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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Shay Willow   Shay Willow I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 3:23 am

Shay Willow Hell-Hunter(Nitia)

(First Middle Last)


Around three hundred she is an adult now but just barely


Fire, she is horribly scared of fire it burned down her house and it was all she knew when she almost died it scares her badly.

Hair color:

Eye color:

Five feet seven inches

Appearance over all:
Shay Willow B2ebce1f9c064b548ea1112509180d4a1232838052_full

Her lycan for is more of a furry than an actual lycan she retains more human looks than animal, though she is as strong as any other lycan that might fight her.

She is solem and kinda quiet when nothing is going on, but presented with someone she knows she becomes loud and quite obnoxious she is kind of a flirt though she doesn't realize it and is in all honesty a ditz. when she is stressed she reverts to her human personality when she is silent and submissive she does only that will help her survive. She is traumatized and has anger issues that impair her greatly when operating within the pack she is quick to fight but is easily embarassed.

She has a pendant that allows her to control fire.
(do I really have to explain this?)

Equipment: (Any equipment that your character carries around. Must be approved first before it can be used in battles)

She has an abnormal effect on the opposite sex of any race they get confused and have a hard time operating around her, she calls it "First Crush" It does not affect people with large amounts of trama or have women issues, (death of family and/or wife, among other things.) In her lycan form this power is pumped out at full strength few are able to resist it when she takes this form it completely complicates anything she does. (This power has been studied but no one is exactly sure what is causing her affect on men most say she puts out an abnormal amount of "Heat" pheromones. some say it may be a power granted by the moon goddess. She says it's an bother)
(Any abilities or powers you may have.)

RP Example:

Shay sighed aloud, she hated paper work. Actually she hated most work that involved saying things rather than doing things. She'd rather dance and she didn't even like dancing or at least not the way she had to as a lycan. She had always thought it made her look much more slutty than she had wanted and she didn't like the way Charles eye's followed her he was creepy. On the upside when he was actually around Inu noted that she wasn't bad at what she did. Of course that one compliment didn't make up for years of being a lazy asshole Why did the Hellion keep him around if he didn't do anything? Well maybe he did do something...He always came back tired and looking sore as if he just fought his way back home through the badlands. This concerned her what if he was really being productive and putting his life on the line while she was stuck here doing paper work? She didn't think that she could take that next time he came back she put the question out there. She knew he could think straight around her anyways so she'd have to be smart on getting him to answer truthfully rather than like an dick.

"I really hope he is just an ass hole it's simpler that way." She muttered as she saw Inu walk into the office door looking like he had just got done fighting twelve dragons. "Okay seriously, I have to ask do you go out and fight an army every time you leave? You come back looking like the hellion used you for a training example." She asked him directly. Inu's response wasn't satisfactory he simply looked up at her and walked to his section and did his work, he wouldn't say a word and when he was finished he would simply leave. It was a bit annoying and it was almost like a direct insult like she wasn't worth the time. This time her anger got the better of her and she decided to let him be that way and finish her job and leave. As she did she caught the faintest sound of a voice coming from where Inu was.

"Sorry Shay, I'm so sorry..." came his voice softly She looked back in and but wasn't even there anymore he was gone. She ground her teeth together. He really pissed her off sometimes, was she hearing things?

(just to see how you rp)

Shay was born in the time period just before the Civil war and was raised by a foster father who had a habit of smoking often one day while the civil war was getting ready to break out he feel asleep while smoking and his house bruned down. Shay ran away and just barley escaped the flames. As she found that she had no where to go she wandered around the Southern part of America stealing food from crops and getting beaten when she was discovered she did this for years until she became 16. The civil war had broken out and Shay found it was better to follow the soilders and take the suplies they leave behind after their battles to live and hunt she was never discovered and as long as she stayed clear when the battles went on she was safe.

She never saw it coming, never even heard the whistle signaling danger. She was intent on shooting a pig that had wandered from a nearby farm. When it hit her all thought raced from her mind, all there was to her was the immense pain and the crimson blanket that marked her injuries splattered everywhere and the intense familiar pain of fire burning her. She didn't have the strength to move her destroyed body and as she lied on the ground broken and ripped in half she saw a union soldier he bent over her after inspecting her. After what seemed to her to be an eternity he bit her in the neck and she felt her life dissapear, then blackness came for her.

When she opened her eye her body had reformed and she had what looked like tribal clothes on her personality instantly change she became curious and instantly got up and looked around until she bumped into the union soldier who had saved her life. He told her what he had done then left, the jerk. She followed him not wanting to be left alone and also grateful to him giving her this new life a chance to start over. She followed him around for a few years helping him out even when he didn't need it, he often called her annoying but she really didn't care. She eventually became bored with that and left to find herself a home.

She found out that being alone without an alpha sucked A LOT! she was constantly brought into other packs against her will and her "First crush" ability that appeared around this time wasn't any help. She eventually attacked a Lycan who had taken things too farone thing lead to another and the predictable happened. She was banished from that pack, she didn't really care she, decided to go to a place where her life wouldn't be complicated by her abilities anyways. She eventually found herself back in the shadow of the one who had turned her frustrating her greatly at first. Now she didn't mind she even thought that she was needed by him and strived to do all she could. Helping him gave her a purpose which gave her will to keep going. Then she met him the most annoying, smart ass, know it all, dick lycan she had every met. He called himself Inu, she called him asshole. He was the Hellions Male Beta and a whole hundred years younger than her at best hells maybe he was two hundred years younger she didn't care. She just hated sharing her beta position with a lycan she couldn't stand. Expessially when he would run off and abandon his responsibilities She hated him so much! However she made a promise so she couldn't just leave Ffraide was counting on her.

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PostSubject: Re: Shay Willow   Shay Willow I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 3:40 am

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