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 Squad 66 Reboot: The Chronicles of Orcicious: Epilogue.

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Nikolas Krossley
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PostSubject: Squad 66 Reboot: The Chronicles of Orcicious: Epilogue.    Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:06 am

The history of Squad 66 isnt complicated, its just complex.
Squad 66 has existed sense the start of the Angelic Empire of Orcicious bound space.
Their order was orginized for the angels that no one wanted to be.
There were originally six of them, to represent the number of the beast.
The number 666.

They were in order of oldest to youngest in the squad were.

Kayos Harbinger, The Angel of Retribution.
Azamarae Sinfull, The Angel of Heat.
Scythe Leoniax, The Angel of Execution.
Kaulah Leoniax, The Angel of Last Request.

However after the Third Darken Twilit war, and the Fallens attempt at revenge, not to mention the Fi ressurection Situation all in the same event, Squad 66 was redesigned as a special task force designed for the sole purpose of the protection, and defense of natural life on Orcicious from unnatural and "Spooky" events. To increase their chances of survival, Squad 66's numbers were bolstered, ruinging the message they were originally supposed to be, and becoming a sign of Pride and honor rather then the Bench warmers they used to be.

This was mostly because the new Emperial GOD, Khal Anza Angelaelia, Decided that during the events that the squads own decisions to protect the innocent from the destructive happenings, even though against direct Emperial orders, was truely the right thing to do.

The new members in order were.

Joshua Darrial Ceased, The angel of Space and Time. Who single handedly lead Squad 66 to the source of "The Silent" Situation, and stopped the wrong doings and eventual plot behind it.

Derrik James Ceased, Joshua's father, angel of Light and Dark, and leader of the previously cued group known only as "The Silent" Formorly known as "Enemy number one" To angel kind.

Demetri Edward Ceased, James's Twin brother, Angel of Good and Evil, 2nd in command of "The Silent" known as the original weilder of Oblivion, the sword now in possession of Arenfaebolg the Blood god.

Reina Tewi Ceased, Angel of Innocence and Sin, Demetri's wife, the most queit, sadistic, and possibly 90% quickest to kill of the group.

Drago Trenden, Angel of Shadows, Leader of the famous "Fallen" Angels and savior of Oricicous during Fi's attempt of perfect raise into power.

Weiss Trenden, Juggernaught, Weiss technically isnt an Angel, and only has a name because No angel in recorded history has even beaten him. He was originally a no-name, one of the lowest caste members in the Angelic Emperium's cast system. He rose to power due to sheer force of will, Brother to Drago, and fellow "Fallen"

Gamma Trenden, The Angel of Sanity, Gamma is mentally unstable due to the loss of his wings, He never recovered from it. He is Drago's third brother, and also a former "Fallen". He still is a master pcychologist, Hes just a bit loopy, but underneath it, is a tatical genius of near un-parrelleled level.

Seiko Trenden, Angel of Tempest, Seiko is Drago's wife, she is an Arch-Angel of the highest caliber, and her majesties own personal guard.

Khal Anza Ceased, Her royal Highness the Emperial General of Divinity. James' wife, Joshua's mother. She joined because she felt she needed to serve her people, and show them the right path. However this didnt last.

The fall of the Empire.
The Angelic Emperium, fell to infighting at the wants of former Right Hand, Oak Harbinger. Oak was always heartless but nobody really understood just how bad he really was until he pulled a Coup. He seized power using the entire Angelic millitary against the only non-corrupt group of Angels. Squad 66. A few of the other Angels didnt feel right about it, but no one stopped Oak, it was a death sentence to be on the same side as him, and question his power.

Oak seized full power from squad 66 and her former highness within 3 hours. It was a tatical manuver no one ever saw coming.
However the cost was high, and Squad 66 excaped with no casualties due to their advanced training at situations like this. Upon Excaping to Oricicous Squad 66 and her highness asked for help from the newly Reformed Twilit group, who consisted of all of the former and Twilit members. The Twilit and Squad 66 pushed into the Angelic home of Sanctuary and crippled the Angelic Emperium's millitary might. However, the Angelic Emperium would probobly never completly recover due to catastrophic losses and Casualties. New members of the Family of Squad 66 joined later on during the time of peace.

Dannieal Kaylianna Ceased, AKA "Kali", The angel of Gravity and Covert tatics. James and Khal's only daughter.

Daniel Kleave Ceased AKA: "Scythe" The angel of "Blitzkrieg" tatics, and force. James and Khal's secound son, and Twin brother to Kali.

Thomas Encarna: Weilder of Soul Seeker. Thomas Encarna was recruited to squad 66 later because of his effectiveness against angels, being the only known human to be able to kill them permanently with nothing but his bare hands, and a few mask powers.

Kristoph Inferna: Embodiment of Fire (Consumption side), Kristoph is one of the most powerfull angels, and has never really accepted the offer to be part of Squad 66, HOWEVER he has requitted all of Squad 66 into his own personal millitary group known only as "THE PARTY PIRATES" so its either their with him, or hes with them, nobody really knows at this point.

Squad 66 has then been received by Higher Powers to protect more then just the life of Orcicious, Its also been sent to earth to help keep the living alive there.

Squad Photos.

Scythe and Kayos:

Thomas Encarna:

Kristoph Inferna:

Seiko Trenden:

Drago Trenden:

Weiss Trenden:

Gamma Trenden:

Azamarae Sinful





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Squad 66 Reboot: The Chronicles of Orcicious: Epilogue.
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