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Years in the future the world had already burned, we will struggle on because there is always the need to live.
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 Mooches Chronicle: Number one. Mooch and Daves great escape.

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Nikolas Krossley
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PostSubject: Mooches Chronicle: Number one. Mooch and Daves great escape.   Tue May 08, 2012 4:50 pm

It was just a normal saterday morning in the Evercross household.
Birds singing.
Morgan humming.
Mooch and Dave sitting on the sofa watching saterday mornin cartoons.
While eatin cereal.
And Being totally.

The Cartoon was dexters Laboratory.
And Mooch owned all the episodes.
He uploaded them on Everychannal Every Saterday.
The Networks hated him for it.
But they put up with it.
It got ratings.

Mooch lived in alaska, With his wife Morgan.
The two of them enjoyed their two story white fence house.
Morgan made it with Magic, and Mooch kept people off the front lawn with Science.
Dave didnt live there.
Dave lived in a three story mansion that he didnt care about.
Dave came by everyday to chill with Mooch.
When Mooch was busy, Dave chilled with the TV.

The two of them were best freinds.
And Nothing could be better then when they were sitting on the couch.
Watchin cartoons they both enjoyed.
Morgan enjoyed it too.
Only time Mooch seemed to behave himself was during these weekly rituals.
Otherwise her husband rarely shut up, and didnt have an inside voice.

The cartoon ended and Dave booted up Mooch's Moochbrand Beta Game console.
It was capapble of playing any type of video game ever made.
But sometimes it did strange things when it was booted up.
this time as it booted up, the television cackled menacingly and a face appeared on the screen.
The face didnt finish as Dave ripped the power cord from the wall.
He plugged it back in and hit the power button again.
It booted up fine this time.
Morgan came in with three sandwhiches, and Got thank yous from the two of them.
They booted up a fighting game that Mooch and his freind Tony made when they were young.

Mooch, picked himself, one of the most overpowered yet hardest to play characters ever.
And Dave picked A huge bulky blood mage warrior mage thing.

Morgan watched the fight as she ate her sandwhich, as Mooch got dominated every single round.
However she noted he wasnt trying, but neither was Dave.
The two were just messin around.

Dave pulled off a super combo, Mooch countered it with a rubber chicken.
Mooch pulled off a super combo, Dave took it like a man.
Dave did his ultimate, Mooch countered it by transforming into his ultimate form.

Morgan chewed as she watched the explosions, bullets, fists, counters, counter counters, magic, and other things with mild amusement. The game was rating M, mainly for the violence. some characters were also banned in some countrys due to its tendency to give children who played it seizers, mainly due to Mooch's characters colorfull outfit and attacks.

She sighed, and took their plates and walked off.
The two of them continued to play the game.

It was a perfect saterday.

They missed the huge explosion going off behind them that they could easily see through the glass back door.
"Did the lighting change in the room?" Mooch asked, noticing things seemed a bit brighter.
"No...The light is still off, we're going off of ambient light still" Dave replied, he paused.
"You sure thats not the light?" Mooch asked looking up and seeing the light being off.
"Yep...Lights off" Dave said seeing it too.
"Morgan, why is it brighter?" Mooch asked standing up off the floor he was sitting on.
".....Probobly because of the nuclear weapon that just detonated a few miles away from us" Morgan replied looking out the window with her arms crossed and a look of dissapointment on it.
"What?" Mooch asked looking and tilting his head to the right 45 Degrees.
Dave tilted his head too as he looked.

That was a mighty big explosion.

"Eh ive seen bigger" Mooch commented rudely.
"Mooch, who are you talking too?" Dave asked.
"Nobody, you wouldnt understand" Mooch said with a shrug.
"Aight, im cool with that" Dave replied with a shrug.
"So Morgan, why the boomy device?" Mooch asked her.
"Dunno...Im not technology, Im magic" Morgan commented, "However I do know we need to leave" She finished.
"Aight, where should we go? Its alaska, in the middle of winter, and theres like 12 feet of snow everywhere..." Mooch asked.
"Dunno, you guys go on, i'll stay behind here and pack the house, it takes about an hour and I can teliport to you both" Morgan said handing Mooch the keys to the Moochmobile.

"Up for Pancakes?" Mooch asked Dave with a grin.
"We're in the middle of atomic attack and the first thing you want is pancakes?" Dave asks.
"Hell YEAH...PANCAKES!" Mooch said running to the garage.
"...Im cool with pancakes" Dave shrugged and followed him there.
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Mooches Chronicle: Number one. Mooch and Daves great escape.
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