counterpoints to certain topics that he feels fall into a grey area. Conquest enjoys teasing him with this by getting into moral arguments with the man, which tends to agitate Weiss to no end. Normally because Weiss acknowledges this weakness of his he tends to avoid arguments outside of his conversations with his sword, as he doesn’t wish to harm friendships.

  • Change: Weiss dislikes change; he wishes everything would stay better for the people. He feels this is hypocritical to one of the reasons he fights to protect the weak as the world needs to change to better itself for them, however he doesn’t like change. He feels if the world did change for the betterment of all, it shouldn’t change from that point. He also feels that even though he doesn’t like change, change is a part of life that must be dealt with much like pain and loss.


  • The Older Brother: Weiss is the older brother of a family of three; as such it means he wants to protect his two little sisters even if the world is against them. He loves and cares for them even if he doesn’t display this emotion to them in a noticeable way, and he understands they want to make their own decisions in life rather than have them controlled for them. He willingly gives them an air of freedom, but he will still protect them and back up their choices or solve the problems their actions create. When his sisters went rogue Weiss asked if he could take a team and go find them, when he was told no he went rogue as well. Weiss will protect his sisters, even if it costs him everything.

  • The Knight: Weiss wishes to protect the weak. He is prepared to die protecting the soul society and the people of earth from evil Hollows, and evil Arrancar. He has trained all his life to protect the living souls from Hollows, and as such he believes he is prepared for any fight with them. However even though in Weiss’ mind his position is guardian and protector of the people, he will still get his hands dirty to help the people he protects. Weiss is not above helping farmer’s plant crops, or harvest them. He’s not above helping people across the street, even if it would make him go in the opposite direction he was going. Weiss enjoys helping people, it brings him closer to his flock of sheep that he must protect from the wolves, and this keeps his motivations to protect them higher.

  • The Weak: Weiss considers himself one of the weakest people for his job. Many people say otherwise that he can be a force of nature in combat, but he refuses to believe he’s strong. There are reasons for this, you can always improve anything about yourself is one of the reasons he will forever say he is weak. Because of these reasons Weiss aspires to get stronger, if he doesn’t get stronger the stronger enemies will crush him and kill those he protects. He worries about the people he protects, and is always scared he will see them die because he wasn’t strong enough. Weiss has a saying for why he trains the best he can to get stronger, “Even if something is invincible, doesn’t mean it’s unbeatable”. If something that is “Invincible” Shows up, he needs to beat it, for that reason he trains because you can never be good enough.

Favorite Color:
Weiss' favorite color is a light sky blue; it reminds him of the freedom that comes with the sky. As such he enjoys staring at the sky in his free time. He often admires the shapes clouds can make in that beautiful blue color that is above him. He enjoys that both the spirit world and the human world have the same blue sky.


  • Whetstones: Weiss has a habit of sharpening his sword when he’s bored. He understands this is completely pointless to do on a Zanpakuto as the blade keeps itself maintained with spiritual energy. However it really gets on Conquest’s nerves and Weiss sees it as payback for all of Conquests shit he has to put up with. He doesn’t do it when he has no reason too and Conquest was cooperative for once, however as that’s normally not the case, when Weiss gets a chance to be bored he’ll sharpen his sword with a whetstone.

  • Permaglare: Weiss’ passive blank face is equivalent to a normal persons death glare. When he isn’t displaying an emotion and he looks straight at you, it seems he hates your guts, and wishes you would die. However this isn’t normally the case, unless you’re an enemy, and sense Weiss gets comments and weird stares about his glaring face all the time he has habitually learned to talk to people with his eyes closed. This is normally a rude habit, as some people want eye contact when they talk to another person and can easily be taken as Weiss not giving them the time of day. However this alternative is much better than making a four year old girl cry when you try to say hello.

  • Feelings: Weiss has a bad habit of not dealing with how he feels. Weiss doesn’t talk about how he feels emotionally, nor does he display emotions outside the awkward smile or blood thirsty grin. It’s a bad habit he’s maintained as a protector of those weaker than him sense he was a child. He takes all his emotions, things that shouldn’t dictate how he reacts to situations and pushes them to the back of his mind, saying he’ll deal with them later. However he never does deal with it later, he lets it stew and he still ignores it. Eventually this habit will bite him in the ass and he absolutely will have to deal with it, however right now he’s an emotional train wreck waiting to happen and taking his sweet time.



Theme Song:

Bond Undeniable
Zanpakuto Spirit:
Weiss' Zanpakuto is a spirit named Conquest, want more info?
Read the spoiler.

Inner World: Weiss’ inner world is an open space of infinite size however instead of white nothingness, or black nothingness, the space is made of static black and white bits of noise running across the nothing that is his soul. This is just the empty void between the multiple bits of random ground that float around in it. If you were to actually count the floating pieces of platform there would be a near endless amount of them, as the space seems to be infinite. However the middle of the space is largely dominated by a single platform and it alone is the one that doesn’t move.

