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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.

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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

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Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. Empty
PostSubject: Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.   Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2012 3:32 am

Ever sense I was young...I always felt like I was chasing the stars.
They had facinated me even at such a young age.
I grew up alone.
I was an Orphan on my home world.
The place I lived was neither kind on me, or cruel.
From a young age, Ive learned to never give up fighting for what you dream for.
And as a child, I dreamed to reach the stars.
I dont really remember my mother, I get flashes of smiles and happiness when I try to.
I never did get to know my father that well when I was young, He would show up from time to time though.
All I ever wanted, was to have a happy family reuinion, all of us, Mom, Dad, Me.
All under a Oak tree...beneath the stars.
I always did love Oak wood...Never knew just makes me feel better.
Safety blanket I guess.

Anyway, Ive always chased the stars.
I remember one time, when I was four, I climbed the tallest building in my city, thinking that If I Climbed high enough I could grab one and make it mine.
I reached, and I reached.
But I couldnt touch them...
I needed to get higher...
So I jumped...
Naturally...Gravity being any persons weakness, I fell.
My neighbor, a young red head saw me jump, and doing somthing I had never seen before saved my life.
When I was a kid, I could always do special things, my father taught me how to use them.
I could make things just...Dissapear, as if they never existed.
And then I could always make things slow down, or reverse a little bit.
But I was always told I was alone with these, Except for my Brother.
My brothers name was also Matt...
His full name was Mattaesyn Lilguild Koldmealkry.
Mine was Mattalanewhail Ariesline Zandleainflowkry.
My fathers name is Jaseykilthroughylat Zandleainflowkry.
My dad raised Mattaesyn diffrently then me, He wasnt proud of me, and he left me here to raise myself...
I never knew why.
But he took Mattaesyn with him.
My first time meeting my Twin brother wasnt a happy one.
My dad put me and him in a room, sat us both at a table, set a dagger between us, and said there could only be one Matt.
Mattaesyn made the first move, grabbing the dagger and kicking the table away, I dived away from the stabbing blade.
As a child of 10 years old I was scared, I had never had to fight somone with a weapon before.
But the way Mattaesyn eyed me while he held that knife was horrifing, He didnt even care if we we're related.
He was going to kill me, no matter what.
I scurried backwards, against a nearby window, And eyed my brothers charging approach.
I was crying, crying hard.
Mattaesyn grabbed me and pinned me against the window, Choking me as he pulled the knive back to stab me.
I looked at My father, and he was just staring...watching....I closed my eyes, and screamed raising my hand up towards my brothers face.
And jammed my thumb into his eye socket.
Mettaesyn dropped the Dagger, and roared in rage.
he then turned and grabbed the chair, broke it in half, and charged me with it like it was a weapon.
He smashed both of us out of the 4th story window of the minor complex we were in.
Mattaesyn eyed me with hate and rage, pure murderous rage with his lone left eye.
His right eye streaming grey blood behind it.
Mattaesyn grabbed me by my ankles and obviously prepared to soften his fall with me.
But I couldnt let him do it, I didnt want to die.

All I wanted...was a happy family, underneath the stars I saw in my dreams.
And this bastard...
No...This dream shattering bastard was NOT going to kill me until i fucking had that.

I did somthing I thought I could never do, I screamed with anger and denial.
Gold blood flecked my tears, as I crunched up my fists and punched my brother in the face.
Using my ability to slow things down, I actually punched him as fast as I could, as hard as I could as Many TIMES as I could before we could hit the ground.
He took the hits and realised we were falling slower, but as I continued to batter him his consiousness slipped.
A 10 year old can only take so much damage to the head.
He let go of my ankles, and fell past me, and hit the ground hard.
Upon his loss of grip time had grabbed him normally, and as soon as time grabbed him, so did gravity.
He lay there, unconsious and bleeding from his nose and eye, in a pool of his own blood.
But he was breathing...and thats all that mattered to me.
I hit the ground lighter then a feather, and made time around me return to normal.
And took off running, at full speed, away from the complex, away from my unconsious brother I had just nearly beaten to death.
And away from my Father, who just had his two sons try to kill each other.
I ran and I cried, I was a big softy back then...
I remembered my neighbor....The girl who saved me....
Her name was Morganna Lesley Fae, we were freinds, Her mother adored me, but her father belived I was a begging child.
And I honestly loved her back then.

