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PostSubject: Bellua Deamon (WIP)   Bellua Deamon (WIP) I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 30, 2013 11:45 am


Those who Desired too Strongly

Name:Bellua Deamon
Age: 827 years in total.  18 as a human, about ten minutes as a plus.  She spent 507 years as a Hollow, 306 as an Arrancar.
Gender: Female
Aspect of Death:
Desire: Every decision in Bellua’s life has been colored with desire, when she wanted something she took it.  Either through her wits or her strenght, taking what she pleases from whoever she wants and rarely thinking twice about who she stepps over to get it.  Not to say she is immoral rather, all her actions are done to benefit her, even her rather kind hearted actions were born from a desire of some sort.  In truth it is specifically the feeling of want that she lives by, she could want to help others or to harm other but it is the want that pushes her forwards.  Her want is the driving force in her existence, forging her mentality and even some of her morals.

Her own Desires. More specifically her loyalties are as fickle as Fortune, as she only holds and definite loyalties to herself and her code. Since her hollowfication she does not normally create bonds with others and shows of strength do not sway her to anyone side, in fact who she attempts to befriend and who earns her Ire are almost random as if decided upon a whim in the heat of the moment.  Either she likes a person or she doesn’t, a supposedly simple idea that really isn’t in practice.  Even if she does align herself with certain people she is by no means legitimately on their side, often not showing up when called to action in favor of her own whims.  She often ignores any duties she may have been given to do things she wants instead, simply put, she puts herself before almost all else besides the code she retained after dying.

Character Parameters

Height & Weight 5’3’’
Hair & Eye Colour
Noticable Difference What makes them stand out? What about their clothing is different, or do they own tattoos? (Minimum of a paragraph. A full body picture is nice too!)

