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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Ffraide The Hellion   Ffraide The Hellion I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 2:55 am

Initial Information:

Full Name:
Fraide Mathyus Samiel Andraste
(First, Middle, Last)

Meaning of you full name:
All of the words are in Lycan, Fraide Means Perfection, Samiel means Guardian, Mathyus means Hunter, and Andraste means Demon stalker. The Name as it stands roughly translate to "The Perfect Guardian Hunter of the Hell-Hunters.

The Hellion.
The Beast King.
The Perfect Man.
Undying Hound of Selina.

History behind nickname(s)/Alias(es):
"I am the Hellion, Leader of the Lycans."
"I am perfect."
"Among the ranks of Alexia's Inner circle I am known to be Selina's lover."



Physical Age:

Mental age:

Orientation/Sexual preference:

Humani Onis Lycanus or True Lycan if you don't understand that.

Birth date:
July 7th.

8ft 7 inches


Are you overweight/underweight?:
"I am Perfect."

If so, why?:

Blood type:

Can you bleed?:

What color is your blood?:
Red with a golden like shine.

Appearance overall:
Ffraide The Hellion Gl-6603-1315878913

Eye color(s):Gold
Is this eye color uncommon?:Very Few races have this color much less the Lycans.
How are your eyes?:"Perfect! I can see much better than any human or demon."
Describe their eyes:Wolfish.
Ears(pointed, Animal, etc.):Normal.
Lips:African like.
Hair color(s):Gold.
Hair length:Short.
Hair style:None.
Hair healthy?:"Perfectly."
How thick?:Normal
Body build(Slim, Muscular, Athletic, Ect.):Athletic.
Body shape(Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, Etc.):Male.
Posture(Slouched, Correct, ,Relaxed, Etc.):Relaxed
Extra extremities(Another Arm, Tail, Horns, etc.):"I am perfect."
Is it harmful or helpful?:N/A
How you walk(Fast, Slow, Weak Step, Etc.):Slow and deliberate.
Why do you walk this way?:Fraide is a Hunter, his movements are exact and done to specifically tell the one watching him that they were on his list of prey.
Skin/fur color(s):Dark tan/Gold.
Scars:A shit ton. His body is literally a canvass of scars.
How did you get these scars?:Battles with demon other Lycans
Right/left handed(or Ambidextrous?):Left dominant but ambidextrous.
Big hands/small hands/Ect?:Kinda big.
Long fingered/short fingered hands?:normal
Your nails taken care of(Decently)?:They are more like claws.
Describe your smile:Like a predator has just found his next meal.
What kind of teeth do you have?(Vampiric, Shark, etc.):His teeth are mostly human with points on the outsides of the molars he has several rows and three sets of canines.
You take care of them?:Yes you can use you teeth to kill demons if your teeth rot out.
Dental condition:"PERFECT!"
Mouth note:Three sets of canines normal tongue.
Clothes: He wears a pair of Cargo pants and some sneakers along with bracers on his arms. Nothing else.

Mental Information:

Losing his loved ones.

Mental disorder/ailment(s)(If any):

Mental stability:
He is Perfectly Stable.

How does this ailment effect your day to day life?:

Why do you have this degree of mental stability?:
He has long gotten over anything that has gone wrong in his life, he's grown out of most mental issues.

Emotional stability:
Emotionally he's also pretty fine nothing really to bag him down there.

Witty and manly, Fraide has a very relaxed demeanor and has an air of simply being better than those around him. He is a very likeable guy until he gets angry then he becomes a monster instilling fear with a glance then everyone around him becomes insignificant no more noticeable than the dirt he steps on. Mostly however he talks with a large amount of outrageous phrases refrencing him own perfection or manliness. He his compliments are worth listening to.

Most prominent personality trait:
Fraide is outrageously manly think Old spice man manly. For little to no reason.

Best traits of their personality:
He is hilariously wise due to having over 3 thousands years of experience to draw upon.

Worst traits of their personality:
He is Hilariously Arrogant.

