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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 There is no blood stain.

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PostSubject: There is no blood stain.   There is no blood stain. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2012 9:12 pm

"How cute, a couple of dogs and their trainer think they can harm Erszabet of the blood?" The woman giggled, her voice was light and confident and the trio of Arch creatures just stared at her amazed. the Lycan was already shifted to it's wolf form with the werepyre getting ready to fight the new person. The Young Vampiri was frozen with fear her understanding of the situation giving insight her two 'friends' did not have. She shuddered as the woman strode forwards and put her hand on her cheek. "You three are so cute." The Strange woman said licking her lips.

"P-please let us leave in peace." the Vampiri begged her voice trembling The Lycan obviously worried for her safety stepped between the two women and gave a low warning growl. Erszabet laughed aloud and put her hand on the Lycan shoulder before promtly removing one of his arm. The trio scream in union as the Lycan loft his right arm the cries harmonizing.

"I admire devotion to loved ones so I let you live, of course...I'll be hurting you regardless." She said her voice chiming with a sort of hymn like note. The Lycan roared loudly in defiance but didn't remove himself from in front of his Vampiri partner. the were Pyre had now moved over obviously ready for a fight.

"Please..." The Vampiri beg trying to pull the Lycan back she was obviously trying to keep her friends alive to the best of her ability although she was quickly losing hope. "We haven't done anything wrong please let us g-" She was interupted by the woman throwing the Lycan aside and ripping the vampiri's large intestine out of her stomach and around her neck in a flash spinning the woman into the Werepyre before he could react. The woman grinned and lifted her hand drawing the blood splatter around, the blood that stained the earth to her hand and grinned.

"Delicious..." she muttered leaving the wounded trio to their injuries dropping the Werepyres left arm as she left.

A Young looking girl walked around the empty was odd to find an empty quiet city such as this one. Elana was a Ambassador for Alexia, often to the Lycans sometimes to the Werepyres she also handled the breeders and occasionally dealt with missions like this and she definately didn't like this. She stared at the buildings and then her super human senses picked up something. She flickered for a seconded as she began to run towards the source finding a trio of meta humans wounded lying in the dirt.

"Alexia is really going to dislike this...I hope she doesn't make me work as a maid again..." She muttered swooping down to help the Vampiri put her guts back insdie her body. "I'd asked who could have done this but I think I'm going to have to wait until your not twitching so badly..." She muttered pulling out a thread and needle. You look like you haven't fed so I have to sew you up...not good need to get you back..." She glanced at the Lycan "Same for you a good feeding will do you two some good, not sure about Mr. Werepyre here though no one filled me in on your biology. So I guess I'll drop you off wherever you tell me to." She finished sewing up the female vampiri and bit the thread. She patted the woman and grinned she begun to sing softly instantly calming down the semi panicked trio. Her voice came out i the Vampiri's first language thought the meaning was clear 'come with me.' "Aluin torahni yoro armana~ seleigh erma nodo ei ya der~"

"I want you to flee, BRONIAC LOVES A GREAT CHASE!!"
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There is no blood stain.
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