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 Random rules rant.

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Random rules rant. Empty
PostSubject: Random rules rant.   Random rules rant. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 9:56 pm

Custom rules for Inventions made by a player, for the Bleach Gotei Roleplaying site. These rules should not be assumed to be legal, and until approved by staff, are simply here to express my opinion on how Inventions should and could work on the site. However im sure after reading this you all want to criticize so I welcome it, as stated above my body is ready.

Inventions, as they must be created should follow a certain process of design and creation in character before they can be used. As such it’s important to know what you want to make, and what you want it to do, this can all be done out of character for design. However Creation must be done in a solo thread unless you are working with a team of inventors to help you design this work of art. Deciding the basis of words required for an Invention is next to impossible as Inventions can do almost anything as long as Science and technology allow it. However as such a rule is important in creation of said Invention rules have to be made, therefore I feel it would be alright to establish a word count equal to the rank of Invention the creation falls at, such as an Intermediate invention would be 3000 words for the design, creation, and assembly of said invention, it should also be subject to a 200 GP cost, this is a onetime cost. The rank required for the invention should be determined by a mod and the invention should go through the approval process before the in character work should begin. This process is normally the first and last steps in an Inventions creation, rules wise it has been addressed first.

Inventions fall under two categories, the first is single use Inventions which do a specific thing, and they do this thing to the best of their ability and cannot do anything else. These are easy to make, easy to design and can pretty much do anything as long as it’s the thing they are made to do, like say a bandaid that you made for healing your allies, the design could take 1000 words to make and the device itself would be rapidly creatable because its small. Like say when you peel the tape off the sticky part it absorbs the Reishi in the air causes the bandaid to glow dimly and thus allows you to heal a human OR a spiritual creatures wounds for a stamina cost, and an action.

The second category is multiple use devices. These are things that have multiple uses, as such they shouldn’t rely off of stamina, and you could end up using them too much and burn yourself out and not be able to fight back. Instead a device should have a disposable “Charge” that when used, needs to be refilled. Depending on the device, and the way it’s designed Refilling said charge will always take an amount of time, and maybe some stamina depending on the size, some devices could even not actually be refilled for an entire thread to balance out what they can do power wise. Within this category would be things like firearms, like pistols with six rounds of ammunition total however the ammunition can do different things. Making something of this category should have an extra cost associated with how many things it can do and how it functions, along with the explanation of what keeps it running and what its charges are, such as how the pistols “charges” are its ammunition. Reloading the pistol would take an amount of stamina determined by the mod to balance out the item. I would say more 250 more words during the design RP IC phase, and maybe 50 more GP per function of the Device. All in all a Device is harder to approve by nature than a base Invention is.

The way mechanics works differs depending on the Invention/Device you are making. In general an Invention or a Device can do anything and are only limited to your imagination, however mechanics has a very strict set of rules. For Inventions this set of rules stays the same as it is now, using the technique rules for these one use items, as they can only do one thing, and have a stamina cost. Its best to have a Mod ready for Inventions as they get last say on your costs and effects and what your limited too. General limitations to Inventions that should be noteworthy in my opinion, they have a cost depending on the effect and how powerful they are, if you want one capable of hurting people there has to be a cost to do that, free damage should not be a thing.

An Example Invention Template:
Quote :

Core Details

>Name of the invention: Self explanatory, the name of the device goes here.

>Relevant Skill(s) & Ranks: This is the skill that the item uses; this rank is from the inventor not the user.

>Stat(s) Involved: Normally there will be few stats involved in Invention use, if there is it’s from the user.

>Invention Flavor Description: The description of the Invention when it’s not in use and on your person, try to be descriptive about it, describe where you keep it, what it looks like when it’s on a table maybe.

What it does

>Flavor Description of Effect: What happens when you use the Invention, does it glow? Does it explode? Try to be descriptive with this as well, as it can help people reading it understand what your main intention with it is.

>Effect Mechanics: The actual mechanics behind the Invention down to what it does as a science, this determines its stamina cost according to Technique rules.

>Duration: If the invention has a duration it goes here.

>Limitations: If it has a limitation, like how many you can carry on you, or if it only works once, that stuff would go here, assume if it has some limitations the cost would be less.

>Cooldown (if any): This is where the cool down would go if you can’t use the Invention repeatedly because it over heats or another such reason, naturally assume the higher the cooldown the lower the stamina cost.

>Stamina Cost: The stamina or Energy cost of the invention, which would go here, energy, would be for things like guns that only have the effect of shooting things. Stamina would be something you have to power yourself, some things like bandaids don’t even have stamina costs they just perform miracles for free if they can get approved. Seriously its science it can do almost anything.

