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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Nick Krossley, "I got bored"

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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
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PostSubject: Nick Krossley, "I got bored"    Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:05 am

(Note Before we begin, All art is not owned by the poster, however it is hilariously heavily modified for this content)
"Dont fear the reaper~"

Birth Certificate

Name: Nikolas Krossley.

Age: Undeterminable, however he appears to be in his twenties.

Gender: Male.

Loyalties: Nick isn’t associated with the human organizations. Nick is a singular element in the infinite; he exists on a quantum level of Loyalties. He is both completely loyal to those he feels deserves it, and yet at the same time isn’t loyal to anyone or anybody, including himself.

Theme song

Battle Theme song

Voice Clip: Vash the Stampede.

Character Parameters
"You know last time I described how I worked, I was wrong."
Height & Weight Nick prefers to be five foot four inches tall, and 158 pounds.

Hair & Eye Color: Nick has green eyes, bright green.
Noticable Difference What makes them stand out? What about their clothing is different, or do they own tattoos? (Minimum of a paragraph. Full body pictures always helpful!)

Positive Traits

  • What makes[/*]
  • your character[/*]
  • Tick![/*]
  • Add more if you want[/*]
  • But make sure these are at least one sentence.[/*]

Negative Traits

  • What makes[/*]
  • your character[/*]
  • Tick![/*]
  • Add more if you want[/*]
  • But make sure these are at least one sentence.[/*]

TMI?: Got any additional information you want to add about your character? This can be anything you want, even if it just says that they like carrots. If nothing just put N/A!

The Quantum Reaper.
"How dead are they? Kadav~verific"
You ever see that thing flicker out of the corner of your eye and when you looked you only saw a person, or even an object? Was it just your imagination, or your senses playing with your brain? Sending signals of things that you can’t perceive? Maybe spirits that you can’t see if you look directly at them? Truth is there are an infinite number of possibilities that it could be, and no one could logically tell you with certainty what the truth of it is. That is no one but Nick, you see while Shinigami wage their war against Arrancars, and Hollows eat spirits, and Quincy screw the entire system up. There’s always something bigger than what everyone else can see happening to everyone, it’s the bigger picture. Most people don’t understand how big everything is, a person’s existence is a meaningless speck in this giant dust storm of meaningless specks.

Now this is probably where you’re wondering how Nick comes into this picture, well you see Nicks job is to clean up the mess this meaningless dust storm makes, whether it is here on earth, off in a different universe, or anywhere else in existence. The dust storm is massive, it ranges universes, galaxies, even dimensions, and Nick has to make sure the mess it makes doing its giant dust storm job doesn’t screw up the system that makes it tick. He does this in the easiest way possible, ending flames that last beyond their time on a quantum level of existence.

A soul of a person is just their person, the mind that is separated from the body, it’s a level of consciousness that most people don’t get to interact with. Lingering ghosts are just spirits who’ve dulled with age and live out memories over and over again, like muscle memory for dead people, haunting places or people they once cared about. Hollows are just Souls who have reversed the evolutionary process of a humans mind and once again reverted to their animalistic instincts they were suppressing because they were taught otherwise, some beings get over this like the Arrancar, and some beings confront and over power this like Vizards. Most however succumb to it and become Hollow, it’s the core instinct in a human, greed, all Hollow’s suffer from it, as they feast on souls hoping that someday they will fill the gap that humans were made with, the gap where their heart is supposed to be.

Nick deals with the flame of a being, the flame is the essence of a beings existence, it’s who they are, who they were, and who they will become. The body dies and withers away releasing the spirit, the spirit evolves, fights, gets eaten or reincarnates. But the flame is with every being, forever, you cannot escape it via reincarnation, it is your flame, your existence, your own personal star that reveals who you are as a tiny speck in that dust storm of meaningless other things that float around that is existence. It only changes when you do as a being, and it only grows when you do as a being. It lasts as long as you exist, even if you don’t remember it, or know it yet, it does and always will.

You’ve heard stories of the grim reaper, the ender of life, the pale rider. Truth is he has many names because it was once not a singular being but a group of seven whom all had the same job, managing and erasing flames that have lasted well beyond their time. They have all retired now, to leave their jobs in the hands of one man, Nikolas Krossley, the Quantum Reaper.

You think Shinigami are the only ones who go around saving souls of the dead, or punishing the souls of the damned? Well you’re wrong The Reaper does that too, and even if the Shinigami fancy themselves “Soul Reapers” In his likeness they can’t ever compare to the reaper himself, as he does their jobs on a scale much higher than theirs, a scale they can’t even imagine to compete with. When Nick uses the term Quantum he means it. He’s both dead and not dead, he exists and doesn’t exist, he’s in every dimension already there at every death he’s needed to be there for, and at the same time has plenty of time to seemingly screw around. Not only does it show up in his personality, but it also shows up in his powers.