Positive Traits

  • Predatory:“Hello little scared fox, you look like they’ve released the hounds, don’t worry I’ll keep you company you tasty little thing~” Bellua was always a fighter, a warrior, she couldn’t help it her father had raised her that way and later she was trained trained by the best around to know war inside and out. However for Bellua it goes further than that, while not a savant at combat she treated her opponents like a wolf did it’s prey. Those she defeated or lost to added to her overall battle prowess taking what she learned and added it to her repertoire. She prefered to wear her opponents down and trap them, rather than to straight up outfight them although she was certainly capable of doing so. However her predatory behavior is not restricted simply to combat she displays it in her movements as well, often circling a person of interest. When talking to people she prefers to look them in the eyes, and even when she was human she prefered to hunt her own food down. If someone shows an ounce of weakness she will take action immediately whether she is attacking or leading. Like any animal that fights and kills to solidify it's place in the world, Bellua avoids fights she knows she can't win and would rather find a compromise or failing that will simply flee. This makes her a difficult person to score a proper victory against.[/*]
  • Optimistic:“Look on the bright side, night on the town with a beautiful woman, you’re quite a lucky guy.” Bellua is a very difficult person to upset, to her there is always a bright side a silver lining in disguise to be found. Horrible acts and devastating destruction can always be worse, and there is little point in crying about what can not be changed. Bellua instead chooses to look ahead towards the future, a world of infinite possibility. Corny? Perhaps but just because the view is corny does not make it any less true, Bellua does not have the ability to change the past so instead she concerns herself with the future. A bad day is just that; a single bad day in an ocean’s worth of days. This is not to say she doesn't get sad or upset at all, just that it is difficult to do so and she often saves such emotions for when they would be more appropriate. She brushes past tragedy and depression by telling herself that if she needs, it she'll have a good cry later where none can find her where she can be alone with herself. She does not forget or ignore the past, it makes her who she is today but dwelling on it only makes it harder to move forwards on her path towards her obviously bright future.[/*]
  • Protective:"It's quiet simple when you think about it, they are under my protection unhand them or die." Bellua is very protective of whatever she claimed, why wouldn't she be? Having desired something and taken it for herself why wouldn't she protect it with all she had? If it's worth wanting and taking then it must be worth protecting, to simply abandon something after going through effort to make yours is simply unthinkable to Bellua. This counts for people as well. In fact doubly so as such people are infinitely more interesting than a paltry item may ever be, she protects the people she has claimed as her own with an almost insane fervor. Bellua does not handle loss well and will fight until she drops to make sure she doesn't lose anything. She is proud of this desire to protect her own, and even treats the desire as among her prized possessions. This protectiveness at first seems to be a symptom of her seemingly selfish nature but it isn't simple greed that drives her. The desire itself has nothing to do with greed, wealth does not concern her what is hers is hers and she will defend it like any would their property. The enthusiasm in which one defends their property is what separates the common person from Bellua Deamon.[/*]
  • Ingenius:”If I can’t go through then I’ll just go around!” Bellua is good at immediately coming up with ideas on the spot and in the heat of the moment. It’s not so much that she’s more intelligent than most as she is simply better at working around obstacles, he mind simplifying the problem and almost immediately finding a easy way around it. It’s a state of mind, if she can’t attack her target because they have a hostage then removing the hostage is obviously the simple solution; no hostage no problem. Simply put she is a problem solver, one who believes that the simplest solution is definitely the best.[/*]
  • Honest:”I never lied, You just never asked.” Bellua Is a person who has little reason to fabricate anything, not to say that she never lies but normally she only does so if she need to do so. Bellua normally gives information out freely to those who asks, feeling no reluctance to share what she knows. If she doesn’t want someone to know something she simply keeps quiet about it, lies only beget more lies after all. She would rather not be caught up in a web of her own making, so keeping her mouth shut seemed a easy fix. Of course there was the small fact that lying knights were trash, mercenaries with no honor to speak of. To Bellua there were only two real reasons to lie; The truth was too painful and unnecessary or the lie was necessary in order to protect others. [/*]
  • Determined:“You’re just another obstacle, you’ll only slow me down.” Not at all one to give up, once she sets her sights on something she wants she’s in for the long haul. She is not a determinator or anything, she simply dislikes giving up and will take longer than most to do so. She’ll often declare a retreat as a break and that she will ‘Get back to it later’. She doesn’t like to drop anything she seriously puts herself to, she will go that extra mile for something she has actually devoted herself to. Otherwise she could care less.[/*]
  • Playful:”It’s all in good fun, a good sense of humor is never a bad thing.” Isn’t having fun great? Bellua certainly thinks so, she’ll often mess with the people around her teasing them being playful and upbeat. She’ll crack jokes and generally be a constant source of laughter to her allies. As an optimistic outgoing person she gets along well with many kinds of people, given a chance to be pleasant she will often invite those she likes to play. She is a very amiable person as long as nobody crosses her.[/*]
  • Independant:”we’ll split up, you two stay together and I’ll draw them away. don’t worry it’s not like they’ll catch me.” Bellua is used to operating without any sort of reinforcements and can easily switch from working with a team to working alone at the drop of a hat. In both life in death she often found herself suddenly without allies when she was sure she would have them. Because of these events she developed a very solitary view of how to operate in battle, able to work with others but normally more efficient on her own. [/*]
  • Proud:”It’s not that you are insulting me, No you are insulting those who made me and that shall not stand.” Bellua is a proud person who seeks upholds the code she chose to follow despite her own nature’s incompatibility with it. She is proud of those who trained her, and the power she has because of it. She know where her limits lay, and does her best to live up to the example she believes she should be setting. He pride is a source of motivation for her, keeping her from falling to her more base desires.[/*]
  • Opportunistic:”It’s only common sense, you have to use what you have on hand.” It’s another simple concept really, if there is a chance to improve your position you take it. Find something someone threw away and was still useful? Jackpot! A few nails and a plank makes a deadly distraction to the average person and an annoying one to any abnormal threat. To Bellua nothing is useless, and every movement reveals an opening to target. Why wouldn’t she take advantage of opportunity given?[/*]