How it works:
Core Concept: The core concept of the invention, what was your purpose for inventing it, what did you want to accomplish with this Invention. Any core thoughts or additional info you want to give the Mods to help you make it the way you want it to work, or at least as close as you can to work mechanically. Remember mods are the ones who get final say on the Invention and whether you can use it or not, so letting them into the core process allows more room for them to give you suggestions to try and keep the base goal which you want.
Devices work a bit differently compared to Inventions, because of their one key difference, multiple effects and uses. Because of this it’s more efficient to say they work more like temporary skills which use costs “Charges” and as more and more “Charges” of the Device use the ranks in this “Skill” drop and the uses become less and less well useful until its reloaded. Unlike inventions Devices at first don’t have a stamina cost as they degrade with each use, however upon needing to reload these “Charges” costs quite a bit of stamina to balance the use of the Device. Again this requires a Mods final say, having one help you design this is probably the easiest way to go around it. Remember the cost of building a Device is higher than an Invention, it should also be noted the Limitations on Devices in general. Such as, upon depletion of their charges they cannot be used and do nothing more then be fancy paper weights unless recharged, they can be damaged and broken, treat a Device’s base defense unless otherwise stated at 10 and for every wound rank subtract 2 “Ranks” in the skill like effect of a device, upon hitting 0 ranks this way the device can no longer be used for the rest of the topic it’s in even if refilled, also unlike Inventions, Devices cannot be used to directly attack an enemy they must have a supporting or boosting effect on the user. I suggest making these when your Opt-In, rather than Opt-Out, or specifically asking a Mod to help you with these.

A Example Device Template:

Quote :

Core Details:

Name of the Device: This is where you would put the name of the Device.

Device Flavor Description: This is where you would put the description of the Device, what it looks like when it’s not in use. Where is it on the human body, what does it look like when its put down on a table, try to be descriptive so people know accurately what it looks like, and what it’s made out of.

What it does:
Flavor Description of Effect: This is where you would summarize what it does when activated or used, also what it can do per charge level, which works like a temporary skill rank with the Device. This is also where you should state how many charges it has, how many it loses per use of the Device and how it holds it charges, and how it recharges them.

Maximum Charge: This is the maximum amount of charge in the device, I would go with 60, and what it looks like when it’s fully charged compared to when it’s empty. Remember to be descriptive; try to come up with ways to make it so your enemy doesn’t know your device is empty unless they’re really perceptive.

Effect Mechanics: This is where you would put the five charge levels and their numerical equivalents with the device along with what charge level abilities it has if any at that level, this is for the numbers guys, remember to balance it using the Techniques tables is my suggestion, or have a Mod help you out. Include effects, duration, a cool down, limitations, and the energy costs involved with these abilities, a mechanical limitation of Devices that is interesting is they have no associated skill rank to rely on, as they technically count as their own skill. To provide buffs each Charge level is the associated rank of the skill it uses.

Cranking Along: Your Device is running dry, time to fill her up. The number equivalent for this I would use is 10. The only ability you got left is its most basic ability, and even then you’re going to run out in a few uses anyway, max buff at this rank is +10.

Almost Empty: You’re getting empty or your slow on the refill, this tends to be around 20. Because you’re almost empty you can only use this ranks ability which may just empty the Device completely for a useful ability, or the ability below it, max buff at this rank is +20.

Halfway Charged: Device is around half way full, which depending on your numbers may be 30. Because of this it can only use the associated function at this rank, and below this rank for their charge costs, max buff at this rank is +30.

Close to the top: Normally around 40 charges, your almost full, or lost a bit of charge in the Device, as such it loses its ability of a rank higher than it, however can use any abilities it may have below this one and at this one’s rank for the costs listed, max buff at this rank is +40.

Fully Charged: The Device is fully charged, which is normally around 60 charges, and capable of doing all its uses for the costs listed, this should include what function is usable at this rank, and its cost, normally being a really strong effect for a very, very high cost, sometimes even all of the charges, max buff at this rank is +50.

Ability Descriptions: This is where you would put the abilities unlocked through the levels in spoilers, along with all their details, descriptions, costs, effects, cooldowns, and so on. This is an important area for mechanics, and one should review the way skills work, and how they provide free tech’s and use that as a basis for how to make these.

Refill Costs: Here is where you would summarize what you need to do, what you need to reload the device, including the stamina costs. Remember to attempt to balance out what you want stamina wise, Mods have final say in this cost according to the effect like normal.

How it works:

Core Concept: The core concept of the Device, what was your purpose for inventing it, what did you want to accomplish with this Device. Any core thoughts or additional info you want to give the Mods to help you make it the way you want it to work, or at least as close as you can to work mechanically. Remember mods are the ones who get final say on the Invention, and whether you can use it or not, so letting them into the core process allows more room for them to give you suggestions to try and keep the base goal which you want. Seriously communication helps you develop what you want easier, or at least find a way to compromise within the rules.
Final Notes and Examples:
Now I know you probably have good reasons why we can’t have this system on this site, such as Devices would be too broken, or I did nothing rules wise except use things already established so why do this when you can already do this with invention.