Combat Information:

The Power of Every Lycan: Lycans are actually pretty common on earth and in his home dimension Fraide is the Hellion the Leader of them all and has a genetic link to them that allows him to know and sense them all this ability transcends Dimensions when they are closer together allowing him awesome new powers. He can use all other Lycan powers meaning he has a bag of tricks bigger than you can imagine. He must realize or know about the specific lycan to use their power otherwise he has no access. This power is his greatest gift and curse. He is linked to every lycan because of this power and therefore feels them when they die he dies a little as well. The power of Empathy is a heavy one.

Powers of the recently dead: Fraide has a trick up his sleeve, an ability he got when his mother died Fraide can extend his reach to those who have recently died whether or not they are Lycans and use their skills and powers to fight his enemies. They can corrupt him and make him a monster of vengeance usually this doesn't happen. The Dead call out to him his powerful presence kinda draws them into him giving him the power of those forgotten.

Power of his opponents: Fraide power will often allow him to use his opponent’s abilities. The power has to be used against him for it to work for him as well. Once it has been used against him he knows how to use it not in the same way they do but in his own unique style so while he has the power he can only use it in a way he himself would use it. He has to be able to comprehend the ability for this power to work.

His strength: Is technically infinite but like the hulk the battle must be going on for a while for this to be relevant normally he doesn't use his other powers because his Strength is all he needs He can easily palm a planet busting meteor if he wishes and send it back into space. He needs to draw out the fight to get as strong as he can be. There is no actually end to how strong he can get he can punch out gods and Arch-gods without fear of retaliation if he’s been using his muscles long enough his strength only grows the more his blood boils for battle, takes him time to get stronger so he is defeatable in his base strength stage.

Unlock True Self: When Fraide himself is not strong enough to win the battle by speaking his true original name he can become the original Hellion and fight at a nearly unprecedented level of power. As he does not know his true Original name he cannot use this power alone the only one who truly knows it now is a little Vampiri name Selina. As the Original Hellion Fraide becomes a force of nature with power rivaling the elements themselves the original Hellion is known throughout the Universe as the Strongest Mortal ever. Of course being the most powerful mortal in the face of the most powerful immortals isn’t exactly impressive but Ffraide just doesn’t give a shit. Fraide becomes Ffraide and it’s possible that the cycle will end there.

Fraide often forgets that he has other powers he only relies on his strength and durability. However this tends to be all he needs due to the fact that he is impossibly strong.

He carries a Sword he had found young when he is angry it glows with an blinding Golden light. No enemy he has drawn this weapon on has lived.


Rp Example:
”Get out the way you’ll get killed!” a young girl shouted as Fraide growled.

“I told you we're not moving show me your fighting spirit and we’ll crush this damn thing!” He said clenching his fist. His excitement starting to reach his peak The old Lycan loved this Hopeless situation missing arm little girl with untapped power with her hopes pinned on him. He couldn't ask for more if a challenge.

“But your arm-“ She started to say but she was cut off by a now angry Fraide. Rage painted across his face as he turned to her to tell her the virtue of fighting mother fucking spirit.

“Forget about my arm and focus on the enemy, either unleash your fighting spirit or die.” He snarled turning back to the demon that was ripping buildings apart. Fraide laughed aloud as a huge energy blast hurtled towards him. The Hellion pumped out his chest with an angry look on his face as the attack splashed across his chest flowing harmlessly across him like water deflecting across a wall. "Just who in the hell do you think I am? When they talk about the fearless, handsome, perfect leader of the Lycans their talking about me! Fraide Andraste!" He said fire exploding behind him in an extreme as if this was an over the top anime, getting into something similar to a horseback stance. “So don’t you mess with me punk or I’ll put you down. Hard!.” He finished as the Creature charged up another attack and flung it at Fraide who just sat there taking it he now looked pissed. “I thought I told you!” He said running at it, the creature flinch and reared backwards as he rushed him. “Don’t you mess with me!” He continued his muscles now gathering energy enough to move Texas across the continent. “JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?” He shouted punching the thing in the face that the air around it shattered. Fraide was still missing an arm at that point but suddenly from where it was cut off earlier he had now healed completely. He grinned as the girl stared at it in all it's perfection and glory, Fraide flexed his arm and stretched his fingers.

“But how? It’s healed!” She said dumbfounded as the Hellion grinned at her, even more proof of his perfection!