Negative Traits

  • Random Fancy:”I changed my mind, I change my mind a lot.” When Bellua focuses on a single thing she is very focused on that one thing, however getting her to focus on one solitary thing is more difficult than one would think. She changes her stance on arguments often and doesn’t keep one view for very long. It is entirely possible to find her claim an item as her own, only to have her toss it aside and forget about it in favor of an argument happening nearby. [/*]
  • Extremely Possessive:”Nyaha~ I told you that you wouldn’t get that hand back~” Bellua has self control issues, and will go much farther than needed to protect what she considers her’s. Touch something that she owns without her permission and you lose a hand or a finger whatever she thinks will hurt more at the moment. She might take an entire arm if she values the item enough. Attempting to steal a person with earn the theif a more ‘personal’ punishment.[/*]
  • Ruthless:”...” Bellua’s code calls for mercy, and forgiveness. Bellua however is more efficient than that perfectly to execute a fallen opponent rather than let them live. Especially if they have no other value in her eyes. She has no reason to keep dangerous enemies around and killing them tends to be a quick fix.[/*]
  • Manipulative:”I’m here to help you after all, they were in our way.” [/*]
  • Instinctual:[/*]
  • Emotional:[/*]
  • :[/*]
  • Vindictive:[/*]
  • Judgemental:[/*]
  • Sadistic:[/*]

TMI?: Is a fuck-mothering man-eater, and she ate a lot of people to get that title.

Bellua dislikes bugs and avoids them like the plague.

Tools of the Huntress.
Hollow Power: Gehenna Ignis The fires of Hell. A terrifying power that-

Bellua was born Isabella I of House Plantagenet in the year 1186 in Nantes, Brittany. Her father was Geoffry II, duke of Brittany, and her Mother was Constance Duchess of Brittany. She was never raised by the duke and his wife however, as upon her birth the duke was accused of Adultery. It was a false accusation however the judgement was delivered as soon as the outcry was delivered. Due to the speed of the punishment delivered and the lack of a fair trial, Foul Play was suspected.

In light of the event they faked her fathers death and they both went to Italy. There he raised her as well as he could, using what money they had they acquired a minor plot of land and avoided the eye of the nobles, and politics. a year later her brother was born, and they both thought she could go back to england to live a “Semi-Normal” Life. However the resulting politics from Richard I leaving on the crusades made this process near impossible.

Instead of having a normal childhood, Bella was raised during the time of the Third crusade.  She was raised, and treated like a boy by her father and the town around her. Living off of tales of Honor and Glory gained by knights in the war for the holy land. It was a decent way to live in Italy, however in her homeland, Strife, Poverty, and war ran rampant. Prince John had taken his brother’s throne, and the french were invading Richards lands.

Her father received news from england many times about rebellion in the kingdom and knew Richard had no knowledge of events from the war front, and could do nothing to help inform him. So he did the next best thing, and raised his daughter to be a fighter, fuelling the stories of knights and heroes and using the war in the holy land as fuel for those flames. At the Age of six Richard returned home to england from the war. In his peace treaty with the French upon his return, he proclaimed her brother Arthur I Heir to the throne of England.

This came as a surprise to her entire family, including Prince John. From there her father tried to raise her as a proper lady, however she would have none of it. Instead of trying to be a lady for the court she would constantly chase Knights trying to become a Squire. She did acquire Squireship, by a knight from the royal court actually coming to visit her father. A knight by the name of William The Marshal. He was visiting her father as a gift from Richard himself, as Richard himself couldn’t visit.

When she asked her father if she could ride with William, she made sure her father couldn’t say no. She trained under him for ten years. During which he never found out she was a female, and if he did, he obviously never cared. After ten years of serving William, and openly opposing King John. The Fourth crusade began in earnest. England itself wouldn’t get involved, however she realized if she could gain the backing of the church she could try to put a stop to the open warfare between her king and her teacher.

She traveled to France and drafted herself as a male Knight under the name of Sir Deamon. When asked the origins of her name she said her father had a funny sense of humor, and was unnecessarily drunk at the time of her birth. Due to her lack of noble birth, the only proper way for her to enter the army of the crusades was via tournament. She was selected for single combat, and out of ten matches, each against knights supposedly as skilled as her She never took a hit. Even going so far as to forsake a shield in the last match. Upon her victory over the other knights she was accepted happily into the Crusader army.