This platform resembles a full glass chessboard. It consists of 64 clear and grey squares, and is roughly 1 mile by 1 mile big. If you were to look down on a clear square you could see through the glass and into the empty space around you, and on a grey square you cannot. The sides of this large chess board are covered in gold carvings and statues depicting wars, death, arguments, even multitudes of gods and other things in them. Occasionally when Conquest is bored he will actually make large solid gold pieces to play chess against himself with. Normally when Weiss and Conquest meet in the inner world, Conquest will often have a pair of golden chairs ready and a glass table, with an exact duplicate of this chess board on it in a much more normal size filled with pieces, this allows them to play the game while the two talk.

Around the not moving Chess board platform, is many other platforms some shaped like game boards some shaped like ground with buildings on them some are even shaped like natural wonders. These fly around aimlessly in this empty space as there is no real gravity to hold them in check, and as such they often collide into each other. They are all made of glass so this tends to result in a rather fascinating reaction of shattering explosions which just simply drifts into this empty space. None go near the large middle chess board; they seem to always miraculously miss it.

Sealed Zanpakuto: Weiss' Zanpakuto appears like a normal Katana, with an unusual blade length of 4 feet, and hilt length of 2 feet. The sheath and hilt of the sword are solid black, the guard of the blade is a cross shape. The Sheath is decorated with a golden carving of the coming of the four horsemen; the first noticed is a picture of a man carved out of ruby in heavy armor and a large sword riding a burning horse into an army of men who scream in terror trying to flee. Further down the picture, is a picture of a man as thin as bone, and wrapped in cloth strips, his body seems to be falling apart and he walks among the dying, his body, and his horses is carved out of ivory. The third rider is a man carved of pearl, and is riding through the dying fields as people die of starvation around him. The last rider is carved out of solid onyx, he is hooded and he is alone the only things around him are the fields of uncountable dead. The end of the golden carving is a large wolf, it has eyes of ruby, golden fur, teeth of pearl, its nostrils breathe onyx smoke down the sheath and its claws are ivory.

The sword when drawn is just as 'subtle' the blade itself is seemingly made from solid gold. The blade itself also has a carving in the gold, this one less fancy and only of gold. The carving is だった"Datta" or War. The other side has the carving, 生霊 "Ikiryō" or Wraith. The edge of the entire blade is a silver platinum like color rather than gold, and has notches of combat in it. Running down the middle of the width of the blade is a bloodlet, allowing the blood to flow down the blade an odd addition to a Japanese style sword. Near the guard of the blade is a carving of the symbol for infinity.


Shikai Appearance : Weiss draws the Katana off his belt, with sheath and all, and grasping the hilt with a hand and the sheath with the other says his release command, "Dominate the Hierarchy, Conquest" he then pulls the sword from the sheath horizontally while he says this, the sword itself seemingly pours blood from the guard down the bloodlet, this blood quickly overflows the bloodlet on the blade, causing it to flood onto and around the blade. This blood quickly crystallizes around the sword creating a blade of crystal around it. The blood pools and crystallizes around the guard giving it a more sinister appearance.

This new sword is easily 6 feet long, with a 3 foot long hilt. It’s designed more like a claymore then a katana, and is used one handed. The blood colored crystal also covers the long part of the sheath as the blade bleeds while it is drawn, giving Weiss another one of these extremely large crystal blades, making his fighting style focused around controlling the entire area of about six feet around him. The crystal is easily sharper then the blade, and is harder to break as well as it’s the true form of his zanpakuto. The carvings on the blade and sheath are no longer visible, and the crystal blades have many bloodlets running from its guard to the tip of the blade, within each bloodlet is carvings of words each one being a word of truth, even Weiss himself doesn't know what these words mean or say, and Conquest refuses to tell him.


Shikai Abilities:Activating his shikai gives Weiss the ability to manipulate his own blood flow, this allows him to essentially control his body how he wishes. This allows him to maximize his offense or his defense by pumping his spiritual pressure into his body. However he cannot maximize both his offense and his defense at the same time, as the strain would probably cause his veins to explode allowing him to bleed to death.

The defensive form which grants the user inhuman durability is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly is not absolute, and can be torn using sufficient power. This power can also be used to aid the user against critical wounds that have already been inflicted, able to stop the severe loss of blood that would be caused from said wound.

There is also the offensive form which grants the user inhuman attack power. This is represented by his veins noticeably throbbing always, but is more prominent in his arms. This technique is the only things capable of ensuring attacks are able to significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.

What history does your Shinigami have? Minimum of 3 paragraphs!
Quote :

Roleplaying Sample: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill. This should include the character you are applying for!

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Nikolas Krossley
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The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP   Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 10:04 pm

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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP   Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 1:23 am

Ruins Conquest

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP   Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP I_icon_minitime

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Weiss Trenden- Shinigami WIP
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