The reason I made this is because nowhere is it clearly stated in a rule like fashion what you can and cannot do with the Invention skill, and me as a curious person wanted to see how far I could push it. However upon my discovery that Inventions use stamina, and there were no such things as Invention rules, or Devices, I decided to write this up. The reason its setup the way it is, is because I wanted something familiar to the players to work with that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. The invention system using the Technique rules didn’t need to change, however I wanted to invent things that didn’t make any sense Technique rule wise, and its why for that reason I’ve included some ideas of things I personally want to make. Now I know the Invention skill is rarely taken, but I feel that’s probably because no one has an interest in it, due to the fact that there’s no rules or templates or descriptions what you can do with the skill. I’m hoping that if these do get approved or modified for actual game play on this site that will solve the issue and people will actually be interested in taking this skill for the actual utility uses it has. Now I know someone is going to direct me to the skills page with the Invention skill on it saying to use these rules, You know the ones I’m talking about.I’m actually okay with that if you do, but I just want you to know they are extremely vague on what you can do and have direct quotes to kido. If you really want me to make Kido cannon’s as an invention I’m okay with this, I have no problems with the current Invention rules, as you can tell I still have them in my idea of what they should look like.

However I feel they are so vague and unhelpful with this skill and its full potential that they need a rework, or a change, or just general rules that are a bit more helpful with what to do with this skill should be made and posted somewhere. Hopefully even if these themselves don’t get approved, even if I feel they are balanced, and pretty much publishable and done right now, it will get the general idea that we need rules in a clear and presented format for inventors, or people who want to be inventors.

This is just a suggestion; I’m open to comments and reasons why we shouldn’t rework the invention system, or why this wouldn’t work. Can we at least keep it from getting hilariously off track and turning into a smash and burn fest? As of right now the Invention rules basically work as techniques without a stamina cost as they are treated as Items. Sense you’re not powering the item it doesn’t have a stamina cost, agreeable, however they are treated as Techniques, Techniques have costs. The system now is contradictory and confusing, and should at least be cleared up, or reworked. However as only certain items wouldn’t have a cost, like say a Reishi band aid capable of healing mortal and spirit which is just one use slap and go, I feel there should be an energy cost to all Inventions capable of causing damage to the enemy, whether that’s stamina or something else is up to the mods. Devices to be balanced cannot have an offensive purpose in my mind, which is alright with me, we have Inventions for that, and Devices that do damage would go against me saying free damage shouldn’t be a thing.

Anyway enough ranting time for the examples that I prepared using this idea, so you could see what I want to make and why it wouldn’t work.
First example:
Guns: Original rules, as far as I know because they are VAUGE.


Guns: My rules.


So yeah there’s my Invention example, im now going to do my device example, as Devices don’t exist I can’t actually GIVE YOU a way to make this using the old system as the way it would have to be made makes zero sense.

Device Example:
3DMG, the thing I actually want to make in BG, along with a few other things that could allow for further IC development for either me, other current players, or give new players an interesting new power.


Closing Statements:

Well I’m getting tired of writing stuff in something that’s just going to be a rant about something I don’t like. Truthfully the freedom provided with the Invention “Guidelines” is too much to be contained with the “Technique” limitations. For a higher cost you could have something capable of pulling off multiple uses, or a single specific use at a stronger rate than an invention. At this point I think I’ve repeated myself like three maybe four times.

Lemme do it one more time to be clearer. The only known rules without looking at other Inventors stuff (Which there isn’t much of), is the universal skill page, which explains NOTHING about how to make inventions, what inventions should do, base costs for inventions, examples of inventions. There’s just THIS IS WHAT AN INVENTOR CAN DO, HAVE FUN. And I respect what you guys do have, and I’m happy it’s an option, however there needs to be more work on it done. A lot of work has been done to a lot of areas of the site and that’s neat and cool, but someone needs to spend some quality time with Invention, because it’s not only unloved, but hypocritical with its costs and description, as well as severely limited with what it can do now.
With a few more clear concise changes to the description, maybe a page describing in depth what inventions can do, how they should be made, what their limitations are, it can move on. However sticking to it the way it is just asking for people to continue to ignore it, and not use it.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but as multiple people have told me multiple times, I am the only active human inventor. This is both highly prosperous and highly dangerous, as I have no one else like me to base it off at the moment, and get to do the wonderful job of stepping on all the glass and learning what I can and can’t do with this skill. After awhile of reading all this crap you probably think im bitching about how the system is, however I’m not. I’d love to learn the current mechanics system so I can understand inventing as it is now, however in my eyes I see the system as a bit better with this one idea of Devices added to the invention skill. I don’t even care if a mechanics admin comes in, and modifies the Devices idea to be more unique, interesting, and rule following.
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Random rules rant.
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