She was placed in the army of Boniface of Montferrat. Who left the crusader fleet with his army before the rest shipped sail. He went to visit his cousin Philip of Swabia. Coincidently Philips brother in law, Alexios IV Angelos  was the son of the recently disposed Byzantine Emperor Issac II Angelos. He had fled to take shelter with Philip from the reigning emperor Alexios III Angelos who was Issac II’s brother. There Alexios IV bribed Boniface to topple the byzantine empire and its current ruler with the promise that he would pay the entire debt owed to the Venetians for the crusade, give 200,000 silver marks to the crusaders, 10,000 professional Byzantine troops to bolster their ranks, The maintenance for 500 knights in the holy land, The service of the Byzantine navy to transport the crusader army to Egypt, and the placement of the Eastern Orthodox Church under the authority of the Pope.

The offer was quickly accepted as the Crusaders were short on funds, and it was simply too tempting. It didn't help that they were undermined from the beginning, Doge Dandolo, one of Bonifaces advisors was a strong voice for the agreement of this plan. He was also in his early years an ambassador to Byzantium, and knew the inner workings of Byzantine Politics. It’s most likely he knew that the promises were false and that there was no hope of any Byzantine emperor raising the money promised. Let alone the troops, and giving the church to the Pope.

The plan was accepted by the major crusade leaders, however the dissenters from the main group left the majority of the army and went to Syria. They were left with 60 Galleys, 100 Horse Transports, 50 large transports, and 300 siege engines. To take the city by force, the crusaders first needed to cross the Bosphorus. About 200 ships, horse transports and galleys would undertake to deliver the crusading army across the narrow strait,Where Alexios III had lined up the Byzantine army in battle formation along the shore, north of the suburb of Galata. The Crusaders' knights charged straight out of the horse transports, and the Byzantine army fled south.
The Crusaders followed south, and attacked the Tower of Galata, which held the northern end of the massive chain that blocked access to the Golden Horn. As they laid siege to the Tower, the Byzantines counterattacked with some initial success. However, when the crusaders rallied and the Byzantines retreated to the Tower, the crusaders were able to follow the soldiers through the Gate, and took the Tower. The Golden Horn now lay open to the Crusaders, and the Venetian fleet entered. The Crusaders sailed alongside Constantinople with 10 galleys to display the would-be Alexios IV, but from the walls of the city the Byzantines taunted the puzzled crusaders, who had been led to believe that the citizens would rise up to welcome the young pretender Alexios as a liberator.
On 11 July the Crusaders took positions opposite the Palace of Blachernae on the northwest corner of the city. Their first attempts were repulsed, but on 17 July, with four divisions attacking the land walls while the Venetian fleet attacked the sea walls from the Golden Horn, the Venetians took a section of the wall of about 25 towers, while the Varangian guard held off the Crusaders on the land wall. The Varangians shifted to meet the new threat, and the Venetians retreated under the screen of fire. The fire destroyed about 120 acres of the city and left some 20,000 people homeless.
Alexios III finally took offensive action, and led 17 divisions from the St. Romanus Gate, vastly outnumbering the crusaders. Alexios III's army of about 8,500 men faced the Crusaders' seven divisions (about 3,500 men), but his courage failed, and the Byzantine army returned to the city without a fight. The unforced retreat and the effects of the fire greatly damaged morale, and the disgraced Alexios III abandoned his subjects, slipping out of the city and fleeing to Mosynopolis in Thrace. The Imperial officials quickly deposed their runaway emperor and restored Isaac II, robbing the crusaders of the pretext for attack. The crusaders were now in the quandary of having achieved their stated aim, but being debarred from the actual objective, namely the reward that the younger Alexios had (unbeknownst to the Byzantines) promised them. The crusaders insisted that they would only recognize Isaac II's authority if his son was raised to co-emperor and on 1 August he was crowned Alexius IV, co-emperor.

It was after this, that the crusaders expected Alexius IV to pay up on what he promised them. At this Alexios IV realised that his promises were hard to keep. Alexios III had managed to flee with 1,000 pounds of gold and some priceless jewels, leaving the imperial treasury short on funds. At that point the young emperor ordered the destruction and melting of valuable Byzantine and Roman icons in order to extract their gold and silver, but even then he could only raise 100,000 silver marks. In the eyes of all Greeks who knew of this decision, it was a shocking sign of desperation and weak leadership, which deserved to be punished by God.

