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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 6:42 pm

1.) Management is Law. If anything don't talk back to me or any other Staff member. We usually know what we are doing and being the people in charge of this site we know how its supposed to work. If you think one of the staff members is abusing their power private message me and I will look into it. If you have an actual case I will listen but if your just being a jerk you will be treated ass such. We may try and be mature but many of the staff lose patience with those who just don't listen. on a side note if a staff member is being a cock just tell them or me we'll solve the issue.

2.) No God-moding. All characters have to have a weakness of some kind (Basically there is only one type of god-modding allowed in which someone is using a power to it's up most potential something that people with powers actually have the ability to do, this is allowed for the sole reason that it's possible if no one else does it it's not your fault). Niti is especially hard on god-modders, (She severely hates it and will kill your character in game and then ban you) and will personally deal with the offender. We monitor the site closely so if we suspect you are god-moding we will be quick to take care of the problem. Don't worry we try and be fair in this situation.

3.) No harassing. On the other side of the computer is another living, breathing, feeling person who deserves respect if it's a robot I will have my friend the hacker killing pengiun delete them, I'm serious about this. If your character relationship is rude or obsessive then make sure those feelings stay purely inside role-play. We will not tolerate this and if you are found to be abusing another person outside of role playing we will ban you.

4.) Keep it PG-13. Kissing and hugs and pulling other characters close is allowed, and nearly anything up to actually "cybering" on the board. It is not permitted and you will possibly be banned. also porn is prohibited as well I didn't think I'd have to say it but some people don't read the rules. This rule is slightly amended in the adult section and in the Administrator's private boards. This is what I would like to say but proboards has a rule against Adult content of any kind. No adult content period. Which is why we moved here so we may have an adult section put up later for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Adult content is generally frowned upon in general so we are making a different area for those that wish to conduct such rps. Please ask Niti for more information if you're interested.

5.) No Spamming. If you post in the wrong section with role-play or a question, it's fine. If you spam about another site, it's not fine. It is offending and you will have two warnings before being banned. Also if a post says that it only wants certain topics discussed or gives you a set of rules for a spam game or something like that follow the rules and be respectful of the posters wishes. and seriously if you are a spammer comming here just to make accounts or to try and give people viruses I will delete you and have the linux penguin handle you you'll wish the authorities caught you.

6.) No Slurs Racial or other wise! On this site there are all different nationality's, races, genders, sexual orientations, religious stand points, etc. keeping this in mind do not say anything that others will find offensive. if your character is racist try not to be too offensive (I mean really you can have a racist character but if it's too outrageous it'll seem more like a player opinion use common sense people). This is a zero tolerance policy so one strike your banned.

7.) Listen to others. The others on this site have likely been Role-playing for a while now and will not tolerate much nonsense if they tell you something your doing is annoying or incorrect it's probably right but tell me first before you try to change. We have a training section for rpers who need help and staff members are always willing to be helpful.

8.) No Spamming Posts, this basically means you post once in a story line and wait for everyone else to post. This keeps people from being left behind and moved without their consent. Also If you are Role-playing by yourself make sure there is room for others to join if you don't want other to join put a (Closed) or (Only for " ") sign on the thread subject, of course the moderators will be able to go pretty much anywhere to make sure laws are enforced and maybe participate it's rarely fun to rp alone.

9.) Have fun that is what this site if for and the overall point, We are trying to make an enjoyable environment for everyone. Use the suggestion box seriously we want this to be fun so if there is something wrong please PLEASE!!! make a suggestion as to how to fix it.

10.) When using this forum, you understand and observe that the Administrators, moderators, members and is in no way responsible for whatever you may post and/or read when in a thread. This means that of you see something that is explicit in a board that allows such material (Such as the Adult Board or a Administrators Private board). If you have not read the rules, we can not be held liable for your own ignorance (You should always read a sites rules when you are new to it). If you are living with your parents and they see what your doing/reading and get mad at us, we will refer them to the rules (Plus, if your one who is under the age in which your parents allow this type of stuff you shouldn't be in those sections. Besides you should have read the rules and acknowledged the fact you have responsibility of your own actions. Any knowledge of such a subject is for the mature rpers, you should not be participating in those ones if you have a problem with it).

11.) If you have see a breach of the rules within a thread, report it, do not simply wait for an administrator to see it. We may review the site regularly, however, we are not perfect and may miss something. Well, I'm perfect but I'm not on all the time so someone has to be notified honestly though i should be the last person to know about the issues all the moderators have the power to fix most problems that should arise.
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