I was always chasing stars.
Stars were so hard to catch.
Not to mention...when they would suddenly dissapear...without a trace.

I got to Morgannas house, to find it on fire.
I could hear the screams inside the building.
I could hear them dying.
There was a manic laughter infront of me, Closest to the building.
The face turned, it was mine.
Tears of gold streamed from its left eye as it laughed and cried, staring at me with those all seeing eyes.
The child clutched his head as if in pain, still laughing and crying then fell to its kness.
As it did, I did.
Then everything went black.

My planets name was Diacom.
And it wasnt my home world.
I was born in the end.
I was an Endling.
But I was also a Dalenof.
Every legend of Diacom would speak of a black star, that would appear every Millenia, and attempt to Devour the sky.
And I swore as a child, to never let it Devour that beautiful sky, filled with beautiful stars.
I never aged, Technicly I didnt exist.
I am an endling.

When I was 23 I had my first meeting with that black star.
I noticed it first, all of the stars in a certain area started to get closer to each other, and then the entire area went black.
There was mass hysteria and panic everywhere.
About a week later, a single being appeared on the planet.
It was a female, about six foot three.
She wore a mask of obsidian in the shape of a faceless skull.
She said nothing, the mouth of the Mask opened and everything near her started to be consumed.
No...consumed wasnt the right word....Devoured
As the things she Devourered seemingly vanished forever, things started to appear in the cracks of reality created by their absense.
Faceless things, things that had no descriptions, and that in itself was their description.
They took no definite shape, and did nothing other then Devour what was near them.
Which in turn created more cracks, which created more of them.
This cycle was going to kill us all if it wasnt stopped.
So I came up with a seemingly brilliant plan.
I ran the bitch over with a motorcycle.
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
Political Power : 1133
Join date : 2011-11-30
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Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.   Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 4:36 pm

We all have our scars....Its how people deal with them that defines us as people.

Some will treat you horribly, and make fun of you and tease you for them, because they make you socially unacceptable.

Some will protect and smother you, not allowing for you to think for yourself, because their scared your going to get hurt, and thats going to hurt them, because they cherish and love you.

Some will give you the space you need to grow, and flourish, they will accept you as people, and let you into their space, asking you to let you into theirs this is another form of love, and is normally the rarest form.

It all depends on how your treated that depends on how you look upon people.

Some people you will grow to fear and dislike, because they mistreated you.
Some you will only become freinds with, because they're suffocating you without knowing it trying to keep you from harm. The few that give you the space to grow, and accept your scars, those are the ones that you normally grow to actually love....

Scars are part of life.
Once you accept that.
Well...then you've figured out the secret.

My name is Morgan Lafay, and im the other side of the coin of this tale.
I too was from Diacom.
I grew up much differently.
I was a single child, in a rich estate.
I never had wants.
I never had anything I needed I couldn't get.
I was rich, smart, and popular.
My father was the Mayor of a small town known as Richea.
I had alot of freinds when I lived there.

But my main circle was Myself, and three others.
Kylar, who always acted like my older brother, He was a red head, and a star athlete, he was dense and a bit of a muscle head though, which was why we only stayed in a Brother Sister realtionship, even though I knew he liked me.
Samantha, She was my best freind, from elementary, and Middle school, Just like Kylar. We normally did everything together.
And there was Mattaew, who everyone just called Matt due to his strange name. He was always secretive and mysterious, had strange yet attractive Orange eyes, with pale skin and dark black hair. He two I had known from Elementary school.

Im going to start then, when everything bad started happening to me, and them.
During elementary school was the first time my Generation dealt with Diacoms infamous black star.
We we'rent prepared for it.
Everything bad that could of happened did.
But first, I should tell you the normal reutine.

Me and Samantha would meet up for the bus, would get on the bus, and would head to school.
We would head to our first class, which had Kylar and Matt in it.
Our teachers swapped classrooms, The students didnt.
All of the students favorite teacher was a man known as Mister Evercross.
He told us to refer to him as this, because his full name was Matthew Evercross, and he didn't want us to get confused with Mattaew.
He was in his mid twenty's at most.
But he seemed to be much older in intelligence.
Too be fair I had a small crush on him.
Matt hated him though, A glare permanently on his face when Mr.Evercross would enter the classroom and would begin his English class.
Mr.Evercross was somewhat of a mystery to all of the people living in my small town, He came from outside it, and the language he called English came from where he came from.
Nobody could find the small town he said he came from, and he said it was destroyed in a fire.
But no one pursued it further then that.