Forcing the populace to destroy their icons at the behest of an army of foreign schismatics did not endear Alexios IV to the citizens of Constantinople. In fear of his life, the co-emperor asked the crusaders to renew their contract for another six months, to end by April 1204. Alexios IV then led 6,000 men from the Crusader army against his rival Alexios III in Adrianople. During the co-emperor's absence in August, rioting broke out in the city and a number of Latin residents were killed. In retaliation armed Venetians and other crusaders entered the city from the Golden Horn and attacked a Mosque. In order to cover their retreat the Westerners instigated the "Great Fire", which burnt from 19 to 21 August, destroying a large part of Constantinople and leaving an estimated 100,000 homeless.
It was at this tragedy that Bella knew everything had gone wrong, and there was no hope, in Heaven or Hell, of salvaging it. It was then that she Dissented from the Holy Roman Army, and no longer wanted any part in the matter. She wanted to leave Constantinople but she had no way of leaving now that she was no longer part of the Crusader forces. Instead she made do by protecting the Byzantinians without homes from the Crusaders themselves, and watched from the sidelines as the powder keg that had quickly been drawn closer and closer to the open flame, ignited.

In January 1204 the blinded and incapacitated Isaac II died, probably of natural causes. Opposition to his son and co-emperor Alexios IV had grown during the preceding months of tension and spasmodic violence in and around Constantinople. A nobleman Alexios Doukas became the leader of the anti-crusader faction within the Byzantine leadership. While holding the court rank of protovestilarios, Doukas had led Byzantine forces during the initial clashes with the crusaders, winning respect from both military and populace. He was accordingly well-placed to move against the increasingly isolated Alexios IV, whom he overthrew, imprisoned and had strangled in early February. Doukas then was crowned as Emperor Alexios V. He immediately moved to have the city fortifications strengthened and summoned additional forces to the city.

The crusaders and Venetians, incensed at the murder of their supposed patron, demanded that Mourtzouphlos honour the contract which Alexios IV had promised. When the Byzantine emperor refused, the Crusaders assaulted the city once again. On 8 April Alexios V's army put up a strong resistance which did much to discourage the crusaders.

The Byzantines hurled large projectiles onto the enemy siege engines, shattering many of them. A serious hindrance to the crusaders was bad weather conditions. Wind blew from the shore and prevented most of the ships from drawing close enough to the walls to launch an assault. Only five of the wall's towers were actually engaged and none of these could be secured; by mid-afternoon it was evident that the attack had failed.

The Latin clergy discussed the situation amongst themselves and settled upon the message they wished to spread through the demoralised army. They had to convince the men that the events of 9 April were not God's judgment on a sinful enterprise: the campaign, they argued, was righteous and with proper belief it would succeed. The concept of God testing the determination of the crusaders through temporary setbacks was a familiar means for the clergy to explain failure in the course of a campaign.

The clergy's message was designed to reassure and encourage the Crusaders. Their argument that the attack on Constantinople was spiritual revolved around two themes. First, the Greeks were traitors and murderers since they had killed their rightful lord, Alexios IV. The churchmen used inflammatory language and claimed that "the Greeks were worse than the Jews", and they invoked the authority of God and the pope to take action.

Bella knew it was all lies, now she knew even the Clergy was incapable of stopping the mess they themselves stepped into. She was doing the best she could with what little others had deserted with her. The Byzantinians were not helpful at all, which was understandable as she had come in on a ship full of people that were seemingly here to just murder, for murders sake. No one outside the higher ranks of soldier no longer had an idea what was going on. It wasn’t honestly much better with those that did, their options were running lower and lower daily.
The entire problem escalated when the clergy hid the fact that Pope Innocent III had personally demanded they not attack Constantinople. The Crusaders prepared to go on the offensive, and their venetian soldiers attacked from the sea. Alexios V's army stayed in the city to fight, along with the imperial bodyguard, but Alexios V himself fled during the night. An attempt was made to find a further replacement emperor from amongst the Byzantine nobility but the situation had now become too chaotic for either of the two candidates who came forward to find sufficient support.

On the 12th of April, 1204, The Crusaders saw a time when they could attack. The weather provided just what they needed to get their ships close to the cities walls. When they did they found the wall’s Guardpost defended. Bella herself protected that guardpost to the city, and the outcome of the fight was unsurprisingly predictable. Outmanned she was but she wasn’t outmatched, she had them bottlenecked. Out of the hundreds that poured against that entrance into the city, only seventy would make it through, and even then only over her dying body. The city burned behind her during the fight, as the crusaders entered from the other side of the city she tried to defend. Try as hard as she could she was still human.