"FIGHTING SPIRIT!" He shouted flexing his new arm out he was gonna crush that demon for sure. Then he was gonna be full.

Fraide is the reincarnation of the original Hellion who was born on the Original Earth’s first life. The Original hellion had infinite Strength, and the power of all of his kind backing him up he grew up with this power staring up at the sky not seeing a new place to head but a ceiling in his way. He grew up training most of his life working harder than everyone else trying harder than anyone else despite his gifts he still worked as hard as he could working himself to the bone every day. Day after day he worked and trained raising himself even further past everyone else, because of this he became arrogant though he had earned it he was better than everyone and they acknowledged it and even embraced it he wasn’t arrogant so much as inspiring he made you want to try harder to be more like him and he encouraged it the more like him they were the better they’d become at being themselves that he approved of. Back then he was known as Ffraide Taingou Tengen Hell -Hunter. He was earth’s greatest Warrior and at the age of only 20 he was still a pup back then. Unfortunately Ffraide was never suppose to rule Earth alone. Ffraide was the first of his species the very first true Lycan whose species evolved alongside the vampire the first of which was a man named Dragula. Dragula’s powers far exceeded that of the other vampiri that had evolved after him and it was soon discovered why, Dragula had allied himself with Lucifer, and Lucifer had granted him powers that boggled the mind. Of course this didn’t impress Ffraide he was one to always one up his opponent and though he and dragula began to battle each other for control of Earth Ffraide always spared his opponent when he won and Dragula never seemed strong enough to Finish Ffraide off.

While traveling around Ffraide began hearing of rumors of a little girl who hunted wolves in her forest. She supposedly wore a red hood some say it was white but now drenched with the blood of those who had crossed her path. She was told to have horrifying powers and unkillable even by Dragula who had come at one point to investigate. Ffraide was now interested he’d never heard of this ‘Little red Riding Hood’ Before as she had come to be called for some strange reason the nickname was terrifying to hear in use. Ffraide immediately decided to test this rumor and walked into the forest in his full wolf form to test her strength is she did in fact exist. He stayed in the forest for a while until he heard a low tune being hummed by a young girl who was walking through the forest with a red hood red eye and blonde hair. Ffraide could smell the blood on her and stepped out in front of her in his wolf form and challenged her with a growl. The young girl had stopped and stared at Ffraide the little girl then attack Ffraide and a destructive battle rocked the continent. During this battle Ffraide discovered the little girl controlled the dark energies Destruction and Catastrophe! (Think of the dark energy Tragedy and multiply it by Troll face Yukari and the sight isn’t pretty.) Ffraide being a more experienced fighter eventually overcame the young girl and raised his claws to finish her off. He never did. Ffraide couldn’t do it despite the danger she posed he couldn’t bring himself to end the young girl’s life so instead he took her with him. The rumors that Little Red Riding Hood’ was eaten by a demon wolf were never proved. Yet some found enough proof to keep the rumor alive. Eventually the rumor turned into our story now given a happy ending. (I didn’t post the real thing here it’s a bit too graphic for most RPers.)

It took Ffraide a while to Pacify the Young Girl who he discovered was a Vampiri, but when he did he found she was a wonderful young girl. She destroyed many of his things though and through this they built a father daughter relationship. He raised her as his own and she did her best to please him no one is entirely sure why she became so loyal to him in such a short time. He became very protective of her striking out at anything that might be a threat. Ffraide was famous as the most protective father in the world for a while because of that. As she grew older and no longer, quiet needed a father Ffraide became something else he was now her brother always there for her, her best friend through all her hardships. One day while they were traveling Dragula reappeared and attacked Ffraide almost killing him. Selina not seeing this before freaked and used all her power on Dragula driving him away. While Ffraide laid on the ground bleeding Selina…well confessed everything she loved him more than just as a father or a brother she didn’t want to leave him ever. From then on their loved bloomed I could go into details even make a heart pulling story out of it but I won’t, at least not yet.

