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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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Nikolas Krossley
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PostSubject: Re: BLAZING HELLS!   Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:09 pm

Mooch remained silent, There was a couple of moments of silence, then Fraide realised they had crossed the threshold of his preys territory.
At that moment, that mooch crossed it, a female voice resonated from around him.
its was robotic and semingly threatening.
"fifteen targets located, combat mode active" Was all the voice said.

There was an immediate Change in Mooch's posture, The coat was thrown back, and the man had two solid gold and platnum Pistols, that were big, big enough that Fraide was concerned about the kick and that little man. Fraide just now realised that the little man was now covered in what appeared to be armor under his coat. His shirt and Pants, changing into the armor as well as his boots. Lines appeared along the armor at certain points, connecting going down the middle of his arms to his ring fingers on both arms, and down the sides of his legs centering from his chest, which glowed bright yellow and red, the colors of the sunset, and changed.

The sky seemed to be Orange, which was unusuall in Fraides mind. He didnt notice the change till now. Fraide instictivly Grabbed to his right, and grabbed hold of somthing small and squishy. Then several points of pain flared in his arm. He looked at what he grabbed and raised an eyebrow. Lets be honest, the man didnt expect a scribble to be able to hurt him. But what he was was surprising. The small ball of scribbles had jabbed about fifteen small little scribbly lines that seemed to be Tendrils, Into his arm, and was now trying to eat his hand.
He chuckled at it. "whats the matter?, Wolf got your tongue?, Cant eat me?, ITS CAUSE IM PERFECT!!" He punched it with his other fist, It squealed then fell off his arm. He stomped on it, and it made a death keel.

Behind him, Mooch had shot the pistols 10 times, each pistol fireing off a small concentrated beam of energy, and peircing a target. Fraide realised this man had experience with these. "What are these things?" Fraide asked as he pummeled another one to death.
Three more shots, and three more died. "First targets eliminated, Secound targets approching from the north east, I would prepare your perfect body tall one, these will be more of a challange" The female robotic voice said, Mooch hadn't opened his eyes, or his mouth this entire fight.

Five figures rushed Fraide from the woods, These five were as tall as he was, Before they hit him however, he hit them. "PERFECT!" Fraide yelled as he punched the closest one again. Fraide realised this was an issue, one these strange scribble like things were DEFINITLY, not supposed to be here, and they were DEFINITLY not Infected. Another bad thing was, He could smell what he came out here to hunt. But it had found them too, and was close. Very close.

Mooch seemed to have noticed this too, and was trying to eliminate the 20 of the figures that charged him faster, using his guns he kept them away from him, they feared the Crazy man for some reason.
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