The crusaders inflicted a savage sacking upon Constantinople for three days, ripping the city asunder with violence and sacrilege of every kind.  The pain never left not for a single second had it left her since she found herself staring at the maimed and torn form of her own body.  what was this, she couldn’t have died could she?  How many sins had she desperately tried to atone for in that lost desperate losing battle, ten, a hundred, a thousand?  Whatever the number it was obviously not enough, for here she still stood no eternal paradise in sight just the burning city and the screams of the victims of the false crusade.  It was then the thought crossed her mind; what did she want?  The question hung silently in her mind for a second before it rung out again far louder than before.  Of course she wanted to live, if this was what death was like she was not ready for her final judgement. There was still so much she could do, so much she wanted to do.  She wanted to fight, wanted the glory those tales had promised her, wanted the vengeance she was forever denied.  So much want she couldn’t even call it a simple want, such a desire on this level must surely be a sin.  And as the dark thoughts filled her head, the lust grew stronger.  

How long had it been?  no more than a few minutes surely yet the dark and twisted feelings came like a flood.  Somewhere in her mind a dam had broken and left her awash in what Bella could only describe as a powerful yearning.  A hunger of sorts.  As the city drowned in the sin brought by the crusaders many of the souls unable to handle being force to watch their home burn fled or simple wailed in sorrow.  No. Why was she just standing there?  There were so many things here she wanted, all hers, Hers for the taking.  what was keeping her from moving forward and taking it?  Her chest was heavy something heavy and hindering it was in the way.  Remove it!  She felt her hand reach for whatever had found it’s way to her chest, the cold chain attached to her so heavy.  She gripped it tightly and pain shot through her but she was already in pain, it hadn’t left what was another pound of stone? when she might as well have been utterly crushed?  She pulled as hard as she could and felt the chain disappear in her hands, and the pain that weighed heavily on her seemed to disappear for a brief moment.  Only to suddenly return as if someone had poured molten metal over her entire body.  By the lord it burned her to her very core, she found herself begging silently to her god at first begging for forgiveness. Yet the pain still persisted her body feeling as if it was being destroyed at it’s most basic level.  She prayed to any who would listen to which no one answered, in what she thought were her final moments before being damned for the sins she could not atone for.  Dark red flames flared to life around Bella as the pain of her damnation reached it’s apex she would had been writhing if she were not paralyzed from her sense of feeling being overwhelmed.  Unable to move or scream there was no way to vent the frustration and pain, no relief from the sudden hell she had inflicted upon herself.  She wanted it all to stop, she needed it all to stop!  The was no rationalizing it anymore, she was going to hell wasn’t she?

The dark red flames spread rapidly from bella’s body, growing in intensity and size as it claimed any soul unfortunate enough to be within reach.  She could just barely feel something painfully cold and hard growing over her face,her thoughts slowly drifted away from her riding each wave of pain out of her mind straight into oblivion.  Every thought except the need fled from her, leaving her with a hole that could not be filled, her hands reaching for her lower stomach she at first thought it was simply hunger multiplied a thousands times and found that a literally hole had taken form where there had once been flesh.  It was as if her flesh was replaced by the cold bone like material on her face, spreading across her entire body. She opened her mouth to scream but instead of her voice came the howling shriek of a monster, nay this was the roar of a demon of hell!  
This was not her body was it?  It didn’t matter!  That’s right it didn’t matte- No of course it matter it was hers HERS.  What had happened to her what had happened to her body this disgusting white body it wasn’t hers she wanted her body back they took it from her!  They have it!  they would return what was hers or she would devour them all, every last one of them those false crusaders nothing but thieves every last one of them.  They took her body and replaced it with this mockery of the human form, the body of a monster, a demon.  Bella lost herself to the instincts of the beast almost instantly and tore through the city of Constantinople devouring all who crossed her path.  Of course she did, who was going to stop her?  These false crusaders?  To the demon she had become they were naught but food something to ease the burning need that held her mind and sent her upon a war path just as bloody as the actual sacking of the city itself.

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