After that they had kids together (Selina is one of the few Vampiri who can give birth) and had a family of course dragula never left them alone and eventually he came at them with a god damned army of Vampires and Loup garou. Ffraide had his own army and Selina’s sister commanded the vampiri and they fought. For years and years they fought a bloody battle until finally they crushed Dragula’s army, and finally after what seemed like thousands of year they made that fucker take a good look at them and run off not nearly stupid enough to challenge them again. This wasn’t a time for celebration however as soon afterwards they were told of another threat known only as ‘The End’. A creature called an Alinu had appeared on Earth and warned it’s two most powerful fighters about the coming End. After much arguing Ffraide mad it clear he would be t only one from earth to go and fight despite the arguments from the entire army at his back he silenced them….

Ffraide had made his decision he took hold of the demon gate and flung it open the power held within splashing against his chest as he began to move in his cape flying behind him as he stared into the End slowly approaching the Gate. Selina not willing to let him go along threw back those holding her and went to her lover’s side Ffraide grinned manically as he stared into the demon gate. And his face held in a thrill he was excited with the prospect of his opponent he was thick with anticipation of the battle to come. A battle something told him he’d both win and lose. He stepped into the gate and began laughing as Selina followed him in they left the door in and the group of allies they had gathered watch the couple walk straight into the realm of End and challenge the force itself. The resulting battle was on full display as both warriors slaughter endless hordes of endlings and even killed three ushers before the End made itself a form and accepted their challenge. The resulting battle shook reality. Both parties fought savagely and without mercy. Then The End struck out at Selina almost killing and Ending her then and there. Ffraide let out a howl that shook all of existence in that moment and pure unadulterated power flowed out of him, his laughter filled every corner of existence and the light that shone from him burned like flames then the End’s march stopped it could not proceed further Ffraide Selina and the End were stuck in those spots the End could not proceed through the now sealed demon gate the light died and the demons gate slammed itself shut….

Since then a reincarnation Cycle had begun where Ffraide and Sleina were reborn multiple times throughout Earth’s history being reborn every time they die each time Earth was remade they were reborn along with it. Again and again throughout history their identities so strong that death could not banish them from the planet…and then ‘our’ Earth was made and…

Friade was originally born in a small apache village that watched as a rival war tribe drove up towards their land. His father was a large African American Lycan who had never used his power nor knew of them he married an Apache woman and together they had Fraide. Fraide's father was kill with a silver blade when he tried to keep the oncoming warriors from moving them out. The Apache upon seeing one of their own murdered under an apparent peace prospect assaulted the warriors and killed them. Fraide's mother took him and ran knowing that more solders would come in great force to move them out not much is known about his parents. Fraide was raised under his mother's wise protection until he was 12 when she declared him a man. She had found out about his father's lineage from his brother who had kept it a secret from him she knew that she couldn't take care of her son anymore and sent fraide with his uncle. He worked to control his lycan powers with his Uncle for years. Fraide had trouble controlling his blood thirst for years until he reached 18 he finally gained complete control his uncle said it was the shortest amount of time any lycan had ever train to control themselves. Fraide was proud of him and went to visit his mother to celebrate his uncle agreed saying it would be good for him to see her again. Fraide went back to where he had last seen his mother their old home that was located in a forest.

Fraide eventually found his mother living in their old home he arrived around midnight and was greeted by a hug from his still beautiful mother. Their reunion was short lived as a scream behind them drew their attention Fraide uncle had a hand through his gut. The vampire that was standing behind him threw fraide's uncle aside and marched towards fraide and his mother. Fraide growled and turned into his large Lycan from and charged the vampire but the dark creature was too quick for him it easily got around him and grabbed his mother he growled a low threat toward the vampire who laughed at his plight before the vampire got to feed Fraide's mother sliced through its arm with a silver tomahawk she made she then planted it into the vampires’ head and backed off as quickly as possible. as the creature cursed and screamed trying to rip the silver poison from its body it demanded that Fraide and his mother be kill causing a group of ghouls to appear the main group of the ghouls piled on Fraide blocking his view Fraide threw the ghouls off of him and looked towards his mother and the vampire somehow in the time it took for fraide to rid himself of the ghouls the vampire had ripped his mother apart and drained her Fraide didn't even hear a scream.