He taught us the language and said he hoped every race would use it at some point, that way they're wouldn't be any differences between communication.
However it was towards the end of the school year that everything came into realization for me and him.

Tawyl the black star, The devourer appeared in my small town.
And she started to devour everything important to us.
People, buildings, Landmarks, knowledge, colors, space.
Everything that was near her was gone.
And from that lack of Everything there was an awful lot of cracks that were filled with somthing.
Somthing not normally there.
Somthing that looked and felt horribly wrong.
This created more somthing.
That devoured more everything.

For as time everything was bleak, and dim.
Nobody knew what to do as the town was quickly overwhelmed by whatever they were.

That was until Mr.Evercross ran over Tawyl with a motorcycle, knocking her unconsious.
At that moment everything was fine.
Everything was safe.
All of the somthings seemingly dissapeared and all the cracks fixed.
Mr.Evercross drove off with Tawyl strapped to his bike.
Never to be seen or heard from again.
Nobody seemed to care though.
Everything happened as usueal.
Life went about like normal.

Accepting scars is easier said then done.
You could be like, "Yeah I understand what your saying, I accept peoples scars"
Do you really? Could you love someone who was horribly maimed by a fire?
You could yes, but unless you understand that they've been tortured by the people who cant accept the scarring you wont see the real scars.
The ones on her personality.
The ones that leave real damage.

They would hide themselves, scared of the world they once knew before the burns.
This would fracture their emotions, in a horrible way.
Leaving fractures and damage that normal freindships and smothering cannot solve...

Highschool wasnt bad, I was the prettiest girl in school, the smartest girl in school.
Everyone wanted to be my freind, But I only wanted my circle.
We got a new student at one point, Matt hated him with a firey passion.
And I always felt Like I knew him from somewhere.
He called himself Neil.
Neil was easilly classified as the worst, yet secound smartest student on campus.
His brain easily out shined mine, but it had no drive, no motivation to do the things it needed too.
He would do things like skip class, and practical jokes on the other students.
Yes he was a trouble maker, but I always felt he was doing it to get my attention.

It was pretty obvious he was doing that actually, because there wasnt one trick he played that I didnt witness.
Alot of the time me and Neil would end up on the roof of the school and eat lunch together.
Alot of the students lived here on campus, Neil was no exception to this.
My family was nearby but they felt it would be better if I lived here, So I swapped every other week.
He participated in classes, like everyone should.

And then dissaster struck little Diacom again.
Nobody noticed this time, there were no warning signs.
Tawyl showed up, devoured the front of the school, and looked for somthing.
Her last visit to this planet wasnt so planned, so ready.
She ripped open the door to our classroom, everyone panicing.
There had been no alarms, no warnings.
She looked at Neil with a look of sheer hatred, Then looked at me.
It seemed her eyes shown with a sparkle of evil glee, when she looked back at Neil.
Neil made the first move, and charged her, but she made the last move, and hit him in the face with a thrown door.
Neil scuffled with the weight of the door, it seemed too heavy for some reason.
And seemed to shimmer with a different hue then normal.
Neil wouldnt give up though, and he continue to stress against it.
Kylar ran to help him, And whatever the other two did I doubt it was usefull.
Tawyl grabbed me by the back of the head, screamed something at Neil in English and dragged me off by my hair.

Ive learned this the hard way.
Scars determine everything.
Your past, and your future.
Everything leaves a scar, and every scar has two sides.
The reason it happened.
And how people will treat it.

Your future depends on how you treat it...and how others treat it.
This is my sound advice.

Tawyl was a horrible kidnapper, she pretty much came and went with me in tow.
She stood in the middle of the street and then seemingly Devoured a controlled tunnel to where we were going.
Everything was black, and dark, and bloby when we got there.
We were in her home, it only made sense she would grow bored with me.
She did somthing i'll never forget, and still sends shudders through me.
She ate the left side of my skin.
Just too see how I would react.
It was a horrible feeling, she didnt devour enough to leave me skinless, only to scar me.
Just enough, to scar me forever.
The pain was unbearable, it was like the left side of my body was just forcefully ripped into never existing.
It was sudden and jarring, and made me wish I had never been born.
It was dark, and cold, and I was left alone with a monster and pain.
I screamed and she only ignored it.
I glared at her and she only yawned and ignored it.

