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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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PostSubject: Orris Selucia   Orris Selucia I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 7:36 am

Orris Yvonna Selucia




Letting her big sister down

Hair color:

Eye color:


Appearance over all:

Orris Selucia 389338

Orris's personality is affected by violence, normally she is a kind girl who wouldn't harm anyone. Loves her sister to death and sings a little ion her past time. She normally is a pacifist only keeping a weapon on her because the end of the world demands it. She abhors unneeded violence and despised evil acts. She is truly one of the live and let live type of people although she seems the have a bit of arrogance in her looking down on the cruel. These odd quirks in her overall nice personality point to a more sinister side to her, but normally she is the kindest person around.

She is as nice as can be but when the scent of blood reaches her and there is killing to be done a very different Orris comes and answers the call to dance with the reaper.

In the ancient time the Vampiri put a lot of stock behind reincarnation and the power that came with it. Orris's second personality is an frightening example of that power. She becomes cunning and deadly. Her mind works with the power of thousands of years beyond her actual age. At these times Orris can be described as a cunning and relentless individual, characterized by her heroism, ambition, nobility and fatalism, who grows from wisely arrogant to arrogantly wise over the course of her persona change.
Having "remembered" being wronged time and time again, she strives to escape manipulation, and reacts in a hostile manner to all who might use her. Her fatalism and lust for power is deeply sown into her being. However, though she possesses an obvious relish for bloodshed and brutality, she is anything but stupid: the true cunning and subtlety of her actions are only revealed to those smart enough to see past her endless deceptions. Even with this personality change she does still have a soft spot for family and tries endlessly to spare them from anything she might do that could harm them.

She appreciates honesty to a fault, and - except when working covertly - has never consciously lied to another individual throughout her life, only telling half or partial truths when necessary. As a leader, she values loyalty, and despises insubordination, arguing that "Cowards and traitors deserve no second thoughts, only their complete annihilation is what crosses my mind.". While her apparent lack of diplomacy seems to stem from his short and violent temper, in reality it is a carefully cultivated tool. Above all else, Orris's ultimate agenda - to destroy the vampires and ensure The Vampiris's restoration to glory under Alexia's rule - are partially moral and benevolent at the very least.

Anima Raptor a large dagger like blade with a cross on the hilt that extends to a full sized claymore when her second personality comes out.


She can become inperceptible dropping off of all forms of perception for all extents and purposes she becomes non-existent. She can also gain powers from those she drains albeit smaller weaker forms, the victim must be vampiric.


Orris is the second born in the Selucia house hold, when she was born she was born frail and weak she didn't have much chance of surviving. Her parents opted to allow a spirit from the past to reincarnate along side her own in order to give her the strength to survive. One did, and because of it she survived her infancy but occasionally she would become completely different they assumed the spirit would meld with her completely and i did but the meld was imperfect and the effects had not kicked in yet with there no telling when. She grew up learning the game of houses, and nobles. She had no time for it, it was petty and inefficient. She had other plans She wanted to explore the world and see the Vampiri's kingdom. Then the world ended and she stayed at home she didn't want to leave. The armageddon had stuck a blow to her emotionally and she had lost the will to try. Then one of the infected got onto the grounds and infected a few of the staff. The scent of blood filled her nose and she found herself a reason to stand up again at first to run, then as she saw the corpses to fight. she has since then taken to exploring the world hoping to find some way to return the world back to the way it was and to restore the Vampiri back to their place of leadership.
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PostSubject: Re: Orris Selucia   Orris Selucia I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 7:37 am

Approved (Glad you took my advice)
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