Fraide wasn't surprised when Columbus arrived, his life until then had been long and sad he'd witnessed tribes murder each other as well as children murdered he delt with the Aztecs and the Mayans he traveled over the America's when they Conquesidors became their conquest he did his best to protect his home but he took ill like many other's to a disease that created extreme bloodlust in many of the Arch races. While many died of smallpox and measles and so on he attacked and destroyed mexicano encampments and gave the natives the idea of fighting back, unintentionally but it was still wrought from his doings. He watched his home change from the Garden of Eden it once was to a mockery of the old world. Eventually he decided fighting was pointless and disappeared for a few hundred years to train. He trained until the colonist that made up England's new colonies’ revolted he joined them in the campaign for independence and fought in their army under George Washington he was at first regarded with snide comments and contempt because of his dark skin but he was eventually welcomed with open arms. While serving the American cause he was taught English and was even learned in the way of politics and battle strategy he accepted the humans help graciously and helped them in their enlargement by showing them parts of their world that they didn't explore yet. He was never ever recorded just as he asked it was really his only request that he was not mentioned in history.

Fraide later joined the American military again around the time of the civil war he became a soldier after finding a lycan pack and having them create a fake birth certificate. He got his first war experience in the civil war he swore he'd never take part in another he fought in many wars and would've died if anyone had a silver weapon luckily no one did he was there in bloody lane trying to help the wounded he waded through the blood of American brothers and cursed the countries stupidity. He fought he way to Gettysburg and was temporarily maimed by a cannon shell. He was one of the soldiers who brought in general Lee for surrender. After one of the civil war battles, Fraide found a girl who was injured and dying from stray cannon shot. He after much decision turned her and she survived if by only pure will power. Her name was Shay and she became a very close friend of his. He returned to his home that was inside one of the border states and their found a woman that he became smitten with her he courted her and eventually married her they lived happily together he even came out and told her that he was a Lycan, (she didn't care either way) she loved him. They had a family of two kids unfortunately neither of them lived past the teens.

A demon had been discovered in the city though it never got out that there was one, a man hunt began the demon burst into Fraide's home and took control of the house while he was gone fraide's family refused to cooperate Fraide got home just in time to once again be helpless and watch his family die. The monster splatter their blood on the walls and turn to Fraide and attacked him Fraide crushed the creature and gathered the remains from his family. He buried them outside. The towns people on their manhunt stopped by his home and were appalled by the scene they simply watch Fraide leave his once happy home and disappear into the darkness. From then on Fraide never got close to anyone he served in both world wars and was injured one many accounts his life has always been filled with blood and hate and he has a deep rage seated towards the other dark races. He does not forgive easily he one day met the Marrok and the Hellion (before the world wars) and in his rage and frustration challenged him and won Fraide became to new Hellion proving his power even thought he hadn't used it in years, he gained control over all the Lycan's packs but he didn't care he returned to his old home and stayed there his only company the girl he had turned almost 100 years ago during the civil war....

When the outbreak of the dark occurred Friade didn't make a move he simply let things go on as the always had nothing changed for him so the humans were now completely aware of the Arch races it didn't really change anything. He ran his lycans as he normally did with no real passion. But then something changed something was about to throw the world into deeper shit than it already was in. In the short eight years between the outbreak of the Dark and the Infection Fraide noticed something and for a year he was gone none of the Lycans could sense him that whole last year he was gone things went to hell. Nothing would be the same ever again...

The infection hit violently a plague that seemed unstoppable it reach so far as to encompass the entire globe. Before anyone even knew what was really happening if had taken out 3/4ths the earth population (leaving most of the wildlife intact unless they fed near or on infected things.) The Hellion then appeared when the Lycans thought they were going to be wiped from the Earth he filled the Lycans with an unmatched unyielding rage so pure and destructive that they took all of Alaska in the great Lycan rampage. In that one fell swoop he grabbed his race a strong foothold for survival. The Lycans soon realized something was different about their Hellion he was more passionate and animated he had purpose and they were affected by it adopting the same qualities as their leader. The Hellion wasn't gonna let his race die the lycan may be down but, Friade would be damned if they were out. Extinction was not an option the crippled Lycans wouldn't go silently into the night...

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