Nicks powers are severely limited due to the amount of stress already on them because of his multiple existences. Because of this he can never truly use his full power in any existence, only channel it in small quick bursts, this is the cause of the flicker in the corner of your eye, the thing you thought you saw but you swear you imagined it.

Due to the power limitations Nick is happily forced to have a human appearance, as it’s the easiest one to take. This allows him to maintain a normal life as a human being, yet he has none of the normal human needs, Like food, water, sleep, breathing, simple things that humans need to live. He still has human wants, but then again in a world as material as the human world where everything can be acquired through proper application of greenbacks who doesn’t have human wants?
As such Nick powers end up like this, passively whatever weapon he wields can end life with a killing blow, whether it is gun, sword, bow, knife, fist, fork, spoon, chair. No matter what weapon he wields, if he lands a blow that could kill the person he’s attacking, it will, whether they’re a spirit or otherwise. This allows him to deal with Hollows, Shinigami, Arrancar, or Quincy, and mechanically doesn’t do jack besides allow him to combat these things.

His primary power however allows him to manifest for a short period of time a majority of his power. This gives him a “Release” like ability like those used by the other races. This manifestation can range from simply a pair of disembodied arms of his real form to wield a weapon in combat for him, to actually ascending to his real form for a short burst of time if his opponent is being particularly rude, even quick bursts of his real form appearing around him to attack or defend him from an attack he otherwise couldn’t in his human state. Being quantum as he is, death isn’t permanent for Nick, it does however force him to regenerate his body and soul and forces him into a status effect like how other people would be unconscious, if his body and soul have been destroyed then it takes even more time to rebuild them from scratch using his Flame.

There are things Humans, Shinigami, Quincy, Arrancar, or otherwise can never comprehend, these are the things that go bump in the night, that you see out of the corner of your eye. The monsters people tell their children of, who pass down these stories to their children, and to their childrens children. Nicks job is to deal with these things, peacefully or otherwise, if they have lived beyond their time it’s the Reapers job to put them down. Everything knows his name, and if they refuse the peace he offers they shall know death.

"Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust."

"So you wanna know my back story? Well you see Its complicated"

What background does your Mortal have? Minimum 3 paragraphs.

[quote name="Roleplaying Sample"]
: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
Political Power : 1133
Join date : 2011-11-30
Location : Everywhere and Nowhere.

PostSubject: Re: Nick Krossley, "I got bored"    Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:34 am

Reaper Form Release.
Nicks Reaper form is bond to his left arm; however this isn’t a power he can easily control, as its literally ripping himself into dual existence something that nothing should be able to handle. The cost for this to maintain is intense on a person’s body and mind, and as such if the concentration is broken the cost is severe for the body, almost crippling as it paralyzes his left arm until he can recover with some rest.

As it is technically a different being than Nick, It has its own Reiatsu value from which it derives its own stats and Stamina pool, as well it can take its own actions. Reaper form and Nick do not have shared Techniques or skills, and it must have its own techniques to use if Nick desires to use techs with it. Reaper form suffers injuries as normal, when slain it forcefully disappears from the material world back into his arm and cannot be summoned again for the remainder of the thread (though it may be healed as normal.) If Reaper Form must take a skill check, it uses Reaper Form Release for all skill checks at two less ranks than normal.
Enhanced Quantum Control.
Professional Combat Wizard.
By honing the fine art of inventing, you begin to understand how to craft complex and fantastic devices that defy explanation and create unique opportunities for those who use them.
HoHo [Gapstep].
This skill is used by all races (under different names, such as Shunpo or Sonido) and grants a swift burst of additional speed over a long distance.

Those at higher Ranks can use any lower ranked Step they know.
NOTE: While using Hohō, you may only move in a straight line.

Weapon Proficiency.
Weapon Proficiency governs an individual's skill while wielding a weapon. Their prowess when defending, attacking, and ultimately hurting their opponent is linked to this skill. Weapon Proficiency applies to a fairly specific range of weapons, or for Shinigami applies specifically to all forms their Zanpakutō takes. Weapons cannot be broken involuntarily (though a broken weapon can often serve as a very interesting plot point).
Hakuda governs an individual's skill while performing unarmed combat. Their prowess when defending, attacking, and ultimately hurting their opponent is linked tot his skill. Hakuda is typically more versatile than its armed counterpart, and practitioners can use any part of their body to engage their enemy. Hardened Areas serve as those areas on the body that are more resistant to damage, and when used to block incoming attacks, completely negate damage checks if the block is successful. Hardened Areas are taken in pairs, so choosing "Hands" as one of your Hardened Areas would net you both your left hand and your right hand.
Reiatsu Perception
Reiatsu Perception dictates the level of skill with which your character influences and perceives the ebb and flow of spiritual pressure around them. For each rank a character's Reiatsu Perception skill exceeds their opponent's, they are granted an instance of a +10 boost to either Strength or Spirit when attacking or Defense or Speed when defending. This boost stacks up to a maximum of two instances.

Body of a Pinball Wizard.
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Nick Krossley, "I got bored"
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