She appeared to not care, she was waiting for somthing.
Somthing that I wanted to see as well, for it had to be somthing important.
Otherwise i felt she would have put me out of my misery.

There was a honking noise, And motorcycle burst through the goo, and ran Tawyl over, again.
Neil ran in after the Motorcycle distracted Tawyl, and ran up to me, and seeing me cover myself up, didnt stop.
He didnt look at my left side, he didnt seem to care.
He threw his retarded over complicated coat over me, and glared at Tawyl with his brown eyes burning an intense green.
He smiled back at me, put his hand on my head, and I was back home.
As If nothing had ever happened, except for this intense scarring.

I cried that night.
Neil was never heard from again.
This seemed common with people who fought Tawyl.
I started to wish it was someone else who helped me from Tawyl.

That Neil was just always a twinkle of hope for me.
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

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Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.   Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 4:13 am

After Morgan was attacked by Tawyl I sent her home, using my coat.

I stared the monster down as it grabbed my motorbike and hurled it at me in rage.
It screamed at me, furious, unable to speak words understandably.

Completely acceptable for a being of that power from being hit by a motorbike twice to react this way.
I grabbed the throttle handle, in one hand, using my strength to reverse the bikes momentum completely, revving it as I stood on one of the foot holds and drove at the monster, Jumping off at the last second for her to dodge the bike at take my fist to the face. That sent her flying backwards.

Her reply was her standing up, her jaw de-hinging with a sickening snap, and her to start inhaling Phantaisme around me.

I replied this one with a fist to the throat before she could swallow me.
She gagged and choked, obviously not used to that being a counter for her eating things.

She stumbled around clutching at her broken throat pipe, as I walked up to her, My right eye tearing up from the form I was in due to rage and hate.

Gold tears flecked from my face, a liquid stream of gold falling down my face, as I grabbed the monster by the face of her mask and looked her straight in the face. I knew she could see me through the mask, and I knew she could see the Monster I was.

I raised my arm, hand extended as if it was all one thing, hand flat as if it was a blade.
Holding Tawyl by the head, her clutching my hand, powerless to stop me because of her crushed throat and that being the source of the devourers power, I grinned a shark toothed grin.

"BLADE BREAKER~" I giggled hilariously, as my right arm was pulled back, it seemingly becoming the embodiment of blades, I then rammed the arm through her mask, her face, her brain, through the black of her head.

" look dead now" I said with a giggle kicking the limp body and turning around, walking away, my monster forms wings feathers of ash falling apart, the wings wrapped around me, returning me to my normal form, and forming my coat. I yawned, and wiped the right side of my face, wiping my tears away.
I looked at the golden blood in my tears and sighed sadly.

I always hated fighting.
I always fought though.
I would never give up.

I sighed getting on my bike and driving back to Diacom.

Tawyl behind me reforming her skull, brain, eyes, face, and mask would take sometime.
Next time I might destroy all of her body.
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Nikolas Krossley
The Quantum Reaper
The Quantum Reaper
Nikolas Krossley

Posts : 227
Political Power : 1133
Join date : 2011-11-30
Location : Everywhere and Nowhere.

Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Two - The Black Knight.   Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2012 1:17 am

The students of Diacom grew up.
Mattaew became the leader of a group of knights made for the sole purpose of hunting down Higher powers like Tawyl and killing them, and sealing their powers forever.
They did this with Technology they found on a nearby abandoned world.
The Technology was dubbed "Before-Tech"

Mattaew calmed down in his older age.
By the time he was 34 He was prepared for any sign's of Higher powers.
He had positioned the before tech all over the city.
And had all the resources at his disposal working on a project he was remarkibly fond of.

On the nearby planet the Scientists found a coffin like structure, inside of it was a Single person sized suit.
It was armor plated, and empty. The entire suit was black. On its right arm was engraved a number and a name.

"0776 - A.D.A.M"

When Mattaew went through the files he could find on project 0776, he found out that the name was an Acronym and it stood for "Anit-Catastrophe, Deoxyribonucleic acid, Anit-Material, Machine"
reading more of the reports and logs for it, it was meant to prevent a white suit from destroying stuff.
It was a defense.

Thats all Mattaew needed to hear to approve finishing the project.
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Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.   Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars. I_icon_minitime

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Matthews Chronicle: Chasing the stars.
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